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Do you want the additional option to take pictures in 16:9?

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  1. No, I don't need 16:9

  2. Yes I want 16:9 as an option in my camera app

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  1. script
    Nougat Moderator Sep 1, 2018

    script , Sep 1, 2018 :
    cover photo taken by @woSch from here

    Hi and Hello,

    This is our new monthly Shot on OnePlus thread, to hold all your best photos, videos and other media that were taken with your OnePlus phone, as a heir of our greatest Mega photography thread.

    Last month' thread: Shot on OnePlus August

    Compression app: [APP] YaImCo - Yet another Image Compressor

    What is a picture? Can a picture be silent and subtle, like music, or words, whispered remarks with hidden humour? Can a picture just slightly show what it wants to show? Can it only hint something instead putting the viewer´s eyes direct on the subject with a bam? Of course it can. Is it easy? No. Most of our pictures show 1:1 their subject, super close, super sharp, super colorized, super snapped and snapseeded. Maybe its not always the best method to shock the viewer with 150% of clarity. Often the smell, the touch, the feeling, the sense of something tells more than shouting out loud what you are saying. I must confess, my own pictures are often to clear, to direct, to close. Something tells me I should learn to be more subtle.

    Last month suddenly a new true photographer came to our forum, @MRome , and he posted a wonderful collection of great artful pictures. If you missed the pictures, follow the link. You will not regret it. Shot on OnePlus August Matteo promised to give us some tutorials soon. I would be super happy if that happens.

    One great new tutorial is from @Bouncer71 , @Ruby G. already has mentioned it in the last weekly. Very interesting, very helpful. Not very easy to do. Well, read and decide yourself. You can find it here. Empty Spaces with interval and Layers

    The tutorials in the photography section are getting better every month, Ruby gave a huge shoutout to the photo community. Now it is our turn to give a huuuuge shoutout back to Ruby. She has started one of the best and helpfulliestestest threads with info made of pure gold: [Let's Talk] What's your creative process when shooting photos on mobile? . When you read and learn the posts there, you will be a photographer. I love this thread.

    Above you can find a poll. It is my personal interest. I shoot most of my pics in 16:9. I know I could use 4:3 and crop. I know that. Still, I would love to have the option to shoot in 16:9 right from the start. Maybe I am a dinosaur. What is your opinion? Please, give your vote.

    Ah, last month I was talking about a film project. I am still preparing the presentation. Aren´t you all familiar with waiting? I will show it when it is ready.

    The new OnePluscipt photo walk theme will be: Reflections. After lakes and locomotives, which both are still welcomed in that thread, this time I choose a more "arty" theme. It should be fun, and you can be very creative. I will upload a sample pic tomorrow, well, today, on Saturday, to the front page. Weekend Photo Walk 1: Lake Views Walk 2: Locomotives

    Ready to go? Great! Share your best work with us, and let us know which phone was used and camera settings or filters used as it may help our friends on the forum.
    (ex. OnePlus 5T Stock camera - HDR, OnePlus One - Camera FV5 - iso 100 - 1/6 shutter)

    If you are a Community app user, please note that the app will automatically resize your photo. If you are a Community website user, please note that file sizes may be to large to post as size is limited to 2mb in which case you'll have to shrink your image size.
    Photo & Picture Resizer and Snapseed both are great apps from play store to resize photos. Check here to learn more about How to upload photos.

    Alright, we're good to go. Can't wait to see your best shots!


    Notice: Please note that single photo threads opened elsewhere on the forum will be merged with this thread.

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  9. adamostar
    Donut Sep 1, 2018

    adamostar , Sep 1, 2018 :
    Old Bridge view, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

    Skies! Oneplus 6, 8/256

    Bazar, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina! 1535827116137.jpg

    Old Bridge, Mostar!

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  13. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Sep 1, 2018

    TibiTibi , Sep 1, 2018 :
    Thank you for the new monthly thread.
    These were shot on good old Oneplus one.

    One evening in the city

    Rose from the garden

    Atlas found during a trip

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  14. O1532674419091
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  15. woSch
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    woSch , Sep 1, 2018 :
    Thank you for your great Intro ... and welcome September :) I'm excited about what we will see here this Month :)

    You have Atacus atlas at home? Beautiful creatures!

  16. javad78
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  18. TibiTibi
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    TibiTibi , Sep 1, 2018 :
    Where do you want to go today...

    To hang out somewhere?

    Or sitting and feeding/drinking?
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