Shooting Time Lapse on Oneplus with Camera FV-5

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    Bouncer71 , Jul 18, 2018 :
    Interval mode of Camera FV-5 is broke on Android Pie. The app crashes. Developer working on a new version. But it's still in Beta...
    Will update when it's released..

    For now it's just a good read if you want to continue... ;)

    Update 09/04/2020: FV-5 finally got an update and works fine again... Woohoo...!!

    A Thread to show how to create, to discuss and to showcase your own time lapse movies…


    In collaboration with @FrederikOlsen

    Hi folks, this is Bouncer71.

    I´ve always been fascinated by time lapse movies but didn't have the equipment to try it on my own. The Time lapse mode of my Oneplus 3 shoots a finished clip in 1080p, lacks the ability to tune the shooting interval or camera settings and limits the possibilities for re-touching the material. So I actually never considered it...

    Then I learned about the Camera FV-5 Interval shooting mode. So on a vacation trip to Croatia I decided to test it. :cool:

    4K GoogleDrive download

    What about you Frederik?

    Hello everyone, thanks to Bouncer71 for making me a part of this great tutorial. I have always been a fan of photography and capturing those rare moments, and that really started when I got the Oneplus One. Unlike Bouncer I only recently got into time lapses but I already love the medium. Seeing an hour fly by in the matter of seconds just seems amazing to me, and you should think so too.

    One of the first time lapses I made, I chose this more mundane scene since workdays doesnt leave me much time to find the perfect place, but that just goes to show that it doesn't have to be a hawaiian lagoon.


    But first things first...

    What do we need…?



      • Sturdy Tripod
      • Smartphone holder
      • optional add-on lenses
      • Lenspen or cloth
      • Powerbank
      • PC

    Phone preparation:

    To be locked and loaded the battery has to be at 100%. Shooting 75 photos use up about 1%. Switching to “Flight mode” saves battery and does not disturb the progress with any Community notifications. ;)
    Turn up the media volume. The screen dims while interval is running, so there'll be audio feedback of each click. It occasionally happens that it stops, cause of heating or unknown reasons.
    I used headphones to not disturb the people around.
    And clean the lens unless you want some fancy blurs or flares. ;)

    Camera FV-5 settings

    For the start shooting in 4K / 16:9 (3840x2160) is a good compromise in quality and file size. Shooting a 10 second sequence with 300 photos, at 100% JPEG quality will be about 1.2 GB of data.
    If you're lucky enough to own a OP6 264 GB you might want to go for DNG (RAW), but that'll cost you around 10 GB and you MUST go into post processing before making the video.

    (edit: Needs testing... might not be a good idea after all. Frederik ran into Problems shooting 20 MB png. Either Camera FV-5 or the phone can´t handle hundreds of files that size and stops saving)

    Make sure to disable “show last picture”, turn of geo tagging and change the file prefix to 6 digit pattern..This guarantees that no extra processes interfere and if you´re doing multiply sessions the file counter won't reset prematurely...

    Exposure and Focus settings:

    Set Focus to manual and pull it all the way up to infinite.
    If the light conditions are steady but will be changing over the time of the session (sunrise/sunset) use matrix exposure. So ISO and shutter speed will adapt. This can cause flickering ( more later).
    To avoid flickering use tab to meter and lock exposure metering or set ISO and shutter speed manually.

    Tips for framing the scene:
    Keep in mind that this is not a still pic, everything moving fast will be a whole lot faster in the video and can be distracting.For example, if you're going for clouds near objects like wiggling trees can be irritating..
    I thank @woSch and @script for the suggestion to my first tries, posted in the “Monthly Photography Thread”, to eliminate those distractions by better framing. ( In my case to leave out the breaking waves at the shoreline).

    Interval settings:

    Tab the middle icon on the left, select the ”int” option.

    You first need to choose the desired frame rate for the movie.
    Tab the three dots in the upper right corner and set to 24,25,30,50 or 60 FPS.
    I started with 24 but changed to 30 fairly quick. 30 FPS footage produces a smoother playback and at 60 FPS it's half the timespan…
    Now select the “Shooting mode”. It will calculate the shots and storage needed.
    The shooting mode depends on what you're going for. A 10 second clip of a whole day passing by doesn't make sense imo. Start off with 10 to 20 second clips with intervals of 1-5 seconds to capture a time span of 5 to 50 minutes to see what you get..
    The faster the subject moves or the faster the FPS, the shorter the Interval…
    The Sunset in Rovinj was shot at 1 second interval for 45 minutes, 2700 photos total. At 60 FPS that is 45 seconds playback or at 30 FPS that would be 1:30 minutes.

