Monthly Shot on OnePlus - March, 2018

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  1. script
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    script , Feb 26, 2018 :
    Cover photo taken by @maarten_lisboa [SOURCE]

    Hello there,

    This is our third monthly Shot on OnePlus thread, to hold all your best photos, videos and other media that were taken with your OnePlus phone, as a heir of our greatest Mega photography thread.

    Again we had a great month, and even more posts, tho February is so short. Plus, we had the great people's photo contest, with almost 600 posts, or shall I even say, over 1.000 posts? We had 30 pages of mostly correct submissions, and over 20 pages (ca. 400 posts!!) with submissions that didn´t follow the contest rules and had to be removed. I felt sorry for many great posts, but either they didn´t show human beings, (=people!!) or had too many pics, or some info was missing that had been stated as required in the rules. Anyway, the OnePlus team found extremely good winner pics, congratulations again.

    March also starts with one of the most exciting events for all of us: the OnePlus Open Ears Camera Forum in Hamburg. The OnePlus camera developers are coming all the way from China to hear, what 20 talented forum photographers from Europe have to say. That is so great. I am sure, there will be a huge amount of brilliant ideas collected and ideas to improve the camera will be spread and developed in that focus group. Yes, that is cool.

    What is still missing are more ideas from you for new theme threads. Plus, some of you posted pics in the monthly thread (which is completely ok) instead of adding them to existing theme threads. I write this to encourage you all to explore the theme threads. Just read the thread titles to understand what that particular thread is about, and then add your pictures to them. Only one question is left: what could "no phone clicks" mean in the theme thread title with the amazing photos?

    Taking a good picture needs some skills, experience and knowledge. Try to learn and develop your photographical taste.

    Ready to go? Great! Share your best work with us, and let us know which phone was used and camera settings or filters used as it may help our friends on the forum.
    (ex. OnePlus 5T Stock camera - HDR, OnePlus One - Camera FV5 - iso 100 - 1/6 shutter)

    If you are a Community app user, please note that the app will automatically resize your photo. If you are a Community website user, please note that file sizes may be to large to post as size is limited to 2mb in which case you'll have to shrink your image size.
    Photo & Picture Resizer and Snapseed both are great apps from play store to resize photos. Check here to learn more about How to upload photos.

    Alright, we're good to go. Can't wait to see your best shots!


    Notice: Please note that single photo threads opened elsewhere on the forum will be merged with this thread.

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  4. Dextter
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    Dextter , Mar 1, 2018 :


    Shot on OnePlus 5.
    Portrait came out really nice - tuned exposure and contrast a bit with gallery editing.
    Other image is sunset at famous Lakhota lake of Jamnagar, India. No edits.

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  5. aykut39
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    aykut39 , Mar 1, 2018 :
    camera and camera software is not the proud-able part of one plus phones.

    please stop pinning this non-sense illusion threads.

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  10. Ash645
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    Ash645 , Mar 1, 2018 :
    Thank you @script !

    Edit: here's my pic.....pretty nature friendly this month! ;)


    Camera M
    Snapseed edit

    Hope March is colorful and looking forward to everyone's contribution!
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  11. Gul7san.B
    Froyo Mar 1, 2018

    Gul7san.B , Mar 1, 2018 :
    Oneplus5T, Edited in snapseeds 1519901718871.jpg
    Oneplus5t, Edited in Snapseed 1519975814037.jpg
    Oneplus5t Edited in Snapseed
    Oneplus5t Edited in Snapseed

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    script , Mar 1, 2018 :
    Please, continue in this thread:


    The „oil painting effect“ is already known and being worked on.

    All further posts in this thread that don't contain photos will get moved to the correct places.

    Thank you

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