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  1. ajshanker
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 27, 2019

    ajshanker , Apr 27, 2019 :

    Hello Shutterbugs!

    Greetings from God's Own Country.

    My name is Ajay, I come from a place down south in India called Kerala.

    Last month it was @Otto from Germany, hosting the shot on one plus thread. His fabulous opening photo for SOOP April, gave us a glimpse of the Pyrenees mountain range and varied flora and fauna of a place 7500kms away from where I am writing this. (a picture did take you this far)

    This time we are travelling down south to India to a stretch of land nestled among the Nilgiri mountain range and caressed by the soothing Arabian sea.

    Before I dive in to the picturesque location here is what you already know,
    Try the Google Camera port if you haven't already, I recommend the One Plus 5 and 5T users to definitely try that out.

    So, you have seen my opening photo,

    What mood has this photo set you in?

    I call this the ‘dua of magrib’- meaning, the evening prayer. The silhouette technique is used to make a less distracting uniform foreground, the mosque is placed in the intersecting two thirds while the typo is placed dead in the centre. Both don’t distract each other, the typo doesn’t stand awkwardly out from the picture as the lower portion is blended right in. This according to me looks like a sunset painting/picture. That brings us to the question…

    What is a picture?

    Is it just an impression of something formed from a description?, something you picture in your mind and then convey through various forms of art like- Words, action, paint or light. A picture can be a 300 word paragraph, a thousand fine bush strokes or a billion photons converging on a sensor.

    Before many great artists could hold a camera in their hands, they held a brush. They carefully handpicked the shades they wanted to use, meticulously placed their subjects in the point of interest. We tend to think that its impossible in photography.

    Composition in photography is simply this, all the rules, gridlines and symmetry help us to achieve this very essence of painting in a film. The picture is nothing but our composition, our creation of what idea or emotion we want to convey to the audience.

    I will not go on and describe the various composition rules and guidelines, I want the users to post their best picture/photo, something that conveyed an emotion in them, an idea, there must be a reason you think it looks beautiful (because of the rich colour, symmetry or difficult to master technique used).
    We will together discuss and dissect each image and see which rule of photography was applied to each and how little tweaks could improve them.

    Surprise me! Post photos that you created rather than just picked up. Actively change the foreground, midground or centre of the frame. Let your artistic senses tingle and play. Compose a picture, don’t just take a photo.


  2. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member May 9, 2019

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  3. script
    Moderator Moderator Apr 28, 2019

    script , Apr 28, 2019 :
    The usual Info on the contest part

    First, lets thank Otto for the last thread. I have never seen so many pictures in my life;-) As soon as its spring, the sun comes out, the photographers start clicking. Great.

    At the moment, Otto, @cdnfarmer and me are collecting a pre-selection, which will later be turned into a pre-pre-selection by the mods, and then Crystal and the staff will pick the monthly winners. Ofc, after checking the EXIF data first. You all know this process, it seemed to work.

    This month, OnePlus offers 7 Launch Event Goodie Bags as prizes for May, tadaa.
    Have fun, script

  4. camohan
    Moderator Moderator May 1, 2019

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  5. thecursedchild
    Honeycomb May 1, 2019

    thecursedchild , May 1, 2019 :
    Wow! It's great to see a Mallu hosting a SOOP thread :D
    Here's my first entry for ShotonOnePlus May :)

    A minimal attempt.
    OnePlus 6
    Pro Mode-ISO 125,1/100s
    Processed in VSCO and Snapseed LRM_EXPORT_48485461948949_20190131_192610663-01_001.jpg
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  6. ajshanker
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 1, 2019

    ajshanker , May 1, 2019 :
    Hey @camohan I did expect a great picture from you.
    so my CC on it.

    In an architecture shot
    the main composition tools are Symmetry, contrast and perspective.

    here editing the pic in black and write really brought out the contrast.
    symmetry not so much, could have avoided that object in the foreground and given even space on both sides.
    placing the lower part of building in the two corners of the frame would help apply the leading lines technique, leave out more space on top.

    What other perspective could you have tried? could you include other nearby buildings in an oblique landscape view so that the sky forms a pattern where the buildings cut them off.

  7. ajshanker
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 1, 2019

    ajshanker , May 1, 2019 :
    Hey that's an 'adipoli' click.
    I really wish you had a DSLR that time you took the photo.
    I don't mean to say 6T is any less impressive a device,
    a tighter crop with a zoom lens would have done marvels to the pic.
    you have applied the rule of centering. the man in the centre with a colourful dhoti gives a good visual appeal to the photo.
    the highlights are way off, either it's the editing or you haven't dialled down the exposure by 2points.
    the top part is completely washed off giving no idea about the setting of the frame, it would have appeared soothing but the lower part has so much of contrast it doesn't work.
    Cheers to your attempt!

