Serious microphone issue

  1. Fayazara
    Eclair Mar 18, 2015

    Fayazara , Mar 18, 2015 :
    I am having a very serious mic issue, whenever during a call, the receiver end, all he hears is some broken garbled voice, i looked for solutions a lot, many opo owners have the same problem, please provide a fix for this!

  2. EpicSwirly
    Mar 18, 2015

    EpicSwirly , Mar 18, 2015 :
    What version are you running?

  3. zeus.
    Lollipop Mar 18, 2015

    zeus. , Mar 18, 2015 :
    try disabling google now voice detection from any screen and see if quality improves or not ..

  4. Samar
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2015

    Samar , Mar 18, 2015 :
    I too have been having much issues. It just doesn't pick up the voice clearly unless I bring it way too close to my mouth. I Am on android 4.4.4 & cynogen 11.0

  5. nitesh964
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2015

    nitesh964 , Mar 18, 2015 :

    I am facing same issues too. i am getting complaints from the receiver that they are getting my broken garbled voice so please give me quick solution for this.
    If i am using earphone this is working properly so something is wrong with my MIC.

    Will be waiting for your quick response.

  6. manelvr
    Cupcake Mar 25, 2015

    manelvr , Mar 25, 2015 :
    Excatly the same problem for me, people doesn't heard to me using the MIC. Any update in this issue? I've read a lot about it and I've found some solutions for Super Users, but you have to root your phone before....so, it's quite complex.

    This is a very very very big problem!!

  7. rickclem
    Gingerbread Mar 25, 2015

    rickclem , Mar 25, 2015 :
    I posted this yesterday on one of many threads addressing this issue. This was received from OnePlus customer service yesterday morning.

  8. MrPTkruzer
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2015

    MrPTkruzer , Jun 14, 2015 :
    In my case it doesnt work at all now. Before it worked fine like 2-3 months. After the sound was really bad and bately undestandable. Now its just some gramble and hissing and zero other sounds

  9. pedromfaria
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2015

  10. binsmath
    Cupcake Nov 2, 2015

    binsmath , Nov 2, 2015 :
    I was also having the same issue after updating my os to 12.1. I searched all forums without much result ( I didn't want to root my phone as I was a bit afraid about the consequences) but ultimately I tried a factory reset and everything came back to normal.

  11. TherecanbeonlyONE33
    Cupcake Dec 8, 2015

    TherecanbeonlyONE33 , Dec 8, 2015 :
    I looked on this...and although it looks awesome...and i want to try it out.....i have searched and searched and these files the ask to modify....are completely missing from my registry.....sighhhhh what do i do!

  12. GeertvK
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2016

    GeertvK , Jan 4, 2016 :
    The Google OK fix isn't working for me. Is rooting my device and taking the other really the other option?
    It's a big problem and fixing it shouldn't be this hard imo..