Simple guide how to buy OnePlus One from anywhere in the world.

  1. CrysisLTU
    Gingerbread Aug 23, 2014

    CrysisLTU , Aug 23, 2014 :
    Just mess around, PayPal can be super weird. You'll find a solution, I'm sure.

  2. sssgood
    Cupcake Aug 23, 2014

    sssgood , Aug 23, 2014 :
    Sorry i am completely new to this but originally I thought you would just come to this site and order the phone, but it seems it's abit more complicated? So I have to get an invite to buy this phone/any other way? So can someone tell why it's like the way it is?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Jeffasf
    Honeycomb Aug 23, 2014

    Jeffasf , Aug 23, 2014 :
    Thanks for the info about PayPal. I was wondering if an account needed to be made if and when I get an invite

  4. ecvychas
    Froyo Aug 25, 2014

    ecvychas , Aug 25, 2014 :
    Look for it at the very bottom of PayPal checkout page.

  5. bkr32
    Gingerbread Sep 18, 2014

    bkr32 , Sep 18, 2014 :
    Hi, can you please post a screenshot to where this button is ive gone all over looking for it but cant find

  6. EvilTwin
    Donut Sep 21, 2014

    EvilTwin , Sep 21, 2014 :
    Need this.. can't pay without it..

  7. austin5411
    Donut Sep 21, 2014

    austin5411 , Sep 21, 2014 :
    That's a great and helpful post!
    Bookmarked for future use, when I have the invite! ><
    BTW, nicely done!

  8. fenice
    KitKat Sep 21, 2014

    fenice , Sep 21, 2014 :
    This has been discussed many times in the forums, there's even a statement from OnePlus on why the invite system exists - search the forums and/or look in the Announcements sub-forum.

  9. Rokas
    Eclair Sep 24, 2014

    Rokas , Sep 24, 2014 :
    I messing around about 5 hours, but no solution for this Guest checkout issue. Used different browsers but nothing.
    PayPal at the very bottom gives only "Create a PayPal account"
    9 hours left and my invitation expires. So i perfectly understand why PayPal is "F**ing" :)
    If you have solution please share it :)

  10. fenice
    KitKat Sep 24, 2014

    fenice , Sep 24, 2014 :
    What's wrong with creating a PayPal account and adding your Credit/Debit card to the PayPal account? If you've already claimed the invite and placed the order then it doesn't expire (in the short term) and you do have time to resolve this problem so you can complete the payment for the phone. ;)

  11. Rokas
    Eclair Sep 24, 2014

    Rokas , Sep 24, 2014 :
    I have PayPal account, but when i try to checkout i always get Error message:
    "We're sorry, PayPal xxx accounts cannot ship purchases to xxx.""
    So to solve this issue is very important to me :)
    And this thread is about how to do it with Guest Checkout Feature which like you can see in the screenshot does not exist :)

  12. Rothschild
    Eclair Sep 24, 2014

    Rothschild , Sep 24, 2014 :
    I also have this problem.

    I was able to create a ******* US Paypal account but they are requiring a US # in order to checkout.

    So close yet so far. Really pissed. 20 more hours to go.

  13. Rothschild
    Eclair Sep 24, 2014

    Rothschild , Sep 24, 2014 :
    OPO should have their own checkout page where they can accept credit cards. Paypal's transaction fees are huge and it would be a win-win if they got rid of this system.

  14. arunkrish123
    Honeycomb Sep 24, 2014

  15. ishitamed19
    Froyo Sep 24, 2014

    ishitamed19 , Sep 24, 2014 :
    I followed all these steps, but I got an email today that my transaction got reversed! Pls help!

  16. fenice
    KitKat Sep 24, 2014

    fenice , Sep 24, 2014 :
    As I don't know where the "xxx" countries are I can't comment on that but do your addresses match in your OnePlus account and is the delivery address in one of the launch countries (as mentioned in the first post)? You should be able to add different shipping/delivery addresses in your PayPal account, have you checked if you can do that?

    I understand what this thread is about but if you'd searched the forums you'd have seen the "Guest" facility in PayPal seems to be no longer available.

    Have you also taken a look at this thread for further information: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/buy-the-original-oneplus-one-from-anywhere-in-the-world.12199/

  17. Rokas
    Eclair Sep 25, 2014

    Rokas , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Solved. Simple created new PayPal account with same information where OPO must be shipped and attached to it my Credit/Debit Card ( of course before this action card was disconnected from my old acc) and PayPal allowed me to pay ;)

    Thank you for your help and your time :)
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  18. fenice
    KitKat Sep 26, 2014

    fenice , Sep 26, 2014 :
    I'm glad you've solved your problem and enjoy the phone when it arrives, it's worth the wait. :)

  19. Shivkumar Sharma
    Donut Oct 19, 2014

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  20. kashanjam
    Eclair Oct 19, 2014

    kashanjam , Oct 19, 2014 :
    dude i got invite but when i checkout i get error that my shipping address is invalid and i guess this is because my paypall address is different then shipping address but as you mentioned in point #2 we can pay from guest account . i can not see any guest account except the error page which says go back to your merchant . please help me my invite is about to get finish .