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  1. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert May 30, 2019

    TibiTibi , May 30, 2019 :
    Something is not ok for me. Focus or sharpness?
    Till now all your handshots were sharp as knife.

  2. otto2
    Photography Expert May 30, 2019

    otto2 , May 30, 2019 :
    Yes, Oneplus 7 Pro has a big issue with focus/sharpness. :eek: Time for some changes. Bugreport is out.

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  3. Rekha Pawar
    Cupcake May 31, 2019

  4. hennes
    YaImCo Developer May 31, 2019

    hennes , May 31, 2019 :
    Wow. awesome pictures...
    One of the best macro shots i have seen:
    Only cropped, resized and compressed with YaImCo....

    Thanks my dear for sharing this awesome picture.

    Sorry, im too late.... fu** how can that be,
    @woSch --> posted nearly the same idea as me, only he did it much earlier than me, I only saw it to late.
    Excuse me!
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  5. hennes
    YaImCo Developer May 31, 2019

    hennes , May 31, 2019 :
    I don't like to promote my own app, but in this case I will make an exception, I hope you forgive me.
    So if you want to reduce the file size of the image with an app on your smartphone, you can use YaImCo.


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  6. Phillyslix
    Gingerbread May 31, 2019

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  7. G_Пивасик_Пивцаков_jEYK , May 31, 2019 :
    Seems like this thread is still open. So I'll post photos I made this month.
    All photos made using stock camera app on OnePlus 6T, compressed with PhotoDirector
    Ekaterinburg at night:

    IMG_20190518_220056-min.jpg IMG_20190508_223417-min.jpg
    Changed shutter speed to make blur

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  8. G_vivek_mittal
    Donut May 31, 2019

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  9. Fe_ROSE
    Cupcake May 31, 2019

    Fe_ROSE , May 31, 2019 :



    Happy Ramadan !

    My name is Feroz and I love to click !!!

    shot on OP 7 pro
    no edit

    Charminar (Hyderabad)!!

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  10. F_Hemu_Joshi_qpjk
    Donut May 31, 2019

  11. Srijit_Sen
    Cupcake May 31, 2019

    Srijit_Sen , May 31, 2019 :
    close shot of the greenery growing from sides of a stone wall. I call it "Micro Greens"

    shot from oneplus 7 pro, no editing


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  12. elitegenius
    Eclair May 31, 2019

    elitegenius , May 31, 2019 :
    Little Late to the Party.

    Caught the Sunrays on a clear day.

    P.S. OnePlus 7 Pro No Editing. Auto Mode. Telephoto.

  13. jlasensiofi
    KitKat May 31, 2019

    jlasensiofi , May 31, 2019 :
    Good morning, mate.

    There is nothing to forgive, calm.

    I used that other application because I uploaded the post from the computer, not from the phone.

    Anyway, I have it in mind and I'll try it.

    Regards, and thank you very much!!!

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  14. otto2
    Photography Expert May 31, 2019

    otto2 , May 31, 2019 :
    Sometimes i use YaImCo for compressing and send the files via KDE Connect ( For Windows use some app like Air Droid ) and upload then via PC browser. So you can check the pictures on a bigger screen before uploading. Of course you can use an USB cable, too.

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  15. karanlena
    Cupcake May 31, 2019

  16. jlasensiofi
    KitKat May 31, 2019

    jlasensiofi , May 31, 2019 :
    Thanks, mate :);)

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  17. Kittm
    Eclair May 31, 2019

  18. anvithks
    Eclair May 31, 2019

    anvithks , May 31, 2019 :
    On my recent trip to Barcelona I couldn't make enough time to explore the city. What little time I had I decided to go to the touristy places. This is one of the streets that heads out to the Gothic Quarter off the La Rambla.

    Details in the screenshot attached.
    Shot on OnePlus 7 pro.
    Edited with Snapseed.



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  19. antonyjen
    Jelly Bean May 31, 2019

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  20. F_Hemu_Joshi_qpjk
    Donut May 31, 2019