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    Dhruvd2316, Feb 10, 2019 :
    Hey, I'm Dhruv. I know this is probably not important to most people, but here's some stuff about me. I'm 18 and I'm an A-Level student in the UK, I've been passionate about design for so long and that's also why I've applied to study Industrial Design at University. Anyway, it's great that OnePlus is giving opportunities to the awesome community to generate relevant and useful ideas for implementing into Oxygen OS, to make it even better than it already is, There's no better voice than the voice of the OnePlus community and people. Id love to see more challenges/competitions like this in the future. I have aspired to become a designer for a technology company and I hope one day I could be a designer for a company like OnePlus, creating new features and also new devices as well (Although, I still have a long way to go). Helping the world in a big yet small way. Anyway, Those are my visions and here's my idea. Thanks and Goodluck to everyone.

    Id love to hear everyone's feedback (if anyone reading), what's good and what's not good, could I tweak, add or remove something. I'm open to anything. Thanks.

    Selfie Video Flash


    A front screen software flash is used when you capture photos in the dark, when the capture button is pressed the screen goes to maximum brightness with a skin tone colour and lights up your face while a photo is captured. To make the Oxygen OS Camera App more complete, the selfie video should have a similar feature. OnePlus has great cameras, so why not add a cherry on top for selfie videos?

    Product Requirements Document

    Who are the users?

    Selfie users that love taking videos in dark lighting situations and environments. 1:1 aspect ratio lovers who want a perfectly square video (Instagram Users). Everyone and Anyone really.

    What is the proposed function?

    Simply, when recording selfie videos you have the option to enable a software flash. The screen is at full brightness while there is a small live preview in the center (View Attached Sketches). It lights up your face and allows for much better selfie videos. In addition to that, users could also be given options to change the aspect ratio of the selfie video, for example, 1:1, 4:3 and full screen.

    What is the user value?

    Users are able to take better quality selfie videos, and they won't be discouraged from taking selfie videos in darker environments and lighting situations. Furthermore, the addition of allowing the user to change the aspect ratio of the video will allow users, such as Instagram users, to take and upload perfectly square videos that are 1:1, without the need to crop or edit after taking the video. Making things easier, more convenient and faster. It will mean that all selfie user would have some peace of mind knowing that they'll have some sort of lighting for selfie videos.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

    Front Screen Software Flash has been around for some time, OnePlus already has this with photos. However, I haven't really seen this implementation with videos for the front camera.

    In terms of scrutinizing the idea from the Product, Developers, and UX Design Departments, here are some points: Overall, the idea is simple yet effective. Additionally, the fundamental structure for the feature to become a real-life implementation are already set, due to the fact that we have this enabled with selfie photos. This means there are already animations, flows, and layouts etc associated with using a front flash system. With the addition of the selfie video flash, the camera app will be more complete and present a more seamless experience. If you can take flash selfie photos then why shouldn't the selfie videos have a flash too? I mean its actually strange that we don't have it, even though photos do.
    This also means that the feature contributes to a burdenless experience, as mentioned before the idea has been shown to work well with users in the form of flash selfie pictures.

    In theory, the idea is simple as it has been implemented with taking still selfie photos. In fact, so simple others may have the same idea.

    Don't forget to view the sketches, I tried to present it as best I could so you have a clear idea of the feature. Hope it makes sense. I don't mind answering any questions some may have.
    (I added some color to make it nicer to read)
    Never Settle

    Selfie Video Flash Sketch.jpg

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