Shot on OnePlus: Part 3 – Your Best Color Photography!

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  1. Mainak Mandal
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

  2. pnivaskumar
    Eclair Mar 18, 2018

    pnivaskumar , Mar 18, 2018 :


    clicked it with 5t today . nofilter used.
    Really amazed with the cloud shot. how good it is. somehow loving it insanely. #neversettle

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  3. F_Palaniyappan_Kp_Yyul
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

  4. C1519827529658
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    C1519827529658 , Mar 18, 2018 :



    Device name: OnePlus 5T
    Editing: OnePlus edit and Instagram edit
    Why I chose these pictures: I chose these pictures because they are very pleasant to see. Two pictures shows the beauty of nature, how vibrant and breathtaking can nature be. The other pictures show the creative thinking of people. Eiffel tower decorated for Christmas and the tradition of drawing rangolis in front of their houses as a gesture of celebration.

  5. Kaushik89
    Eclair Mar 18, 2018

    Kaushik89 , Mar 18, 2018 :
    On my friend's birthday, had lunch outside with my friends.
    Oneplus 5
    Stock camera
    No editing
    No extra lens used
    Good luck to all participants!!!

  6. rishipratimm
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    rishipratimm , Mar 18, 2018 :
    Device used : OnePlus5
    Editing Software : Snapseed
    Lens : None

    This is a photo of the sunset using OP5's pro mode. No special location, just the balcony of a house I've recently shifted into, just because it affords a lovely view of the sunset. Ideal place to sit and rewind after an exhausting day of work.

    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

  8. reyn0390
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

  9. Abusouk
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    Abusouk , Mar 18, 2018 :

    OP5t, Makola Market, Accra Ghana, picking out material for a dress... can't beat the colors of Ghana!

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  10. AlvarMartino
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    AlvarMartino , Mar 18, 2018 :
    OnePlus 5t /Photoshop /No 3rd lens

    Sunset in Oviedo Spain
    OnePlus 5t/Snapseed /No 3rd lens

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  11. m_daher
    Donut Mar 18, 2018

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  12. Anish222
    Froyo Mar 18, 2018

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  13. Dhanush_Shenoy
    Donut Mar 18, 2018

    Dhanush_Shenoy , Mar 18, 2018 :
    I like antique stuff, and I love clockworks more so.. I want to upload this, because it is a piece of human history, reminds us of all our pasts and that we are thriving.
    shot on 3T, used Snapseed for final touch
    View attachment 685512

    this is just beautiful, it's a bit grainy but still it is beautiful.
    shot on 3T, And some very shy edits using snapseed

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  14. R1519658117277
    Eclair Mar 18, 2018

  15. Nachiappan Subramanian
    Gingerbread Mar 18, 2018

  16. Q1521381278799
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

  17. Nachiappan Subramanian
    Gingerbread Mar 18, 2018

  18. F_Ole_Skouvig_Pedersen_z
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    F_Ole_Skouvig_Pedersen_z , Mar 18, 2018 :
    No additional software used. Both of the pictures above are taken through a diffraction grating.
    No additional software used. This picture was taken in Alicante.

    All pictures are shot on my OP3

  19. Pidam
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    Pidam , Mar 18, 2018 :
    Device: OnePlus 3T
    Editing software: Adobe Lightroom
    Third-party lens: None
    - As the cherry on the cake makes it wonderful, so does the teal and orange makes the photo beautiful.
    Device: OnePlus 3T
    Editing software: Adobe Lightroom
    Third-party lens: None
    - The edging lines with the lamp of lights.
    Device: OnePlus 3T
    Editing software: Adobe Lightroom
    Third-party lens: None
    - To stand out different, be different like the tap in the graffiti wall.

  20. amrit779
    Cupcake Mar 18, 2018

    amrit779 , Mar 18, 2018 :
    Oneplus 5t (Google Photos)

    Oneplus 5t (Google Snapseed)

    Love for Cats [e]1f60d[/e]

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