Shooting photos on mobile phones - general guide

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    BobbyV8_ , Mar 21, 2018 :
    Basic Care:
    Lens is crucial while capturing a moment, be it a family moment or a show your style profile picture or to unveil your creative side and showcase the nature.

    Mobile lens specially are prone to smudges, fingerprints or dirt residue. Always carry a microfibre cloth inside your mobile case to clean it up and ensure you have a clean lens before hitting shutter button.

    Selecting the subject:
    What we want to capture is the biggest issue. Select your subject carefully and ensure there’s sufficient light. Never let the light against the lens.

    Setting your subject still can help in better results however this is not the situation always. Manage your shutter speed to fool the subject’s movement.

    Going Pro Mode:
    Take advantage of PRO Mode, the option to select ISO & shutter speeds as per the scenario to make most out of natural conditions. While Auto mode does a decent job, We need to take things into our control to make them better.

    Selection of proper ISO & Shutter speed is the key to well lit & well timed shots.

    Higher ISO levels allow more light on the lens and helps to keep the image bright with all necessary details. We can even lower the ISO levels to make the shot look dreamy if the conditions are having ample or more than required light.

    Shutter speed is the time taken by the lens to capture what it looks at. Moving objects need lower shutter while still subjects can be hit with slower speeds to grab more details.
    2-2.jpeg 3-2.jpeg 5.jpeg 7.jpeg 8.jpeg

    Setting more shutter time can result in draggy shades but can be stunning.
    photo_2018-03-21_21-06-52.jpg photo_2018-03-21_21-06-54.jpg

    Attaining proper focus:
    Focusing at the subject can get tricky. Place the device so that lets enough light fall on the subject. This is very important to grab more details.

    Auto focus can’t be trusted at all times especially with multiple objects in the frame. Make a habit of manual tap on the subject.

    The regular photography spacing rules work well even with mobiles. Make proper use of them. Those annoying grid lines exist for a reason.

    Rule of Thirds - Make the starting or ending grid (from the left) as baseline and align it to pass through centre of the subject. This lets the picture speak for itself the story behind it.

    Straight Horizon Rule - Having a tilted horizon ruins the fun and gives unnatural results. Align the horizontal line in the frame in straight line with the grid lines.

    Rule of space - Let the subject have some space to breathe. Less space around the subject makes it look crammed and the viewer's eye gets confused as to decide on what to look.
    faa66__rule-space-photography.jpg rule-of-space-in-photography.jpg

    Starter Tips:
    Background - Be aware of what you have in the background. A bad background destroys beauty of the subject.

    Simple focus - Focus should be on a single object to let the view be pleasant.

    Diagonal view - While shooting a human or any straight subject, tilting the lens to place it diagonally makes the subject look longer.

    Breaking the Rules:
    Standing towards light source - Dim the subject’s view and focus on the outlines by letting more light fall on lens. Now use Low ISO to do the trick and capture magical moment.

    Let the subject move - Ever wondered how the traces of a moving object looks like? Try using slower shutters to capture a moving subject. The outlines they leave will be magnificent.
    photo_2018-03-21_21-06-46.jpg photo_2018-03-21_21-06-49.jpg

    Fill the screen - Fill the screen with subject and go rebel to make our subject a little interesting. Be careful with what space you leave out as it is really important in this scenario.

    Move the device - Create motion photography by moving the device, popularly known as pan for motion.

    On a mobile, zooming can be tricky and first thing it does is reduce picture quality. So move closer to the subject as much as needed and as far as you can.

    Aspect ratio:
    Idle aspect ratio on a mobile will be 4:3. This is where lens grabs more view with larger pixels. However image can be cropped later to fit 16:9.

    Selecting 16:9 will digitally zoom and crop the view. So you're actually getting lesser than what you actually have.

    1:1 is where it gets 4:3 horizontal view but restricts it vertically. So this can even be done by manually cropping post click.

    Using tools & accessories:
    Tripod - It's difficult to maintain balance and avoid blur with shaky hands. Use a tripod to reduce this.

    Lens - Add a lens to play with the view and get more focus on subject and it's background. Telephoto lenses can be little costly but spending on combo packs of wide angle, macro lens will be beneficial. Though not efficient, zooming lens can get us the benefit of capturing long distance shots.
    51DdI7NWF9L._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg mobile-telephoto-lens-1489979353-1318287-c408776b7e9197d751b7304b246e14d6.jpg

    Simple click and share is a thing of unenthusiastic photography. Capture the frame and then develop it using a post shot software such as snapseed or lightroom to attain fine finish.Unedited photo is never complete.

    RAW - It's always good to start the editing from base. So choose RAW files to develop, edit & give it a style.

    Alternative Apps:
    OnePlus camera app is a good one providing easy UI. However, it lacks the ability to do a quality processing of captured details. I suggest GCam port for low light shots and portrait mode photography. Pro Mode is well implemented with the stock cam app and so we can stick with it. RAW image is a plus point in using stock app.

    There are quite good alternatives like snapdragon cam, Open Cam, VSCO Cam, Camera FV 5, MX Cam.

    The Perfect Shot:
    Take multiple chances, keep shooting till you get the perfect shot. Clicking a single idea multiple times gives us the edge of selecting a better or even the perfect shot.

    McFadyen clicked over 720k photos over 6 years to get the perfect shot of kingfisher nose dive without splashing water. So never back down, keep clicking.

    @Ruby G.

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    Upon giving your's brother. It'll be a shame to Super Star if his brother can't be so I'm doing my homework ;)

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    Once again, awesome guide. Really love how you explained in detail the photography tactics. Keep up the great work!!!

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    Great post, buddy!!! I hope people read this and start taking some good pictures at least

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    excellent post.
    are these pictures shot on the phone by you.

    could not understand what is DIAGONAL VIEW.
    can you clarify further

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    Really amazing guide.
    I have read many guides/tips and tricks on shooting photos but this guide provides good detail in a simple way to understand

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    Here are the samples 3T- Nokia 6.1 - Honor 9 Lite
    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-58 (2).jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-13.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-10.jpg

    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-58.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-12 (2).jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-09 (2).jpg

    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-57.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-08.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-09.jpg

    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-56.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-06.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-07.jpg

    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-55.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-05 (2).jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-05.jpg

    6. Without flash
    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-53.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-04.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-03.jpg

    7. With flash
    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-54.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-12.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-02.jpg

    8. Without flash
    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-52.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-01.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-00 (2).jpg

    9. With flash
    photo_2018-05-24_09-24-48.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-11.jpg photo_2018-05-24_09-25-00.jpg
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    Oneplus 6 is not good with low light or artificial light conditions. can someone advice to improve it?

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    BobbyV8_ , May 25, 2019 :
    Use Pro mode and set high shutter speeds to let the sensor grab more light. While this can solve your issues, it is to be noted that the subject should be still while shutter is on job. There is no ideal setting for all conditions, just play with Pro mode and you'll eventually understand how it works.

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    BobbyV8_ , May 25, 2019 :
    While some are shot by me on phone, some are from the internet (for explanation purposes)

    Diagonal View - Angle at which you place the lens determines a lot.

    If you tilt the phone as - top towards the subject and lower body towards you, subject looks short,
    If you tilt the phone as - top towards you and lower body towards the subject, subject looks tall

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    A low ISO isn't a good option all the times, particularly when your subject isn't still. High shutter times to compensate for the low ISO results in trails along the subject.

    A higher ISO is okay at times. There will be lil noise but that can be dealt with in post shot edits.