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  1. chalzville
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    chalzville , Sep 13, 2019 :
    No editing,no lens
    Picture was taken using nightscape in the heart of Nairobi city. This was after a long trip from the bush where manyattas were the tallest buildings, hence an appreciation to the diverse cultures we have in Kenya.
    No editing, no lens
    Had hitched a ride on a friend's car from work, and had to tell her to bend her head so that I could get a shot of the sunset.
    No editing, no lens
    Was having an evening walk on the beaches of Mombasa, Kenya. The first time I discovered the power of Nightscape mode

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  2. Q1568371660241
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    Q1568371660241 , Sep 13, 2019 :


    1. Shot on oneplus 6t and oneplus 6
    2. No software is used
    3. No lens is used
    4. Story as follows:

    We are a couple from India. We've been dating for almost 8 years now. This was our first outing together. We've known each other for almost our life. We went to school together. We did our engineering at the same time. We are best friends.

    When we came in this relationship we thought it's a good idea to be with someone whom you know very well. But as it turns out we didn't know each other at all.

    Over the period of these 8 years we came to know each other, discovered things about ourselves that we didn't know ever existed. This trip symbolizes the comfort and trust that we've developed toward each other.

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  3. Rawal Varun Singh
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

  4. Ippolito1971
    Honeycomb Sep 13, 2019

  5. Nicolas Ukrman
    Eclair Sep 13, 2019

    Nicolas Ukrman , Sep 13, 2019 :
    1 - One Plus 6T
    2 - Edited in Snapseed
    3 - no
    4 - All photos taken while cycling, giving you freedom, you can go anywhere and see anything you like.

    And most importantly, the best camera is the one in your pocket ;)



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  6. G1563692518945
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    G1563692518945 , Sep 13, 2019 :
    Shot on OnePlus 6T
    Edited with Snapseed
    No lens

    The picture is of the long corridor at a research institute in Dehradun, India which was established in 1906.

    The Christ Church from an unexpected angle 1568378927739.jpg

    A narrow guage train running between Kalka and Shimla crossing over 80 big and small bridges and 107 tunnels. The route is so scenic.

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  7. G1543162741465
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    G1543162741465 , Sep 13, 2019 :
    All shots have been taken in One plus..
    Basic editing done through mobile app.

    The Taj Hotel at Mumbai.

    Monsoons in Mumbai

    Sunset at Lonavala

  8. bladenr1
    Eclair Sep 13, 2019

    bladenr1 , Sep 13, 2019 :


    1. top pic I have anxiety in my life which is hard to handle så i go to this place about 500m from where I live and just enjoying water, nature, fresh air, and settle my mind at ease. Off course sunset is very beautiful there and people can see Denmark on the other side of the sea. Op 6 stock camera.

    2. mid pic Mountain biking in trales with my son but different view. Op 6 stock camera.

    3.last pic was mountain biking with my son on trales in nature very beautiful. OnePlus 6 stock camera.

    Please fix the panorama please please please.

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  9. LokeshUcheniya
    Eclair Sep 13, 2019

    LokeshUcheniya , Sep 13, 2019 :


    Device : OnePlus 7
    No editing software used
    No external lenses

    Story : How nature mixes perfectly with human creations #shotononeplus #NeverSettle #story

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  10. X1565934527145
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    X1565934527145 , Sep 13, 2019 :

    ✓ OnePlus 6T
    ✓ A.P.E
    ✓ No third party Lens
    ✓ Enjoying EID holiday after the work/sunsets @ Laguna dubai

  11. H1564956247374
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

  12. Makhija27
    Gingerbread Sep 13, 2019

    Makhija27 , Sep 13, 2019 :

    (during my ride)


    - Shot on OnePlus 6
    - Edited using Snapseed
    - shot using G cam
    - in photo_ myself(shot using tripod)

    So now the Story!
    these photos i took during my ladakh ride !
    living the best time of my life[e]2764[/e]️
    last night of our ride we spent at the famous "PANGONG LAKE"
    i remember there was no tent or room available to stay but we stayed at one of the locals home!(somehow we managed)
    all of us slept early (me n my friends) were dead tired!
    n i Just woke up early around 6/7 am ! went alone for walk with beautiful lake ! that was the moment for me ! there was no one just me and the heavinly view! so thought of clicking some pictures ! and the rest is front of you !

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  13. Ketan Polara
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

  14. Donnie Boy
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    Donnie Boy , Sep 13, 2019 :
    Have been living here for the last 10 years.Time to move on

    One Plus 6T
    No edited
    No filters used

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  15. nunesrenal
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

  16. S1560941896695
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    S1560941896695 , Sep 13, 2019 :




    It's a restaurant which is 25 miles from us ...one of my friend hosted his birthday party there. we with our friends went for a drive and the food along with ambience of the restaurant was awesome

    the pic was taken in OnePlus 7 with gcam
    no editing was done

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  17. FlixbusLennart
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Sep 13, 2019

    FlixbusLennart , Sep 13, 2019 :
    A friend of mine, who I have done well with in school, contacted me a month ago.
    We did not have any proper contact for 2 years or so, don't know the reason for that.

    When we were in school, we often went camping in France and it just stopped when school ended.
    You can imagine me being super hyped when he asked. However, there was one issue:
    How would we get there?

    I am from Berlin, which is in Northern Germany, he is from a city in Southern Germany. Camping spot is in Central France.


    So I decided to go by train and then join him in this ABSOLUTE BALLER CAR, a 1988 230 Mercedes Benz.
    He moved apartments so he already had half of his household in the car, which made for some great jokes about how he could have possibly forgotten his long trousers. :D

    I shot this image on our last day when we were packing up. He prepared for it by sitting in front of the tent and doing nothing and I did nothing either, I shot this nice picture instead.


    With the car and the camping image, it reminded me of the images that my grandparents have in their room, from their time going camping.
    So I went on to use Snapseed, add a noise filter on it, adjusted colours and vignette to match images from the 1990s, some perspective changes as well. Image is shot on a OnePlus 7 Pro, in 48MP mode.

    Go camping guys, it keeps you healthy and happy and you will have great times with your friends and strangers that you meet!

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  18. FlixbusLennart
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Sep 13, 2019

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  19. X1554231249292
    Donut Sep 13, 2019

    X1554231249292 , Sep 13, 2019 :
    Title: ' The city did not show me the starts so I created my own'

    shot on : oneplus 6t

    editing software: Snapseed

    As a child stars had always attracted me.

    I used to look at the starts and feel good because the moon and the starts helped servive the terror of night....[e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e]

    As I look towards the sky now I rarely see stars... due to the pollution ....
    which makes me really sad...

    So I decided to click a picture which would help me to have a feeling of starts which the city does not show me anymore


  20. Z1564151813669
    Cupcake Sep 13, 2019

    Z1564151813669 , Sep 13, 2019 :
    Device - OnePlus7
    Editing - OnePlus portrait mode
    Story - This was the day when I first interacted with my new OnePlus7 I was just wondering like ya.. i have bought the thing which everyone wants bt still not sure how to handle this hugely sophisticated phone because earlier i was very bad in choosing mobile phones bt then I started clicking pictures and got the Midas touch which was already there and this picture is also my favorite because students can relate with me, Bicycle is our first Love[e]1f497[/e]