should we install custom Rom ? risks and pros


Are you planning to install a custom ROM ?

  1. yep , pros like me know what are they doing

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  2. yes , that's the risk I'm willing to take

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  3. Never . i love my phone

  4. maybe ! let me think about it

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  1. The_7th
    Eclair Sep 6, 2020

    The_7th , Sep 6, 2020 :
    as many of us care about our phone features , i suppose many of us thought about installing a custom rom at least once

    why to install ?
    1- do not enjoy the interface of our android version ( its a bit impossible as the oxygen os is really cool)
    2- like to try another interfaces like pixel experiences like pixel experience or MIUI
    3- we are IT pros and wanna test new things
    4- sense of incompatibility and bugs in our os or need to downgrade
    5 - and 1K more reasons

    should we do so ?
    1- is you are an IT pro , you shouldn't even read this text , do it !
    2- if you are doing it for reason one and tow please try one of those launchers ( Microsoft , Pixel experience or ...)
    3- but if you are doing for reason 4 , i think without any doubt , do t but under a really careful supervision
    4- if you love your phone or don't have a replacement money , try to avoid it

    pros :
    in 60 % to 80% occasions , operation will be a success
    its a new and enjoyable experience

    cons :
    in 40 % of circumstances you may loose your phone
    if you dont know much about programming you may mess things up

    best sources :
    XDA developers and other same sites are safer than others
    you can make your own if you know how to do it ( kinda fun )

    what do you think about custom ROM s ?
    are you planning to do it ?