[Submitted] SIMs toggle option for single SIM mode

  1. cristiano1988
    Donut Nov 5, 2019

    cristiano1988 , Nov 5, 2019 :
    Title SIMs toggle option for single SIM mode
    Device OnePlus7T Software Version O2 Stable 191012
    Topic Suggestion
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    Feature Needed Background Description If the user travels frequently and uses SIM cards from 2 different tele-operators that geolocation cover the areas from and to which they travel. This happens most often when traveling across borders, from one country to another. To avoid using roaming, which can often cause unplanned charges, it is activated after crossing the border of the home country SIM card and the other SIM card is switched off. Currently, at least 10 figs taps needed (default option for call/sms/data SIM).
    Any other comments If I can somehow help with development I am opened for cooperation.
    I suggest option (1 or 2 finger taps) which will activate desired SIM card and deactivate other SIM card (for example activate SIM1 and deactivate SIM2, and vice versa in case of SIM2 activation). I would call this way of using SIMs "single SIM mode", it is practiclly if using of different SIMs is exluding each other and using is occasionaly. Feature will be time saver, and unique solution.
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  2. elanglois
    Lollipop Nov 29, 2019

    elanglois , Nov 29, 2019 :
    I wouldn't use geolocation for this, but rather add an Auto mode which would select the SIM that had the strongest SIM and no roaming indication. This would be useful everywhere.

    Geolocation for this would be much too hard to implement and too battery intensive

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