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  1. camohan
    Nougat Moderator Jan 11, 2021

    camohan , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Hey there Cisco, hope you are doing good. With Snapdragon's and Google's partnership (for chipsets 888 onwards) , there is a significant shift and boost to Project Treble and update policies of OEMs.

    My question - If you can highlight a brief mechanism about how SoC helps in improving update schedule. It would be great to understand how this would help items OEMs in general and OnePlus in specific.

  2. Raymo95
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

    Raymo95 , via OnePlus 6T , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Hey Shreya, you know I think I read an article in previous month's discussing this.

    They had stated that they felt they had made significant improvements to warrant the name change and since the number 8 is considered lucky or good fortune they decided to change the naming and make it 888.

    Although personally I think they could have made it 878 and next year make it 888 😅

  3. McJader
    KitKat Jan 11, 2021

  4. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Jan 11, 2021

    Dresa91 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Thanks for this AMA @Zach X. :)

    hello @Cisco. to the community:)
    The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is coming soon:)
    With this new chip Google also announced the „co-working“ with Qualcomm and the possibility to offer four years of Android and security updates.
    Is this an effort on the part of chip manufacturers - in addition to Google's effort - to ensure that Android devices can be used for longer?
    The chips would be powerful enough for those four years.
    What else would have to be done on the part of the chip manufacturers and Google to act more uniformly on this point so that they can stand up to Apple?

  5. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Jan 11, 2021

    Dresa91 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    https://9to5google.com/2020/12/16/android-updates-4-years/ :)

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  6. Marwan2
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

  7. lshiva56
    Donut Jan 11, 2021

    lshiva56 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Why can't we upgrade/downgrade our mobile hardware to any version, instead of buying new mobile phones we can just upgrade the hardware. Is this possible?

  8. DT84
    Eclair Jan 11, 2021

  9. sumitMZ007
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2021

    sumitMZ007 , via OnePlus 6 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Now I guess snapdragon 888 is launched. as we saw in past , when everyone with Snapdragon 845 or it's equivalent introduced slow motion at 960fps , OnePlus devices with same capabilities left behind in terms of slow motion at 960fps. My question is will now OnePlus 9 pro with Snapdragon 888 come with 960fps slow Motion??

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  10. Liehjan
    Marshmallow Jan 11, 2021

    Liehjan , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Hey @Cisco. here is a great question for you, hope you like it :)
    How have you managed to "tame the beast" for great power management? What I've read so far the SD888 needs a lot of juice.

  11. Z1608894597449
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

    Z1608894597449 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Hey I'm curious. What is it that Qualcomm can hope to achieve out of their new chipset? As in I'm sure that there are people who'd rather the A14 bionic or some of your older ones like right now I'm using a OnePlus 7t which I got for Christmas and it runs very smoothly with it's Qualcomm snapdragon 855+
    So in the end, I'm asking you what will make others want to change/upgrade?

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  12. D1601661415607
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

    D1601661415607 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jan 11, 2021 :
    The obvious question is regarding the pricing of the new chip, will it be competitive in respect of current chips.
    Many thanks and look forward to seeing the future developments with excitement.
    Peter Wolfson

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  13. luigimario
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Jan 11, 2021

    luigimario , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Hi @Cisco. What would you say is the most interesting feature of the SD888, or what to look forward to most?



  14. jaykeeley
    Donut Jan 11, 2021

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  15. Nipu_1998
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2021

    Nipu_1998 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    The Snapdragon 888 chipset has given good emphasis on Camera department.The key feature being the Triple ISP and the new Spectra 580.
    Along with them a whole lot of new features are expected from devices running on SD 888 when compared to the existing devices on SD 865/865+.
    Will we be able to see camera performance that is comparable with professional cameras with in 888 and will every phone support the features by default or is it up to the OEMs to improve their camera performance?

  16. M1610371796994
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

    M1610371796994 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    I can answer this for you, the answer is no!

    A mobile phone's CPU has very little effect on the quality of a mobile camera's shots.

    In order for the quality of a shot to improve, the lens and quality of the camera itself has to change.

    Manufacturers are getting smarter by using two / three lenses together and stitching the images together in order to bypass the raw limitations of a tiny lens, but these are physical camera modifications, not CPU improvements.

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  17. Luigi Martire
    Gingerbread Jan 11, 2021

    Luigi Martire , Jan 11, 2021 :
    I noticed that this processor has been named as one of the most innovative of the last period. Have you changed the architecture and relative implementation of the SoC? Thanks to the huge level of power and the new tendency to use ARM on Desktop environments, in your vision there is the possibility the converge the production of an unique chip capable to be installed on a smartphone and on a PC as well?

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  18. asishgrwl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2021

    asishgrwl , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Thanks for the AMA @Zach X. :)

    Hey @Cisco., welcome to the community.
    (a) Could you please shed some light on the advantages of Triple ISP / Qualcomm Spectra 580 ISP and Truepic / compliancy with the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and (b) do you see Hypervisor being used in the near future or do you think it'll take time?
    Also, it was said that the Snapdragon 888 packs industry-leading innovations in 5G, AI, gaming, photography, etc., and that it features a completely rearchitected 6th gen AI Engine, delivering a total of 26 TOPS performance, 3 times performance-per-watt improvement and 16 times larger shared AI memory. Could you please explain this and its advantage a bit more?

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  19. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Jan 11, 2021

    Tokolozi , Jan 11, 2021 :
    With giant leaps made with ARM over the past few years, has Qualcomm also considered in looking into some lesser known platforms such as RISC V?

  20. harshil1903
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2021

    harshil1903 , Jan 11, 2021 :
    Hey @Cisco. How seamless was the foundry shift from TSMC to Samsung since Snapdragon chose to transition from 7nm to 5nm process?