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  1. script
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    script , Jun 9, 2019 :
    Cover photo taken by @Vladka Evelyn

    Welcome to July. This time it's my pleasure to write the opening post. Thank you very much to all previous hosts, and to those that come in the second half of the year, thx in advance.

    • The amazing compression app: YaImCo

    Life is an image

    Imagination. On a restaurant menu card, we read a few words, and then decide which dish we choose. We follow a rockband, or an actor, or a football team, because we like, we really love, their image. We also produce an image of ourselves, when we go out at night and wear certain clothes.

    Images, pictures, are so powerful, because they transport and transfer feelings and emotions. Our whole life is ruled and dominated by emotions.

    In a written story, the author describes feelings through actions of people. He does that by finding pictures, to express, what the people in the story feel. Why? Because the author wants, that his readers feel the same. He doesn't write: Kate had fear. He writes: Kate looked at the stranger. His eyes were dark, his eyebrows built a black bar, and the scar across half of his face made his appearance even more disturbing. The stranger moved towards her, stopped only a few centimeters in front of her face. Kate could smell his breath, a mixture of rum, old cigars, and rotten teeth.

    Pictures transfer emotions.

    Pictures are a way to communicate.

    A good picture, in terms of photography, catches the feeling, that the photographer had, when he took it, and reproduces that feeling in us, when we see the picture.

    To take good pictures, we need to get in touch with our own emotions, open them, open us, and sense the scene, the moment, the spirit. Then we can try to capture that, hoping, the photographs trigger those emotions in the viewers.

    A great photo needs soul.

    Taken by @A1555381061491 from here

  2. Crystal Z.
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  3. script
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    script , Jun 9, 2019 :
    The usual info on the contest part

    1) As usual, a big thank you to @maarten_lisboa for hosting the June thread. All your posts and comments were a pleasure to read. :)

    2) I am super happy with all the previous opening posts 2019. So much passion and knowledge about photography. For the rest of the year, there are more great guest hosts to come, that will again be a pleasure for us all. As they say: stay tuned.

    3) For the contest, some important words.
    • Any content submitted should be your own work and shot on a OnePlus device. Any pictures submitted shall be taken in this month, July 2019. Please do not post older pictures from former times.
    • Ps. If your pictures where taken in the last week of the previous month (June 2019), they are valid for the July contest thread. Ofc you can post them only once, either late in June, or early in July. Not two times in both months.
    4) As the OnePlus 7/7Pro are now the newest phones, we like to encourage the OnePlus 7/Pro users to share their photos in the contest thread as well.

    Important: all users need to state the used OnePlus device clearly in their post.

    5) The prizes for July are 7 OnePlus Explorer Backpack CAMOUFLAGE SPECIAL EDITION

    6) The winners from last month will be announced in 10 days. Ofc, after the EXIF data has been checked!

    7) Some honest personal tips
    • Avoid intense post processing
    • Be better than just a snapshot
    • See the picture before clicking the shutter (thx @cdnfarmer)
    • Avoid unused space and unnecessary elements in your frame
    • Level your pictures
    • Show real life
    • Don't post more than 3 pictures in one post, but take many pics. Select, and post only the best!
    • Make sure to post your picture as full image, not as link. (Thx cdn)
    • Please add spaces between the pictures. Multiple pictures should not blend into one. (Thx cdn)
    • Try to avoid just technical stunt photos. Put soul and heart in your pictures

    This are personal tips and suggestions, not official OnePlus demands.

    Have fun, all the best in the photography section, cheers,


  4. camohan
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    camohan , Jul 1, 2019 :

    Here you go the first photo of the July thread.

    Will update the details in a bit.

    Purposefully kept this titled because that's the best way to see this photo.

    Details of the photo :

    Device : OnePlus 6T
    Camera : Default camera app
    Edits : None
    Location : HongKong, taken from Victoria Peak, Observatory desk.
    Other comments : I used the full screen size, instead of the default 4:3 since the landscape was too huge and in the absence of wide angle camera, covering more area was not possible except with full screen size..
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  5. Jaymeen Panchal
    Eclair Jul 1, 2019

    Jaymeen Panchal , Jul 1, 2019 :

    In the serenity of the nature...

    shot from my oneplus 6 with Gcam mod.

    Took this pic while my visit at Udaipur city, India.

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  6. G_plusone
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    G_plusone , Jul 1, 2019 :
    Nice one Mohan enjoy China

  7. camohan
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    camohan , Jul 1, 2019 :
    That's Hong Kong, now heading to bullet train to go to Futian, China and then to hotel.
    Thanks for the wishes!!

  8. Aadeshc
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  10. YRJ
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    YRJ , Jul 1, 2019 :
    Thanks @script for this month's SOOP!
    So this month there will be 7, OnePlus 7 Pro's? :p

  11. TibiTibi
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  16. blueskywhale
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    blueskywhale , Jul 1, 2019 :
    Nice intro with story to start July @script [e]270c[/e]️

    Here is my entries for ShotOnOneplus July

    1 ) The Upside Down
    it's really cool to play with reflection and perspectives,, as the title says i am a stranger things fan waiting for July [e]1f601[/e] as well as ShotOnOneplus for the month SEVEN 7

    Device - OnePlus 5T - Stock camera
    Location - Athirapilly waterfalls, Kerala - India

    Processed in Lightroom mobile and used touch retouch app
    Clouds was not much pretty so highlights were done the job with the sky


    2 ) The Falls
    Device - OnePlus 5T
    Processed in Lightroom
    Refreshing under the falls to chill out


    Super excited to see the surPRICE of month SEVEN 7

    Never Settle. ....
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  17. Aralappanavar
    Eclair Jul 1, 2019

  18. Discostu
    Jelly Bean Jul 1, 2019

    Discostu , Jul 1, 2019 :
    Wow, thank you for featuring one of my entries on the cover page image :). I am genuinely humbled buy it, thank you.


    Can't wait to try some unique shots for this month now that I have my OP7 Pro!

  19. TdBurke
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  21. bigalcy
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