Sincerely seeking your advice for a new phone

  1. omlove
    Eclair Jan 29, 2022

    omlove , Jan 29, 2022 :
    I would like to ask those of you who do not like 9 pro / 10 pro and who may leave 1+: what other choices are you considering? There are 174 pages of dislikes of the most recent OS update. Could any of you please share your kind thoughts?

    Speaking for myself, after a catastrophic 9 pro experience, I will be leaving 1+: defects came from factory on a brand new 9 pro. Two repairs from official repair center in Texas both came back with new issues introduced. I am fed up. However in North America, the choice is surprisingly limited - iPhone 13 pro, or Pixel 6 pro, or S21 Ultra: That is it. I never liked Apple and perhaps never will. I really want to like Pixel 6 pro but believe it or not, there are just as many negative feedbacks as 9 pro: No face unlock at all. Bad battery time. No fast charging. Not even a charger in the box. Also never liked Samsung for its bloated experience. Maybe the worst of the three. There may be 175 pages of dislike of Pixel or S21 somewhere else.

    So for those who posted here saying that you will leave 1+ or the colorOS is the end of 1+ or 1+ has settled, I am sincerely asking:

    What phone do you plan to move on to and why?

    I am using an old phone for an alternative at this moment and
    THANK YOU for your advice.