Shutterbugs assemble – Share photos of the number 9!

  1. YUshaRani
    Froyo Mar 30, 2021

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  2. OnePlus Tester1
    Testing account Mar 30, 2021

  3. Gangadharr
    Gingerbread Mar 30, 2021

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  4. Leninmadavi125
    Froyo Mar 30, 2021

  5. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Mar 30, 2021

    TibiTibi , Mar 30, 2021 :


  6. northbay5566
    Jelly Bean Mar 31, 2021

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  7. Rana0003
    Gingerbread Mar 31, 2021

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  8. Leninmadavi125
    Froyo Mar 31, 2021

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  9. GandeDeSa
    Honeycomb Mar 31, 2021

    GandeDeSa , Mar 31, 2021 :
    Patience friends, it was a fun contest and there are many photos to review, we just have to wait a few more days for the judges to carefully review all the publications!! ;):cool:

  10. robinsm
    Donut Apr 1, 2021

  11. DarshanMeniya
    OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Apr 1, 2021

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  12. Diabolique
    Gingerbread Apr 1, 2021

    Diabolique , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Apr 1, 2021 :
    Don't wanna offend someone and correct me if I'm wrong , but from what I know , many of the judges aren't 1+ employees , meaning that the work and time spent here is just volunteer work. Many have full time jobs , families , personal issues that need to be addressed first. Don't wanna seem like a kiss-**s , but I have moderated other forums in the past so I know you can't keep pace with all the stuff above at the same time.
    Why not give them a breake and just have the patience to wait till they are ready , winners and prizes ain't going to change now or a week from now , when they are ready they will announce it , don't need to pressure them.


  13. DarshanMeniya
    OnePlus TV Product Ninja 2021 Apr 1, 2021

    DarshanMeniya , Apr 1, 2021 :
    Lol thanks for quote, I said that does patience have any timeline? it doesn't mean that I am asking for result announcement. I am not pressuring anyone... I have just quoted one quote and I don't have any expectation from result announcement. Thank you my dear friend for your valuable feedback. Have a great day.

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  14. Rahul Patki
    Gingerbread Apr 1, 2021

    Rahul Patki , via OnePlus 8T , Apr 1, 2021 :
    Just because people want the results & given the date , would it be too much of an ask , if we request the judges to play a small April fools prank where we declare all the impatient ones as the winners and then PM them with a shipping info form that says April fool until we get the true winners?


  15. northbay5566
    Jelly Bean Apr 1, 2021

    northbay5566 , via OnePlus 8T T-Mobile , Apr 1, 2021 :
    No pressure , I've been a mod to , just asking cause I'm not on here everyday , I work 2 jobs 😉

  16. Akshat Sehgal
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 1, 2021

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  17. northbay5566
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2021