Shot on OnePlus May: StayAtHome #Plants

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  1. lee_copeland
    Froyo May 24, 2020

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  3. Viktor Ilie
    Froyo May 24, 2020

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  5. lvodsouza
    Froyo May 24, 2020

    lvodsouza , May 24, 2020 :
    thanks for the information have made the required changes.

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  6. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert May 24, 2020

    TibiTibi , May 24, 2020 :
    Hi, i have some hints related to your entry.🤔
    I would recommend to capture this again.
    Try to get the plant in focus. Try to expose correctly. Lower - minimize the HDR.
    Use the lines and the corner for nice perspective.
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  7. fragargon
    Jelly Bean May 24, 2020

    fragargon , May 24, 2020 :

    Shot on 8pro macro mode


    shot one 8pro Filter photochromatic + snapspeed edition


    shot on 8pro macro mode


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  8. Chris507
    Froyo May 24, 2020

    Chris507 , May 24, 2020 :
    Flower, shot with Oneplus 7T macro mode
    This flowers grow in our garden and are a beautiful reminder of the outside world which awaits for us when all of this gets over.

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  9. sumeshyadav29
    Cupcake May 25, 2020

  10. Mohan Maddala
    Cupcake May 25, 2020

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  11. airmotovlogs
    Honeycomb May 25, 2020

  12. Chanda Rai
    Cupcake May 25, 2020

    Chanda Rai , May 25, 2020 :



    StayAtHome #Plants
    #shotononeplus7pro #No filter
    If we plant the right seeds, tomorrow will be better. If you put out good things, then you'll get good things back. That's part of our responsibility as entertainers - Ben Vereen.

  13. blueskywhale
    The Lab - OnePlus 9 Pro Reviewer May 25, 2020

    blueskywhale , May 25, 2020 :
    Entry 4 of the month Theme : Plant

    Device Oneplus 5T
    Processed on Lightroom Mobile
    Compressed with Yalmco by @hennes

    Straight from the garden



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  14. SRD.
    Lollipop May 25, 2020

  15. ____Dpk____
    Gingerbread May 25, 2020

  16. Keval1924
    Eclair May 25, 2020

    Keval1924 , via OnePlus 3T , May 25, 2020 :
    Rosy Trumpet Tree is also called Tabebuia rosea or pink poui.The tree in all its glory. I loved how balanced its branches looked.
    Clicked in OnePlus 3T
    Edit in Adobe Lightroom.....

    Hymenocallis like well -drained soil in full sun. Sheltered borders and outdoor containers. Best in a warm and sunny position.
    Clicked In OnePlus 3T
    Edit in Adobe Lightroom...

    Minds are like flowers; they open only when the time is right.”
    Clicked In OnePlus 3T
    Edit in Adobe Lightroom...

    Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature..
    Clicked in OnePlus 3T
    Edit in Adobe Lightroom...

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  17. MD JERRY
    Eclair May 25, 2020

  18. Nickpro
    Cupcake May 25, 2020

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  19. viplavsahu
    Eclair May 25, 2020

    viplavsahu , May 25, 2020 :
    1. Rain drops on the leaves of the Croton plant made the colour yellow and green came out very well
    Shot on - One Plus 7t
    Edited on - Snapseed
    External Lens used - No

    2. A small curry Tree plant and a nest of bugs on the soil below... an example of how the nature lives and heals together...

    Shot on - One Plus 7t
    Edited on - Snapseed
    External Lens used - No