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  1. cdnfarmer
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    cdnfarmer , Feb 24, 2019 :
    landscape (2).jpg
    cover photo taken by @cdnfarmer

    Welcome All OnePlus Shutterbugs.

    This is your March Photo thread. The place to add your pictures taken with any OnePlus device. Please share information about your picture: settings, location, story. Others may learn from the picture and information. Let’s help each other out.

    Last month’s photo thread: Shot On OnePlus February

    The amazing compression app: YaImCo

    Google Cam Port: Google Camera Ports for OnePlus 3/T, 5/T and 6/T

    What is a picture?
    A copy of reality. It’s a “picture of something;” A connection, an emotion, a story, an idea, a vision, a reflection, or a feeling. A picture often reflects something (passion, interests etc) of the photographer. Therefore, a picture captures this reality and the photographer chooses how it is presented to the audience. The picture then creates a connection with the audience that elicits a response.


    1. Lens Flare

    Over the past month or so, I saw repeated questions on "what is this green spot or what are these spots in the pictures"… They are lens flare.
    53F90C555E7748D4BADE5773C3C9E1AC__01.jpg 5087DE3EA469468495918B8816D4EE98__01.jpg 4679930D3B034DAE97F83438AE0E09CC__01.jpg credits (@script, @tushar__mittal , @Parth.earth)
    Let’s review what it is and how you can try to over come it in your pictures (sometimes it’s impossible or a wanted effect).

    Lens flare occurs when excessive or bright lights that appears outside of the normal viewing area of the lens (Nikon) and the light is scattered through the lens systems (Wiki, Stack). In other words, when taking the picture into the sun or a bright light, the light bounce off different part of the lens even the sensor (Mansurov) and produce semi-circles (ghosting), spots, and flares.

    How to overcome it?
    • Change your position or change the angle of the camera so it is not directly pointing into the sun.
      • Physically turn or get lower to or higher from the ground.
      • You can also change the angle of the camera so the spot is in a corner or an area that can then be simply cropped out afterwards.
    • Use object to block the light
      • Use a wall, tree, building, vehicle, person, or something that helps reduce the direct light.
      • Use your hand. With DSLR, there are lens hood that work really well for this purpose however lens hoods are probably not what most of us carry around for our cell phones. However, you can use your hand in a similar way.
    • Try changing the zoom.
      • Zoom in or out and see how it affects the flare. Again, you may want to shoot directly into the sunlight but you could always put the spot in a corner or a place that doesn’t negatively affect the picture.
    • Edit in Photo Editor. Try to remove the spot (@maarten_lisboa) or crop it out.
    • Work with it. Sometimes you may not get rid of it.., consider using it to your advantage… You may create a special effect. See the last picture above.
    ref: Rowse

    2. Framing

    Framing Is a technique used to compose the picture (1). The photographer can use various objects in the landscape such as trees, buildings, people, fences, gates, doors, windows, overarching branches, tunnel, arches etc (2, 3, 4) to draw the attention of the audience to the main part of the picture (5). Did you know that your frame does not need to be around the entire picture. In fact, having a frame on 1-3 sides may serve the purpose? The frame may also be blurry to cause a depth effect (3).
    The advantages of having a frame are:
    • Give additional context to the setting in which the picture was taken.
    • Give depth perspective – serves well when there are interesting objects in the foreground but you also want to give idea of what the scene looks in the background (e.g. mountain view)
    • Highlight a particular aspect of the scene. There is something spectacular about an item and you want to draw the viewers’ attention.
    Helpful considerations:
    When creating your image and frame, consider:
    • The location of the subject (Rule of Thirds). @TibiTibi provided an example.
    • View point: should you be up close or further away or looking up vs looking down towards the subjects, change angle of the phone, or shoot directly into the sun?
    • Is there room in the appropriate places e.g. a boat or vehicle driving forward should have room ahead of it to move into that space (2).
    • Can you use lines in the pictures to help draw the viewers’ attention.
    • Is the horizon horizontal?
    • Is the too much or too little foreground? Again review the Rule of Thirds.
    Here are a couple of examples of framing captured by a couple of our community members @Bouncer71 , @TibiTibi, and @G_Sneackers_UA_cVtx respectively.
    framebouncer.jpg tibitibi_frame.jpg frame_G_Sneackers_UA_cVtx.jpg

    3. Panning or Pan Mode

    @M1548641841705 uses panning to provide a nice picture of a Tuk Tuk with the Trailing lights in the background. He provided a good explanation of his technique.

