Share your Never Settle story in the times of COVID-19

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    Thank you my friends:)


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    Thanks @dsmonteiro for this topic, I think we'll be able to read some sad stories but others much happier like @Dresa91.
    For my part, this crisis has passed calmly with only one constraint. That of being stuck at home and being away from my wife , so it wasn't catastrophic
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    :)thank you:)

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    Covid 19 has affected everyone and especially the daily wage people were the most affected they can't even buy food, but by God's grace I had got a job in an best company just before lockdown had announced, work from home was given to us. I was able to provide my share to my family even though my father's income has stopped for two months. I had the symptoms of Covid and went for the test, found out its due to cold (phew..). We too focused on our terrace garden started cleaning them planted new sapling. Since there were no stores open, along with people some poor dogs too suffered a lot especially the strays which were found near the tea shops. We helped them as much as we can by providing food and water, can't forget those happy faces after a meal. Thanks for @dsmonteiro for this topic. Stay safe and get vaccinated mates!😄

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    ponchai.kpl , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 30, 2021 :
    The epidemic was daring, which is what made most people stand still. unable to do activities together
    But luckily we still have our phones. because the phone makes it possible to meet friends In this family, I love it "One Plus Nord".

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    Wow i thought you had Envya since a long time 😧. You are very kind 🤠. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂.
    This is a invalid entry you don't get raffle points 🤣.

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    Haha no:)
    Thank you:)

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    Got corona virus, and 3 days later I got my engineering degree, then as a gift I bought myself a one plus 8 pro. Was really excited but couldn't use the phone. It keeps rebooting and crashing and rebooting and crashing and again and again and again. Went to Italy for holidays, unfortunately cracked the screen, came back send it to warranty repair (not for the screen). Waited 2 months and got the phone back without any repair.
    Heard great things about OP got really confused and messed up. The first and the last OP in my life.
    "Never settle" just look for different phone.

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    Nooo!! They're too tasty! :hearteyes::hearteyes::flushed:

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    Haha :D
    I know:D and this knows Enya too :D

  16. audioattack , via OnePlus 8T T-Mobile , Oct 1, 2021 :
    During the pandemic all the clubs and venues were shutdown and people couldn't go dance and enjoy themselves and listen to live music ... While depression set in for many fans we decided to pick ourselves out of the mood and start a show with all the friends we had built along the way with conducting and organizing events. It was an 11 episode show but it gave many hard dance fans in Los Angeles a little glimmer of hope during the times of uncertainty. While things may look bleak I truly believe music and togetherness is a part of the human spirit. We were able to connect with people through the stream and get back that tiny feeling of being together again. This October 16 we will be having our first return show and it's a moment of excitement and joy. We went through it and we're back and we didn't "settle " we kept with the hope we would see our friends and our fans again.

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  17. YoungDowney , via OnePlus 9 Pro T-Mobile , Oct 2, 2021 :
    So this COVID-19 epidemic has felt like it has gone forever now that you guys ask to think of something that has happened during the breakout. I have jogged through so many different memories already . Sad thing is not much has been worthy of actually sharing a story about or is something I that is better shared a bar with the guys who swear like sailor's and drink till the morning. There is one thing I can share with you guys though only because the personality and the beauty of this character just about unmatched all. So about 5 months ago my life jurassically changed because of this sweet, charismatic, scared of everything, loving how could I put this, doll. The wonder and excitement of a toddler using and making sense of words for the first time. She immediately grabbed my heart. Beautiful and outgoing she was so much like me besides a couple things that I could only have the up most respect for putting up with my shenanigans. She was patient but didn't care at all as long as she was by my side. She came from a horrible up bringing and at the time my cousin had a friend that knew I had my own place and she really needed place to live. So of course I took her in and from then on, wow. She was awesome. I just talked and talked and she would listen it prolly annoyed her but it didn't matter she listened. I loved in this small little place but she didn't care she just loved being there with me. I worked a lot so I wasn't always home but I felt that confident that everything was okay because I knew the environment was safe for her. We would go out on walks at night and just hang out watch movies and chill. Probably the best 4 months I have had in a long time. I actually forgot about the relevance of COVID through all of this. Her and I bonded so well. Things got a little shaky for me through this time and I didn't want to burden her with my problems, I think it was unfair for her to have to be dragged around everywhere I went because of some issues I had with my landlord well eventually my living situation had became unstable so I found another place for her to live temperraily it's hard to be away from her. She is the first dog I have actually taken care of that was mine. A full bread blue nose pitbull. Her name is Dimound. She had just turned one a couple months before I she left. The place I found for her has male pit who is three and is just like her. She was a rescue who was beaten by the previous people but was a ANGEL I swear to you. I will be getting her back soon. I miss her and think about her all the time I really do. I never understood the bond between someone and their pets before I had her. She means so much to me. I just wanted to share this story because she deserves it, she deserves to be praised for everything she went through to be as happy of a dog as she is, it's beautiful. I will put up some pictures soon so you can see her. Her name is Dimound because she has a Dimound spot on her neck. My cousin who got me the dog passed away recently so she has so much meaning to me. I shot the pictures on my OnePlus N10 Nord 5g. I have now upgraded to the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. I hope I can get some great pic's and videos of her with it, anyways. Thank you OnePlus Fam. Hope you guys enjoyed my story. "Outro"