    Why 1 second?
    I knew that there´s gonna be Boats passing by… ;)
    (slow and fast movement combined)

    Made up your mind..?
    Hit “Start now” and wait till done…
    Read a book or be amazed by what's happening around you… :)

    If you're shooting multiple sessions, take a photo of your hand before starting the next. This will make it easier to separate them for the next steps...

    Going into post-production:

    Congratulations...! :D
    You finished the first time lapse photoshoot. That was easy, wasn't it…?
    Now the real work begins.
    Transferring thousands of files via USB 2.0 is painfully slow (USB 3.0 is a must for the next Oneplus phone, i mean it…!).
    Make sure to place every session in a separate folder.
    The photo of your hand now comes in handy. o_O


    Creating the Video



    Fire up VirtualDub. Go to “File”, “open Video file”, select the first pic of the time lapse. Check “Automatically load linked segments”.
    Then go to “Video settings” and set the desired “frame rate”. For “compression” select x264vfw and check “VirtualDub Hack” in configuration.
    For resizing to 2K or lower select “Filters”, add “resize”. Remember to stay within the aspect ratio and check for “Codec-friendly sizing” “Multiples by 2” .
    If needed select “Cropping” and again keeping 16:9 aspect ratio in mind. In case of errors caused by Camera FV-5 like in the screenshot above don't panic, just add the rotation filter.


    The filter for “de-flickering” only works with the 32bit version of VirtualDub. I tried it but showed no effect on my videos. Could be that I did something wrong..?!
    I had to use a more time consuming method. More on that later..

    Ok, we´re done with the settings. At “File” click “Save settings” for re-use. Now hit “save as AVI…”.I´d recommend the filename like “Title_resolution_fps_Interval_whatever” to better tell them apart.
    example: Rovinj_1080p_30fps_1sec_postedit.avi
    Now wait a couple of minutes for the processing to finish and the watch your glorious result...

    4K GoogleDrive download 1GB..!!!

    Now to turn over to Frederik for the blender How To...


    Thanks Bouncer

    Essentially the same output setup as VirtualDub.
    First you'll be greeted by some 3d viewer so the first thing you'll have to do is click the old timey film icon called video sequence editor from then you can set up blender to suit you:


    My setup is as follows

      • properties in the top left corner
      • video sequence editor. you'll need to click the camera icon in the top right corner to see the current frame
      • in the middle you want you video sequence timeline
      • expand properties from the timeline tab by draggin the right most side of it.
    Upload images from your timelapse (edited) folder with the “add/images”.


    Then you have the dive into the folder structure on the left hand side. Once you have found the right folder, highlight the images in the folder press add “image strip” in the upper right corner.

    Go into properties:


    Set FPS depends on your interval setup since it can otherwise look wonky.
    Set resolution manually to 3840 x 2160 to get 4k. If you want other resolution such as 1080 simply just type in 1920 as X and 1080 as Y. Goes for all resolutions. Set resolution to 100%
    then select start and end frame. Start is just 1 while end frame depends on your sample size. If your timelapse is 600 frames long then end frame is 600.
    Set .h264 as your compression methode.
    Set AVI video codec.
    Then select folder location for the output. I just made a folder saying timelapse videos once that is done simply go the the top again press the render tab and then press “animation”.
    To save all the settings you worked so hard to make press ctrl + u and click the ok.


    There you have it...

    Stepping it up a Notch

    If you want to improve the quality of your video or shoot in RAW, the known image manipulation apps are the tools to use..
    Rawthreapee, Lightroom, On1 Photo Raw or any other. Preferable with the possibility to sync or copy development setting across multiple photos.
    You don't want to edit thousands of images one after another.. ;)

    Rawtherapee: (Frederik)

    I use Rawtherapee as my image editor. Be warned Rawtherapee can be daunting at first since it has so many different settings but once you realise that you only ever need to use a handful it becomes a great piece of software with a very high skill ceiling.

    First thing to do is double click the folder you need.


    Then choose an image that most represents the timelapse exposure, double click it. Press “shift+b” to have a before and after view which will help out tremendously.

    Now we come to the editing where it gets personal. I like to stick with exposure, saturation, black levels, shadow and highlight compression. Exposure is pretty straight forward as is saturation. But black levels can change the entire mood and color pallette of the timelapse, use this to achieve different styles: a darker sunset with more reds. or a lighter sunset with more light for longer.

    Once you are satisfied go into the top right image and press the disk drive with a downfacing arrow, to save your current editing profile. This window will pop up then just rename the highlighted space with whatever suits you. Fx “sunset timelapses”.


    Once you have done that, go back to the file browser and highlight an image, then right click and follow these steps

      • click “select all”
      • then follow the image example
    It will then apply the editing to all images or partially if you choose that option in case the scenes of your timelapse varies widely.
    Then right click again with all image highlighted and press “put to queue.”

    Choose output and set the rest to your prefered quality. outputting this can take a long while so sit tight. :)
    And that is it, you can now continue in blender or VirtualDub.

