Shipping the OnePlus 3

  1. themarth14
    Eclair Oct 16, 2016

    themarth14 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    DHL also says my delivery date is on Monday the 17th. OnePlus estimated my delivery date would be on the 31st of October. DHL says my phone is on the dreaded "Uncontrollable Clearance Delay" too. It shipped on the 15th of October. I was really excited since it shipped way earlier than OnePlus said but now it says this.

    Location: California, USA
    Products: Graphite OnePlus 3 with Sandstone Case
    Order Date: September 30th
    Estimated Dispatch: October 25th
    Actual Dispatch Date: October 15th at 1:37 pm
    OP Estimated Delivery: October 31st
    DHL Estimated Delivery: October 17th
    I heard that the Uncontrollable Clearance Delay happens to almost everyone. Still hopeful it can come by tomorrow but I doubt it. It's been on the Uncontrollable Clearance Delay for a day. Maybe it's taking long to update because it was already shipped...lol

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  2. narmaster
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2016

    narmaster , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Same story as you bro, ordered mine 29 Sep. I always thought my phone is in their warehouse in California, but now, it comes all the way from China. Hope it is not something they made in a rush and having all kinds of problems. Well, before that, the phone should come to US first. To be honest, I will never and never buy anything again from Oneplus in the future.

  3. lebeatnik
    Donut Oct 16, 2016

    lebeatnik , Oct 16, 2016 :
    well my order has cleared the "Uncontrollable Clearance Delay" I believe its just their way of stating it is going through customs, I do sincerely doubt, although would be pleasantly surprised if the phone arrives tomorrow. I also hope due to all the shipping issues that they haven't decided to cut corners when it comes to QC anyway I'm just gonna relax and hope that DHL does not do something SH***Y and declare it undeliverable or something lol ill be bummed to wait all day for delivery and then see a tag on my door saying something like i wasn't home lol cause ill be waiting mr dhl man

  4. Marcelief
    Froyo Oct 16, 2016

    Marcelief , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Yea i agree with you. One Plus needs to realize their products are now legit and need to expect high demand and to adjust their production and distributio accordingly.

    I am not even mad about the dhl uncontrollable delayed thing since that's probably not on their control. Three things that piss me of though:
    1) Charging us knowing phones wont ship for at least 2 weeks.
    2) Accepting orders knowing they don't have enough phones to ship out within a couple days. They could just put them as out of stock instead.
    3) The fact that they are running so low on phones although the phone has been out for 4+ months. We should not have to wait that long for phones that have been out for a while.

    Really hope they get this under control for their next launch.

  5. narmaster
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2016

    narmaster , Oct 16, 2016 :
    We all forget about one more thing, since the phone is shipped from China, Probably it is the Chinese version instead of the international version, which comes with OxygenOS, well, if this do happen, i'll be really mad.

  6. Marcelief
    Froyo Oct 16, 2016

    Marcelief , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Isnt oxygen os the main os? I m confused, which os would you want?

    Nevermind i misread your comment

    Yea really hope it doesn't ship with Hydrogen os. I would be pissed too
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  7. Kinky
    Honeycomb Oct 16, 2016

    Kinky , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Ordered: 30th Sept
    Shipping: 24th Oct
    Delivery: 28th Oct

  8. themarth14
    Eclair Oct 16, 2016

    themarth14 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    It isn't necessarily OnePlus's fault everyone. There has been a sudden strong demand for AMOLED displays that no one expected. AMOLED display manufacturers now have to hurry up and make displays for OnePlus's phone.

  9. themarth14
    Eclair Oct 16, 2016

    themarth14 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Is your order suppose to come on the 17th tomorrow?

  10. narmaster
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2016

    narmaster , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Even when they still have the invite system, orders were taking weeks to be delivered. So why would they cancel the invite system to make things worse?
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    Froyo Oct 16, 2016

    HUNTERANGEL121 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Mine is supposed to come in tomorrow. Two days so far of uncontrollable clearance delay.
    Really hoping it's coming in tomorrow.

  12. themarth14
    Eclair Oct 16, 2016

    themarth14 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Can you update us when it finally is cleared from the uncontrollable clearance delay? Or when it arrives?

  13. G_Ziati-k_Dusantos_Hzhu
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2016

    G_Ziati-k_Dusantos_Hzhu , Oct 16, 2016 :
    [Quote = "ahmad.talha, de la publicación: 15316028, miembro de: 870476"] Ubicación: España
    OnePlus 3 + Grafito Un par de casos
    Pedido realizado el 23 septiembre
    Fecha estimada de despacho: 21-oct
    Fecha estimada de entrega: 28 Oct [/ quote]
    España pedido el 20 sep ENVÍO 20 oct llegada 27 de oct q larga espera

    Froyo Oct 16, 2016

    HUNTERANGEL121 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Of course. As of now I've got email, and SMS notifications for my phone.
    Hopefully I'll be updating tomorrow.

    Froyo Oct 17, 2016

    HUNTERANGEL121 , Oct 17, 2016 :
    New text from DHL saying my shipment has been cleared. DHLs tracker says it'll arrive in Miami Florida tomorrow(Oct, 17) by the end of the day.

    We know the driver pretty well because we get a lot of boxes. So he'll most likely roll on by around noon. That is if it arrives tomorrow.
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  16. cezarvrabie
    Jelly Bean Oct 17, 2016

    cezarvrabie , Oct 17, 2016 :
    It will be the American version. You can only buy the Chinese version from oneplus only through oneplus.cn

  17. themarth14
    Eclair Oct 17, 2016

    themarth14 , Oct 17, 2016 :
    Thanks for the update! DHL has updated the shipping process of my order. It has passed the clearance processing and has departed from Shenzhen. Hopefully it can come in tomorrow. I don't know if DHL will personally send someone who works for them to deliver my order or if the UPS guy will deliver it. I would expect it to come between 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

  18. manikranth
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2016

    manikranth , Oct 17, 2016 :
    Mine too..thanks for the update.....

  19. sharkyslo
    Gingerbread Oct 17, 2016

    sharkyslo , Oct 17, 2016 :
    I have got reply from OP Logistic team - they will (try to) ship my order in W3 of October, so this is this week...

    Location: Slovenia
    OnePlus 3 Graphite + rosewood case
    Order placed: Sep 20
    Estimated Dispatch date: Oct 20
    Estimated delivery date: Oct 25

    I am really curious, if "Pending shipment" status will change... :)
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  20. G_Robert_Vrabec_kGdt
    Froyo Oct 17, 2016

    G_Robert_Vrabec_kGdt , Oct 17, 2016 :
    What is the contact for OP logistic team?