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  1. rudro_sett
    Gingerbread May 14, 2019

    rudro_sett , May 14, 2019 :
    I think the prices in Europe are high due to VAT and other taxes. The Indian pricing for the non-pro 7 is 469 USD, which is an absolute steal.

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  2. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    yes, but the NEW charger will be Even Faster!!

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  3. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    you can use the old cable with new charger to get Ultra-Fast Warp charge.

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  4. meatandy
    Oreo May 14, 2019

    meatandy , May 14, 2019 :
    @Bob X.
    How many drivers are built into the new bullets?

    I heard many people at the NYC event say they sound awesome.:)

  5. Snehal1701
    Eclair May 14, 2019

    Snehal1701 , May 14, 2019 :
    @Jimmy Z. I was at the Launch event and keenly checking the Camera on the Oneplus 7 pro didn't find Slomo 960 fps will it be available in the Retail units or skipped altogether.

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  6. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    in the USA, if Sprint joins with T-MOBILE (government most likely going to block) then YES, because Sprints network would be able to build a 5G network faster than just T-MOBILE alone. OnePlus would be better off not pricing their phones high (required with A 5G technology in phone) this year, without a Stronger 5G system in place.
    I can't speak for the entire world , but 5G will need to be more widespread for ANY conveniences , AND, remember, enjoy your faster speeds while you can, because the world as you know it will BE Destroyed by 5G technologies !! don't believe? look-UP the dangers of 5G , it is insanely dangerous &Deadly !!

  7. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    slow mo video @ 240fps 1080resolution

  8. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    yes, but won't be WARP charge , just dashcharge

  9. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    the new bullets-2 will have three drivers
    10mm each. these will outrock the original pair by a Longshot !!

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  10. meatandy
    Oreo May 14, 2019

    meatandy , May 14, 2019 :
    Dang Ripper put that in a spoiler.:cool::p

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  11. DukeManu
    Cupcake May 14, 2019

    DukeManu , May 14, 2019 :
    @Emily S.

    Why does the OP7Pro 12GB 256GB cost so much in Europe compared to the US?

    It is 829 € in Europe which concerts to 926$ while in the US it is 749 $ which converts to only 668 €. All in all a difference of 141 € or 167 $.

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  12. quickstang
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    quickstang , May 14, 2019 :
    Exactly, so why the decision not to release it when the 6T was available. I'd really like to hear the answer. It has to be a big enough reason to turn down sales. As we can see already, many people wanted to purchase it, but won't be able to. And with that comes reduced market share & sending people to the competition. The last thing a company wants to do. I work for a large company trying to outdo the competition, & is putting as much fire power into everything to do do. One Plus seems to be going in the opposite direction.

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  13. ripperray
    Froyo May 14, 2019

    ripperray , May 14, 2019 :
    2years guaranteed software updates and 3years security.

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  14. Mark Co
    Donut May 14, 2019

    Mark Co , May 14, 2019 :
    @Vito L.
    Spec question, the NON T-Mobile version does not list band 71, but the T-Mobile version does list coverage of band 71. Is this correct? I would rather buy the factory version but need band 71. Thanks for your answer!

  15. ripperray
    Froyo May 15, 2019

    ripperray , May 15, 2019 :
    Yes , BOTH sport Stereo Speakers. Yes, Both have an upgraded haptic vibration. Both have the same front 16mp camera(the Pro is popUp, the 7 is in notch) so both have upgraded face unlocking.
    I'm sorry but i'm not absolutely certain about the fingerprint sensor, but I would think that it's updated in the 7 also.

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  16. loco-cork
    Gingerbread May 15, 2019

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  17. Sanwar Mal
    Cupcake May 15, 2019

  18. AnubArack
    Cupcake May 15, 2019

    AnubArack , May 15, 2019 :
    @Bob X. When is the 7 Pro sandstone case coming? I'm not gonna risk the phone without a case and I would like a model 7.

  19. brian.sedore
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 15, 2019

    brian.sedore , May 15, 2019 :
    Have you connected with Google to get an official Google Camera app for OP phones, is it something they would rather not share, or is the camera hardware/app something you are satisfied with leaving the way it is? @Jimmy Z.

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  20. Larskon
    Honeycomb May 15, 2019

    Larskon , May 15, 2019 :
    @Vito L. and @Manu J.

    Why do we only receive 2 years worth of Oxygen OS updates for the OnePlus 7/7Pro (any OnePlus device in general)?

    (The older Oneplus phones are still in a great shape and you could easily use the OnePlus 3 today if it would receive Oxygen OS updates. 5 years worth of updates would be very consumer friendly.)

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