1. smartbuddy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2014

  2. -Alienkh-
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2014

    -Alienkh- , Aug 10, 2014 :
    You can't create a thread just to ask for one; can you imagine the number of threads doing that, if it was allowed? It would drown everything else.
    The forums are a platform for 1+ users (and prospective users) to exchange, not a shopping window. They have to be livable and navigable.

    There are tons of "I have an invite to give, who's in?" threads, in a specific section for them. You want one, go there and play the painful game of getting noticed above the large crowd, like everyone else…

    But how can you possibly think posting "Hello world, gimme one!" is anything but annoying, disruptive… and rude? With thousands of people waiting for the precious mail, you thought it was just okay to barge in and demand yours, now, there? You really don't see the problem with that? ^^;

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  3. oneplusbir
    Froyo Aug 10, 2014

    oneplusbir , Aug 10, 2014 :
    I can see there is large number of people after an invite and I understand your point. But I don't think I was demanding but simply asking politely someone to share the invite. Everyone is trying their luck here. Some people are more fortunate than the others.

  4. -Alienkh-
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2014

    -Alienkh- , Aug 10, 2014 :
    I understand, but now that you see the amount of people waiting after one, surely you understand how it's just not possible to allow each one to make a new thread asking for one?

    As for the tone of the replies, well… I've been keeping watch of the Invites section for less than 24h and I saw over a dozen similar threads; those who have been active for months are probably way past the "please be advised what you did is unwelcome and wrong, here is the proper way to get your phone…" politeness phase… %D

  5. evilone
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2014

    evilone , Aug 10, 2014 :
    would be chaotic if 177,227 members should all ask for an invite don't you think?

  6. oneplusbir
    Froyo Aug 10, 2014

    oneplusbir , Aug 10, 2014 :
    :) I suppose they have!

  7. JBCJackson
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2014

    JBCJackson , Aug 10, 2014 :
    Welcome to the internet.

  8. oneplusbir
    Froyo Aug 10, 2014

    oneplusbir , Aug 10, 2014 :
    Its already a chaos =) Don't you think?

  9. evilone
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2014

    evilone , Aug 10, 2014 :
    yes, it's because there are so many people haven't learned to behave and asking for invites

  10. vjuricic
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2014

    vjuricic , Aug 10, 2014 :
    You do not need to be shocked. A lot of members asked and still ask for invitation so for older members the glass was more than full. To fix some bad impression from a lot of non polite members I welcome you to OnePlus environment and wish you good luck in obtaining invitation as soon as possible. :)
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  11. oneplusbir
    Froyo Aug 10, 2014

    oneplusbir , Aug 10, 2014 :
    I guess its our human nature when something is restricted all of a sudden everyone wants it. Brilliant marketing move from OnePlus. :)

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  12. evilone
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2014

    evilone , Aug 10, 2014 :
    plain stupid if you ask me, just creates a lot of frustration and stupid behavior

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  13. Brayen
    Gingerbread Aug 10, 2014

    Brayen , Aug 10, 2014 :
    Well we don't hate you because you are a new member :)
    The reason why people are so frustrated is because in the past and also today most of the invites goes to new members where members who are under 100k were left behind. This brought a lot of frustrations with it and people outed that when new members asked for an invitation :)

  14. -Alienkh-
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2014

    -Alienkh- , Aug 10, 2014 :
    It's not just a marketing move… that would be Apple's territory. :<

    For a baby startup, especially one with such a good product to sell, it's quite the opposite: the more items they manage to sell, the larger their reputation, stability, and prospect for a bright future.
    The thing is, for a hardware manufacturer the largest risk in infancy is buying too much stock and not selling it fast enough to pay the bill.

    So they started carefully, and were completely overwhelmed by the demand, that kept growing with each sell (instead of, I guess, slowing down a bit after the initial supporters got theirs and before the rest of the world knew of them?)

    Now they're working on scaling up the offer: the production, but also the customers services; until then, the invite system allows them to maintain the sells at their max capacity, not beyond.

    It's obviously infuriating and frustrating for us, but can you think of a better system to allow growth from zero to such reputation and success (the reviews are gushing like school kids in love, it's impressive… x) )?

  15. oneplusbir
    Froyo Aug 10, 2014

    oneplusbir , Aug 10, 2014 :
    Its marketing and sort of damage control. But you're right, I've been reading the reviews and so far all of them are very positive. With the high specs and low price its irresistible piece of hardware :)

  16. rezu0007
    Donut Aug 11, 2014

    rezu0007 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    You cant be so straight.
    Do you think I care if you think that way?

  17. sawbeeyoh
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    sawbeeyoh , Aug 11, 2014 :
    The invite is severly flawed, but it's the only thing we have right now so waiting is all we can do.

  18. skysat
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

  19. alexmwong
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    alexmwong , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Don't blame us. We all want an invite. We just don't want to see someone who has had their account for an hour or so getting an invite. It's OPO envy. Simple as that.

  20. Neth
    Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2014