Sigh...like talking to a wall

  1. luke3026
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 13, 2015

    luke3026 , Aug 13, 2015 :
    So my new OnePlus One arrived the other day and within 2 minutes of powering on, the bottom half of the display turned shaded (see photo). Further, on dark backgrounds light icons show a purple streak. Screenshots do not show this shading, and the effected area remains in the same physical location on the display regardless of rotation.

    So right away I create a ticket. First tech tells me to update the software. I'm like "come on", but whatever, I'll play along. So update from CM11 to CM12. Surprise, surprise, same issue. So then they try to get me to schedule a remote session to flash OxygenOS. Again, come on, now. First available session 3 days away, so I flash it myself. Low and behold, same issue. Further the same shading shows up on the TWRP interface, so sure sounds like hardware to me, but what do I know? I'm just the stupid customer.

    So I update the ticket only to get the same regurgitated recommendation to schedule a remote session where some guy with walk me through (again!) flashing OxygenOS. This time the earliest appointment is 4 days from now.

    I know we've been admonished from initiating a PayPal dispute, but geez, it doesn't seem like I'm getting through to them. At this point I just want my money back and I'll go buy my son some other phone (this was supposed to be a birthday present for him. I've had my OPO for a year now and have generally been happy with it.)

    Is there a trick for getting action from them? It seems like they're just copy-and-pasting from a generic help desk book.


  2. feluda
    Lollipop Aug 13, 2015

  3. luke3026
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 15, 2015

    luke3026 , Aug 15, 2015 :
    Well, they've been having me jump through hoops for 5 days now and still no resolution in sight. I've sent them photos and videos, they've had me flash this ROM, flash that ROM, do this, do that. Now they want me to schedule a remote session where they'll hold my hand flashing the same ROM I've already installed. Oh, and BTW, they can only do it with a Windows machine. Well, I don't have Windows, so now I'm standing my to stand by while they figure out what to do next.

    It's obviously some a hardware issue, so while they're sending me on these exercises of futility is hard to understand.

    It's quite pathetic that going the PayPal Dispute route (which should be a last resort) is actually the most efficient way to resolve a defective product issue. But it looks like that's what I'll need to do since after 21 (and counting) email exchanges with OP, there's still no resolution in sight.

    If OnePlus really wants to be taken seriously, they need to do something about their customer support / RMA process. I've bought lots of smartphones over the years, and the odd times I've gotten a defective unit, it's always been one phone call and in a day or so I have a replacement at my door with a prepaid label to send the faulty one back.

  4. Deactivated User
    Aug 17, 2015

  5. luke3026
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 17, 2015

    luke3026 , Aug 17, 2015 :
    Well, after 6 days and 25 email exchanges with OnePlus with no resolution in sight, I opened a PayPal claim and within a couple hours I was approved for a refund. The defective phone is shipping out today. Should have done that from the start, but I was trying to give OnePlus the benefit of the doubt.

    So now I'll roll the dice again and order another one and hope for a working device this time. I've been reasonably happy with my original OPO that I've had over a year now. The new one is for my son. But like chuckfarleys said, there is a reason they can sell these phones so cheap. And customer support seems to be the corner they cut.

    It's sad that a PayPal Claim is the only way to get a prompt resolution to an issue.