    Lightroom, ON1 Photo RAW (Bouncer)

    In Lightroom or ON1 Photo RAW select the first image of the session. Go to Develop and do your thing..


    A lot of times I just hit “Auto” and then tweak the values to my favor...
    Add a little contrast, structure, de-haze, lala, lala...
    It's totally up to you. Add filters, B&W, whatever…

    Then sync or copy across the photos and export all as JPEG into a seperate folder.
    Process the video and compare..


    4K GoogleDrive download


    4K GoogleDrive download

    Much better, isn't it…?
    Yeah, I know...
    But in a B&W movie noise doesn't look nearly as bad... :confused:

    The intention is to show that, what might look good as a still picture first could turn out worse as a movie. So for the start I'd recommend to apply just a little sharpening or clarity, saturation and be really suttle on the brightness sliders.
    The Rovinj sunset was processed like that...


    Oh my…!
    Did you notice that?
    As I said before, I tried to use the filters in VirtualDub to remove it without success. So I flipped through the photos and compared the ones causing the effect with the ones right next to…

    To my surprise there was no difference in ISO or exposure.
    No idea what causes this, maybe a shadow casted by the clouds…?
    What now? Tweak till it looks the same or use “Layers”?
    Way too much work for now.

    This is the Quick ´n Dirty version:
    In VirtualDub browse through the frames to find the ones that cause the effect and delete them...
    Not really quick but dirty… :p

    At 30 FPS it's slightly, at 60 FPS barely noticeable if you don't know it… ;)

    A even more time consuming but still dirty method is to delete or move the affected photos and batch rename the remaining files to fill the gaps.

    4K GoogleDrive download

    Tips for shooting:

      • Pay attention to the surroundings ( fast moving trees, people or cars passing by near the scene)
      • look for a better position ( perspective), higher, lower, walk the extra meters or miles ;)
      • Use Apps like Sun Position Map to find the best location and time for the shoot.
      • Shooting against the light, uneven light situations, subject movement can turn out worse than in still photography
      • shooting over 3000 photos, connect a powerbank
      • Avoid overheating in high temperatures, direct sunlight
      • there seems to be a write to storage limit for the OP5T so avoid 1-2sec intervals when shooting with .PNG or .RAW image files.

    Final thoughts and inspiration...

    There's a lot of stuff that can be shot as a time lapse…
    Not only clouds, sunset or sunrise. ;)
    Movement of crowds, a construction site, growing of plants, riding by car, train or ship are possible events to travel faster in time… :eek:
    A really exciting one is coming up this month. The total lunar eclipse on July 27 to 28.
    Who dares…?

    Finally, I want to thank @FrederikOlsen for taking part in this little project. It was a fun ride with ups and downs. ;)
    We both hope you enjoyed our “how to..?” and that we animated you try it on your own.
    And I want to thank everyone in this Community making OnePlus Photography more fun than I ever thought…!
    Now go ahead and add your Time lapse movies in the comments..o_O

    Thank you for reading…!

    M´kay... A last one...;)

    4K Google Drive download
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    thank you...!
    really appreciate it that you like it...!

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    Thanks so much y'all...! 8D

    Sometimes it was a drag when, networks fail, phones don't save, not figuring out why the streaming platforms don't play the 4K footage and mess up quality pretty badly...
    (and I've tried them all)
    LOL... 8D

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    FrederikOlsen , Jul 19, 2018 :
    thanks, i gotta say it was bouncers brainchild and he did the heavy lifting. i was just happy to be a part of it :D

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    Now what am I to say after your final verdict xD

    It's just awesome dudes :)

    Be it your 4K video or time-lapse photography for < 20 seconds....

    The team work has proven it :>

    Thank you guys ! Keep rocking ;)

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    Bouncer71 , Jul 19, 2018 :
    Yeah, I did the "happy lifting" alright.. ;D

    Without you it wouldn't have been as much fun...!
    You play a important role here using other programs than me...
    That way I learned something from you...!

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    Wow , Amazing & Excellent , Love it , nicely written with details & big thanks for those tips & information..Lot of Respect for you guys..Great Work..

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    You're welcome..!
    And I'm glad you like it..!
    Thank you...!

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    Should have said heavy but I do hope it was happy as well xD

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    Thanks a lot! It was our pleasure :D only took me like 4 tries to get everything right in that one xD

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    Only 4 tries... Yeah... That's nothing... :rolleyes:

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    Thanks man that means a lot :) happy to help and I hope we get to see some more more timelapses from around the world :D

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    You're Welcome man...
    and thanks for the Roses...! 8D

    anytime...! it was me a pleasure. maybe we'll find another project to work on together....
    some day... ;D

    And now enough with padding each other's shoulder...8D

    I too hope that we see some great work of others...!