  8. thecursedchild
    Honeycomb May 1, 2019

    thecursedchild , May 1, 2019 :
    Haha thanks!
    This is my style of processing a minimal photo.I tend to boost the highlights (make it plain most of the time unless I find the sky interesting) and give focus on the shadows.

    The contrast was added to give more punch to the picture.

  9. camohan
    Moderator Moderator May 1, 2019

    camohan , May 1, 2019 :
    Trust me, I am pathetic photographer. It will take atleast 35 years to understand what you said.

  10. fitzan1
    Cupcake May 1, 2019

    fitzan1 , May 1, 2019 :

    Device : OnePlus 5t
    Default Stock Camera App
    Location : Botanic Garden somewhere in Romania
    Photo taken with Pro Mode
    Not edited. Not filter.

  11. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert May 1, 2019

    TibiTibi , May 1, 2019 :
    May the camera be with you :cool:

    Oneplus one + macro lens
    Fv5 manual mode / snapseed / yaimco
    Shot on balcony





    Garden shooting:


    Next two were shot on a trip to Germany:
    When I look at the top part of both photos I see similar things.

    This arches are hidden deep behind the stables in Meknes

    Next location: Zilina, river Vah

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  12. SubhashNayak
    Honeycomb May 1, 2019

    SubhashNayak , May 1, 2019 :
    Was very lucky to capture this magical golden hour. Snapseeded it to mention the location using sun as a full stop to it. Chose the created one's!
    Model : OnePlus 6
    Location : Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE
    Pan-Shot. This is one incredible way to focus on a moving thing and snap it.
    Model: OnePlus 6
    Location : Sharjah, UAE
    Edited using Snapseed and Lightroom
    Lensball is one amazing thing which changes the total perspective. With the sun shining up above it was quite difficult to hold the LENSBALL (Do not even try holding it when the sunlight falls on it directly). Got this shot somehow covering the lensball with my own shadow. Couldn't find a shade on top of the fort which gave this view.
    Model : OnePlus 6
    Location: Cabo De Rama Fort, Canacona, Goa, India

    Can you feel the music in this picture? Took this shot during Unite with Tomorrowland.
    Model : OnePlus 6
    Location : Du Forum, Yas Island, AbuDhabi, UAE
    Mode: Auto.
    Edited using Snapseed

    Long exposure shots are the best. It just creates a form that never existed. Can you spot the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa?
    Model : OnePlus 6
    Location : Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
    ISO : 160
    Exposure time : 1"
    Aperture : f/1.7
    Edited using Snapseed


    End game with this shot.
    Model : OnePlus 6
    Location : City Walk, Dubai, UAE

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  13. S.Ghosh
    Gingerbread May 1, 2019

    S.Ghosh , May 1, 2019 :

    " Golden Bridge "

    Shot on OnePlus 6
    4.25mm | f/1.7 | 1/20 | ISO:320

    Edited on Photoshop Lightroom

    Location: Babughat Foot Bridge, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

  14. PreshitKeskar
    Donut May 1, 2019

    PreshitKeskar , May 1, 2019 :
    Device : One and Only ONE PLUS 5
    Setting : f / 1.7 30.00 4.10 mm ISO 100
    Edited with : One Plus Gallery tools

  15. SubhashNayak
    Honeycomb May 1, 2019

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  16. DARTH 007
    KitKat May 1, 2019

    DARTH 007 , May 1, 2019 :
    Spot the ghost on the carpet.
    Phone - OnePlus 6.
    default settings,no flash,no softwares used to enhance the picture

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  17. BhavyaMehta0786
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 1, 2019

  18. kedharnadh098
    Eclair May 1, 2019

  19. woSch
    Photography Expert May 1, 2019

    woSch , May 1, 2019 :
    Yep .. I agree, wonderful idea of a picture(!:)), but photographic technique :( ...

    As @azzzulikz966 pointed out, the sky is 'dead', overexposed and without any structure, not only with DSLR it is possible to handle this by 'playing' with iso and exposure :)

    My suggestions for a tighter crop...
    ... to get the best out of this shot: Screenshot_20190501-104736~01.jpg




    ...without knowing about your original unpostprocessed picture :)

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  20. Athar Syed
    Eclair May 1, 2019

  21. G_shanooj_shanavas_hmel
    Donut May 1, 2019