Shipping to mauritius possible?

  1. mushismono
    Cupcake May 9, 2016

    mushismono , May 9, 2016 :
    seems i cannot ship the one plus two to mauritius :(
    is there a work around for this!?
    please help me out! ^^
    also do you guys recommend me to wait for OP3 or should i grab the OP2 right now?

  2. jkb114
    Lollipop May 9, 2016

    jkb114 , May 9, 2016 :
    You should use a mail forwarding service..
    And it's up to you. We still don't know when the OP3 will come out and if it does it might have an invite system that may make it difficult to get hold of straight away

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  3. funmunke
    Marshmallow May 9, 2016

    funmunke , May 9, 2016 :
    I'm not sure if there is a forwarding service for Mauritius but there is a good chance there is. If you google them, they are places you call in advance, setup an account, and then you mail stuff to them and they redirect it to you for a fee.

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  4. mushismono
    Cupcake May 9, 2016

    mushismono , May 9, 2016 :
    omg, that was so quick!
    thank you guys, will try to look into a mail forwarding service on google,
    wanted the free shipping from oneplus for motherday though!
    also here in mauritius there are few retailers of oneplus and it is so overpriced :/

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  5. jkb114
    Lollipop May 9, 2016

    jkb114 , May 9, 2016 :
    Please note that any seller in Mauritius isn't an authorised seller. And so the devices would not be eligible for official support

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  6. mushismono
    Cupcake May 9, 2016

    mushismono , May 9, 2016 :
    yeah you are right, there are no official retailers of oneplus in mauritius, but a few shops sells them for an overpriced value,(almost same price as Samsung galaxy s6 edge) .......
    thank you all again for the support!

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  7. veratoloz2005
    Lollipop May 9, 2016

    veratoloz2005 , May 9, 2016 :

  8. anshed_m
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2019

    anshed_m , Jul 10, 2019 :
    I will be purchasing a OP7 soon i for anyone who is interested Parcl.com does the purchase from any foreign store and delivers it to you.

  9. Myriad_Dreams
    Donut Oct 10, 2019

    Myriad_Dreams , Oct 10, 2019 :
    How did your purchase go?
    Were there any import duties pr anything like that?

    I am looking to buy a Oneplus 7T Pro in the future

  10. anshed_m
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2019

    anshed_m , Oct 19, 2019 :
    In the end i did not purchase using a forwarding services cause custom cost was high and thus i purchase for One.o_One shop in port louis

  11. Myriad_Dreams
    Donut Oct 22, 2019

    Myriad_Dreams , Oct 22, 2019 :
    It's more expensive though... I have found a reseller on amazon. I think I'll buy from him. Including shipping, it will cost less than Rs 26,000 whereas One O One would sell that for Rs 32,500 if I'm not mistaken.

  12. lucassammy
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2020

    lucassammy , Jun 30, 2020 :
    Hey , You can easily ship to mauritius and money is not a problem then you can use services like UPS , they will deliver your good timely and safely. But if want to save your money and also want to ship your device safely then you can use services of myus.com Or you can use any shipping company for special care items which will ship your device to mauritius after doing its proper packaging.
    And i will recommend you to wait for OP3 as it has good specs like:-
    • Dimensions. 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35 mm.
    • Weight. 158 g.
    • Material. Anodized aluminum.
    • Color. Graphite / Soft Gold.
    • Operating System. OxygenOS based on Android™ Marshmallow.
    • CPU. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820. Quad Core, Kryo™: 2x 2.2 GHz, 2x 1.6 GHz.
    • GPU. Adreno™ 530.
    • RAM. 6GB LPDDR4.

    So if you can wait then you surly wait for it and grab it instead of OP2