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  1. bahkauv_
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  5. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Apr 24, 2019

    TibiTibi , Apr 24, 2019 :
    With Oneplus one
    in the garden and looking for changes.

    Hold me tightly

    Attack mode #37

    / macro lens
    / shot by fv5 in manual mode
    / tunning by snapseed
    / compression by yaimco ( keep details not size ) @hennes
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  6. G_Peter_Sersli_ksxR
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    G_Peter_Sersli_ksxR , Apr 24, 2019 :


    no settings all normal​

    I took the pictures with oneplus5t

    @Trim Castle
    Trim, Co. Meath

    @The Raven forest and beach, Curracloe,
    Co. Wexford

    Near R161, Ballina, Co. Meath

    settings are charged for sunrise a bit after effect yellow touch other than that it's basic settings.

    This sorry is I love photography. enjoy

  7. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Community Expert Apr 25, 2019

    cdnfarmer , Apr 25, 2019 :
    Thanks!!! I saw that... Now we will see when those bugs come back around to practice. :) it snowed briefly here today.:(:eek:

  8. Vikas banjare
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  16. panthimanshu
    Honeycomb Apr 25, 2019

    panthimanshu , Apr 25, 2019 :
    Welcome to the macro photography. I assure you that you are going to witness the beauty of nature. You'll see the insects very different than you were seeing them usually... colors, patterns, dynamism, classic adaptation, their life cycle and their relevance in humans life.

    @woSch gave you very relevant and very helpful tip... I do it very often too. Area which I am sure is not going to be the part of my shot, I grab it from there to make my subject a little stable but please beware do it very slowly or you'll make your subject fly away :D. I learned that it is very important to be very patient and avoid quick actions. If I move slowly towards them they either didn't notice me or remain relaxed and this way I used to get close to them and sometime when I tried to reach to them quickly they disappeared.

    Best of luck for your hunt, we're waiting for some lovely macro shots. :):)
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  17. otto2
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  18. Rangoo Srinivas
    Donut Apr 25, 2019

  19. N1556181140749
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    N1556181140749 , Apr 25, 2019 :
    Hey! So I discovered the feature of OnePlus 6T camera recently, because wasn't interested in photography and stuff connected with it, but then my cat just forced me to take a photo of it staring at me.
    Another cat here, but this time kinda wild and outside. Went for a walk with my cousin and found this cutie.
    Next week - next walk with my cousin. Went to the Black Lake in Latvia, Ķemeri. Found this pine just not wanting to give up on its growing.

    The Human and the Nature. People are really leaving mess after themselves, even at national parks and at those territories, where you couldn't imagine them being at.
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  20. Rangoo Srinivas
    Donut Apr 25, 2019