Serious battery issues with brand new OP7!

  1. mark.aranha
    Donut Sep 2, 2019

    mark.aranha , Sep 2, 2019 :
    I've just unpacked and set up my new OnePlus 7. Two major issues right away.

    1. The battery life looks really bad.

    At 42% it said it has 2 hours left... with the Battery Saver on!! I thought this must be a mistake so I charged it. At 73% it now says it will last 5 hours.

    Honestly I'm shocked. I've owned the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 5T before this and I've never experienced such poor battery performance.

    2. The phone was severely overheating during the set up process when it was installing apps. I installed CPU-Z to monitor the temperatures. Some of the CPU cores were at 61-62°, and the battery temperature was 41°.
    Is this how the phone normally behaves?

    I have updated Oxygen and rebooted the device. Temperatures seem to have relaxed to 35-38° but I'm not running any apps at the moment.

    However the battery life is a serious concern.
    While typing this message, the phone charged to 87% and is still showing 5 hours remaining. Is this the expected battery performance straight out of the box? The phone has been out of the packaging for less than 2 hours.

    I feel duped.



  2. Budruel
    KitKat Sep 2, 2019

    Budruel , Sep 2, 2019 :
    You have been configuring and installing applications, which has a great energy expenditure.

    The battery takes a few days to reach its optimum state. If you install a new update the same thing happens.

    Battery statistics are "use" statistics, so depending on how much you use the software, it will estimate how much time the battery has left.

    If in 2 hours of use you have spent a lot of battery installing updates and applications what it tells you is that "if you continue using the phone in that way" is the time you have left.

    You have to use the brain.

  3. sushanthgoudcheruku
    Froyo Sep 10, 2019

    sushanthgoudcheruku , Sep 10, 2019 :
    Since it's been only 2 hours since you unboxed your device so your device doesn't recognize your usage or how you handle the phone. Since you have updated the device try to full charge your device and use it for few days. Now based on your using habits for past few days the device will show you the correct Battery estimate by using it's software algorithm.