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    Zach X. , Feb 13, 2020 :

    Hello, everyone,

    Last month, one of my OnePlus collogues saw an article titled Indian Photographer Shoots Stunning Macro Photos Using His Phone on PetaPixel and shared in our group. We were all impressed by his beautiful macro photos of insects, which were shot on OnePlus 6T. This article was even translated and reposted by some Chinese photography public Wechat account.

    I’m glad to invite this young photographer for an interview. @sasikumar_ksk (Sasi Kumar) is a college student from Vellore, India, who is currently pursuing his final year in B.E computer science in Kingston engineering college. He is keen on mobile photography and has been featured in various platforms such as PetaPixel, Bored Panda, Natgeolatam, Firstprint, Chiiz Magazine etc and also won many competitions.

    LRM_EXPORT_20190916_182201 copy.jpg
    “Photography was my hobby as days crossed it became my passion. I broke down the barriers that only high end DSLR will produce good photographs, which I'm achieving it with my OnePlus smartphone. Photography has various fields but I thought of being bit unique and started focusing on macro photography.”

    When did you start taking macro photos? How did you come up with such an idea?

    Initially I was taking normal pictures as others. After few days I thought it was not much unique and started focusing of macro theme. I tried macros, started collecting gears for my smartphone and learned them in depth. I have also created some own technique and ideas that helped me a lot in taking perfect picture. Everyone is taking picture, so I thought of being creative and innovative from other photographers which helped me in getting more reach.

    Robber fly.jpg
    Robber Fly

    Which photo is your favorite one? Can you share the story behind that shot?

    Thirsty Ant

    This was my one of the favorite shot. I personally liked this picture since it depicts the water crisis for tiny creatures. I found that many people have changed their perspective on ants and people started loving these creatures. It took nearly two days to get this shot. This shot was taken in the ant nest, which has hundreds of weaver ants. During this click I also got bitten by several ants. Since these ants belongs to the family of formicide they inject formic acid into the wounds.

    Where do you often go for photography? Why?

    Since I am an engineering student, I have been scheduled with classes till Saturday. I find my own time in early morning and evenings to take photographs. Sunday is my day when I spent most of my times in taking photographs. Since these creatures are cold blooded, they will be calmer at mornings than other timings. So, I woke up early in Sundays, getting ready with my gears and go for macro walk.


    Why do you choose OnePlus 6T for photography?

    The Brand OnePlus is itself a reason. OnePlus is an leading brand producing premium smartphones with latest features in it. So I decided to buy them for my photography. Initially I couldn’t convince my parents to buy me OnePlus 6t because of the budget so I started saving money for buying OnePlus. I saved money from winning contest and participating in events. My parents also contributed some of their share in buying me a OnePlus. Even after collecting enough money my parents insisted me to buy a camera instead of OnePlus. I told them that OnePlus is better than camera and at last I bought it.

    Butterfly copy.jpg

    Can you share some tips on Macro photography with OnePlus? Any lenses you would like to recommend?

    Patience is the key to success in macro photography. It’s not easy like human portraits, humans will understand our commands but these tiny creatures can't be handled. It’s a time-consuming art. When we use macro lens, we have to go much closer to the insect, so the trick is to pan slowly towards the insect without any hurry. Do lot of experimentation with the camera. Include your creativity in your picture. I have collected lot of mobile lens. I would suggest Apexel 12/24x and Indo macro lens for macro photography. Indo macro lens is a diy lens from camera parts.

    Blow flies copy.jpg
    Blow Flies

    Thank @sasikumar_ksk for sharing his story and all these amazing macro pictures, which were all shot on OnePlus 6T. I hope you guys enjoy them. I am looking forward to interviewing more outstanding photographer in our community! If you want to be featured in the community, click here to participate the latest Shot on OnePlus!

    Zach X.

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    cdnfarmer , Feb 14, 2020 :
    While reading the thread and saw this, I thought of helping @script answer this question.
    Main photography area is found :

    There are monthly threads for any pictures taken that month and do not qualify for the monthly contest which is theme based.

    There are other threads for various aspects like milky way/star pics, portrait pics, experimental test field, creative photography, travel blog, social pics, food etc. There would be too many to link here.

    There are also tutorials.

    Check out the weekly/ monthly contest thread. It is found under the contest section and often times linked on the home page when you log in. This month's contest is bridges .

    Enjoy exploring.
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    nagarjun2901 , Feb 13, 2020 :
    Amazing pics @sasikumar_ksk, I would love to know the additional macro lenses which you used to achieve such fine details in your shots. While taking these pictures, how close should one be to the insect or any other species?
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    hi , not sure what is the criteria for selecting photo for Shot on one plus. but 90% time useless pictures get selected while other really creative never get considered. look like serious bug in photo algorithm.

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    true dont know

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    script , Feb 13, 2020 :
    Wow, very good interview, great stunning pictures. Thank you both very much.

    At all, please post your pictures in other threads, we have all kinds of dedicated threads for your photographs.


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    script , Feb 13, 2020 :
    That also depends on the size of it:)

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    nagarjun2901 , Feb 13, 2020 :
    Yup agreed, but curious to know for tiny species such as insects.

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    Danny C. , Feb 13, 2020 :
    who needs a OnePlus 7t for macro when you can just smack a lense on any other phone?

    shot on OnePlus 7 Pro

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    sasikumar_ksk , via OnePlus 6T , Feb 13, 2020 :
    I used Indo Marco lenses...dm in insta to know more about it.the distance differs for different shots.

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    thank you so much sir . Between I'm new to this community app...and I'm not much aware of this threads.do share the details of it with me if possible

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