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  1. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Community Expert Jun 29, 2020

    cdnfarmer , Jun 29, 2020 :
    Congrats @blueskywhale & @Muralidharan.V

    NIce pictures. Really like the second then the first one.

    good job. Could you please put 2 enter so there is a space between your pictures. It would highlight them better.

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  2. blueskywhale
    The Lab - OnePlus 9 Pro Reviewer Jun 29, 2020

    blueskywhale , via OnePlus 5T , Jun 29, 2020 :
    Thankyou I used apexel 12-24x lens

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  3. airmotovlogs
    Honeycomb Jun 29, 2020

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  4. Susmitaaa.
    Froyo Jun 29, 2020

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  5. Akshaysrao1+
    Froyo Jun 29, 2020

  6. script
    Moderator Moderator Jun 29, 2020

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  7. Z1570215848526
    Eclair Jun 29, 2020

    Z1570215848526 , Jun 29, 2020 :
    extremely sorry for the negligence and I edited the post and rectified it. thanks much.

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  9. Cogdo
    Froyo Jun 29, 2020

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  10. Z1570215848526
    Eclair Jun 29, 2020

  11. 吴昊Hao
    Donut Jun 29, 2020

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  12. airmotovlogs
    Honeycomb Jun 29, 2020

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  13. PoojanDesai
    Eclair Jun 29, 2020

  14. Allen1215
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2020

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  15. F_Akash_Raykwar_iHjQ
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2020

  16. Mohan_G
    The Lab - OnePlus 9 Pro Reviewer Jun 30, 2020

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  17. airmotovlogs
    Honeycomb Jun 30, 2020

    airmotovlogs , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 30, 2020 :
    You're so lucky to have captured this...I have always failed to capture this moment, in such perfect manner and that too from a Mobile camera..Kudos to you..

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  18. otto2
    Photography Expert Jun 30, 2020

    otto2 , Jun 30, 2020 :
    Hello dear photography enthusiasts - watching this contest threads is some how interesting. We can see some really great shots, wow, i m very impressed. This is a motivation and inspiration for the whole community including myself.

    But we can also see some off topic shots, some random clicks, not even showing a minimal effort or skill- please bear in mind, this is a contest.

    This weeks theme is Night series. So it s about night. Do you think, that a bright picture would fit into this theme? The night Mode is an interesting feature, but you should always try to keep the mood and atmosphere of the night.

    Sometimes it may be better to use automode or pro mode, to get great night shots. So be creative, Try different approaches to get the way best night picture series you ve ever shot.

    Some motivation attached, shot on my Oneplus 8 Pro, automode, exposure slider down around 50-75% to get a realistic view of the actual scenery yesterday evening. Shot free Hand, no edits, no filters, compressed with YaImCo by @hennes



    Location : Düsseldorf, Germany.

    The last picture shows the automode result without any change ( Exposure slider not touched!) As we can se, the moon is looking like a sun an the picture looks like shot at daytime. Actually it was almost dark, the first stars came out, so i had to turn down exposure with the slider to get a realistic look.

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2020

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  19. script
    Moderator Moderator Jun 30, 2020

    script , Jun 30, 2020 :
    Thx Otto :)