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  19. Iamhasannaqvi
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    Iamhasannaqvi , Oct 3, 2021 :
    Hello Everyone!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

    Here is how my Never Settle Story goes.

    I had a perfect job in year 2019. I was working as a Team Leader in US based company in Vadodara which is located in Gujarat. I started working there in year 2014 as an order entry operator and worked my way up as a team leader. Everything was perfect but I suffered from allergies due to which I had to quit the job and right after few months Covid hit and I couldn't find another job.

    I moved back from Baroda where I used to work to Kodinar my hometown and occupied myself in farming and learned many things such as driving tractor, using tools to farm different types of grains and beans, crafting, plantation of exotic fruits which includes dragon fruit and passion fruit etc. Which pretty much kept me occupied and I was truly enjoying it.

    After I moved back to my hometown I also started participating in OnePlus community and became an active member. By now I've participated in numerous contests and won many contests which led me ro gather bunch of stuff. Here is the glimpse of what I've collected so far by participating in OnePlus Community.

    Apart from this I also started playing COD mobile and became somewhat pro. For which I also shared a thread in Writers club. Here is the link to that thread.

    Guide To Ace Your Game (COD Mobile) - https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/guide-to-ace-your-game-cod-mobile.1499775/

    I am a travel enthusiast and I love to travel when I get a chance. I've traveled a lot within India and collected so many beautiful memories. However, I've never traveled abroad. I never thought that my that wish would be fulfilled in the time when not many people are able to travel abroad which is during pandemic. I was lucky enough to travel to Iran which is in Asia and it is famous for it's architecture and hospitality. I went there in month of March and was lucky enough to experience Winter, Autumn and Spring and this experience was once in a lifetime which I never expected. Here are some of the beautiful pictures which I was able to click while my journey in Iran.

    These aren't the only happy moments which I got to cherish during the pandemic. After I came back to India from Iran, not a single month had passed and I got married to a beautiful girl. This is also something that I wasn't expecting to happen this soon. But, I am happy that this happened.

    This pandemic has hit hard on our lives but we have to bring the best out of it to survive. As a single person it is quite hard but when you have a right person by your side it becomes easy to bear and to get over it.

    Let's hope that we survive whatever comes next and this pandemic comes to an end and life gets back to normal.

    Stay safe and healthy!

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  20. Nilan Mathanda , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Oct 3, 2021 :
    Never Settle Cup Winner For 2021❤️this is my story:😍
    Let me tell this, I was using Honor 7x has my smart phone for almost 4 years, and I was planning to change my phone because it was lagging and more complicated stuff trust me my life was so horrible, and one day i entered a contest of winning OnePlus device and I won OnePlus 9pro 256gb varient from the company, most of my friends were already using OnePlus devices and at first OnePlus gave me coupon for 128gb varient then I asked them I can pay the rest of the amount can you please send me 256gb one trust me they just gave me 256gb device without saying anything I felt so amazing and such a nice experience from day one so far.. believe it or not I could not believe from my own eyes this such an amazing experience so far..I gifted OnePlus 9R to my sister, I bought Oneplus buds and buds pro such a premium experience so far and oxygen os is clean smooth ultimate experience till now..I hope this company stay how it is..and am glad am a never settle cup winner❤️❤️❤️ big thanks to OnePlus for this opportunity to use there device ☺️
    Charles is the best employee who handled my dozen emails with patience..I was dieing with curiosity. said:
    some photos for reference ❤️ 1633286347993.jpg
    thanks again OnePlus ❤️ I'll use this device forever ❤️
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