    Edit / addition March 1:
    4. Taking Professional Headshots with OnePlus 6T
    @Carl recently published some insights on taking professional headshots. Click the title to view additional tips.

    These Tips are provided to help you. There are many other great Tutorials on the photography area. Importantly, you must remember to experiment. Many people will say that they have taken plenty (hundreds even thousands) of pictures to get the one that they really like.

    Update from Late Month:

    The OnePlus phones have many functions and capabilities.

    Now, it's your turn. Please share your "copies of reality" with us. Remember to include which OnePlus phone, camera settings, whether lenses or filters were used.

    Remember there is a file size limit of 2MB. If you are a Community App user, the app will automatically resize your picture. If you use the web browser, you will have to compress the file using a software like YaImCo or Snapseed or one of your choice. If you are new or need a refresher, please review how to upload pictures.

    If you need help, feel free to tag @script or myself at @cdnfarmer and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.
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  2. Crystal Z.
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    Crystal Z. , Mar 8, 2019 :
    Winners of ShotonOnePlus February
    Hello shutterbugs,

    With several rounds selection, we can finally announce the winners for the February ShotonOnePlus contest. Congratulations to
    @M1548641841705 Entry HERE
    @panthimanshu Entry HERE
    @geekgoat Entry HERE
    @mehulk2303 Entry HERE
    @G1549619649588 Entry HERE

    (Note: We're still waiting for original shots from @geekgoat, @mehulk2303, and @G1549619649588, please check your message box and reply by Mar 15)

    Thanks for the awesome works, and we looking forward to more great shots in March.

  3. script
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    script , Feb 26, 2019 :
    Info on the contest part

    1) The February winners will be chosen by @Shivang Joshi , a group of moderators, and finally the OnePlus staff members and will be published here in about 1 week. Congratulations to the winners in advance.

    2) For this month, OnePlus offered 6 (six!!!) OnePlus Travel Backpacks V2 as the prizes. Wow! Thank you.

    3) From March on, the monthly host plays an important part of the jury. He/ she shall please have a close look during the whole month, and when he sees a brilliant pic, that could possibly win, he should note that pic and link down, and later send me @script a complete list of the whole month (ca. 50 - 60 pictures) as pm. So, the monthly host is responsible for the pre-selection of the contest-winners.
    In the next step, a group of moderators will melt that list down to a second pre-selection, consisting of 10 pictures, and this smaller, condensed list, goes to the staff, who finally picks the winners.

    As we have developed this process in the past 3 days, it will begin in March. For February , Shivang Joshi was also included in the process, but not as much as the coming hosts will be. Just to let you know. (I love transparency)

    All the best to all, have fun in the photography section. And I don´t want to see non-horizontal pictures anymore. Deal?

    cheers, script

  4. cdnfarmer
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    cdnfarmer , Feb 27, 2019 :
    Thanks for the opportunity to host this month photo thread @script . Hopefully, community members can learn something to help them.

    Thanks @script for putting in all the time and effort in making this work... it probably was more work than when you created it. However, I appreciate it.
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  5. script
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    script , Feb 27, 2019 :
    It was more than fun to help a bit on this amazing opening post. I am just happy that we get so many great new opening posts. Thank you @cdnfarmer , and @NeVeR_SeTTLe and @Shivang Joshi

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    cdnfarmer , Mar 1, 2019 :
    Thanks. Hopefully it helps inspire some.

    . Thanks.

    thank you for your kind words.

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    cdnfarmer , Mar 1, 2019 :
    Nice picture.

    What device, settings did you use?

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    B_Wrath , Mar 1, 2019 :
    It did inspire me! :)
    You are one of the people I respect and who's knowledge I admire:)

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    panthimanshu , Mar 1, 2019 :
    Hello @cdnfarmer, congrats and thanks for the detailed opening thread. I am really glad for some very useful information which will certainly help us improve our skills and produce a very close 'copy of reality' (I loved it so much). Thanks again to you and @script.

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