#Sixfactor Review and my favorite OnePlus 6 Top Features

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    mi6t0 , Jun 12, 2018 :
    If you are too lazy to do the reading, I have included the below factors in a video review of OnePlus 6.

    Before going any further: I want to say a few things: I own and use as a daily driver a oneplus device since the "One" was released back in 2014. Just for statistics: never had a single hardware failure on any of these devices. I have to admit that hardware quality is superb! And I am not a fanboy =) . In fact, after I saw the leaks back in November, I thought – "well – I don’t want my next phone to be Oneplus 6 because of the expected price, and I don’t want my next phone to have a notch".

    And now … I have a phone with a notch for a daily driver.

    Two days before I ordered it, I had a Huawei P20Pro in my Amazon shopping cart. And then one important detail turned my opinion around. A camera detail: Video stabilization in 4k! My ex-phone had it – and that was the Oneplus 3. I cannot imagine how 2018 flagships can be released with beast-CPUs and no image stabilization in 4K shooting. Not just the P20 pro, the new LG G7 lacks that feature too!

    Therefore: FACTOR 1 is the video stabilization in 4K!

    Camera performance is – no doubt – the best Oneplus has released so far. Never had the 5T for comparison – and from what I see in reviews – that one is far better. It does awesome photos, and incredible videos. I started my youtube channel using my Oneplus 3 for both audio and video, and in time, with improving the quality of my work, it was just not good enough any longer. And now the 6 – it is again part of my daily shooting gear. Something I can trust on the go and know wouldn’t disappoint me.

    My second huge FACTOR is the dual sim integration. I love that on Oneplus devices – starting with the biggest failure – the "2" – there is implemented dual-sim support. It is awesome, it is perfectly integrated. What makes the Oneplus 6 special to me – is the signal reception! Even at places with weak signal, it maintains excellent call quality. For example – the room where I usually sit and edit videos has poor mobile network coverage. My Oneplus 3 was always dropping the calls after 20-30 seconds – the Oneplus 6 seems to have far better reception. Perhaps it is a combination of the new Qualcomm modem and software improvements – but it is a fact – battery consumption in areas with poor signal and call quality – both are far better than the Oneplus 3. And there is option for call recording for both sim cards – integrated in the ROM. And you can enable it using an app – "joneplus tools".

    The alert slider – my third pick – is now on the other side (of the frame) and has upgrades. I like it better that way, although it took a week for my thumb to get used to it. It is another feature that the Oneplus Two had for the first time. And back in 2015 there were a lot of custom ROMs and kernels that were letting us customize its behavior the way we want. Right. Overall it took Oneplus three years to make it the way I want it to be – silent, vibration and normal. And here’s the thing I’d love to see added – when the phone is in silent mode, it has to be SILENT. Having vibration on keypress is not exactly silent. So why would you mute vibration for calls, and not mute it for the keyboard? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Oxygen OS is in my opinion the best flavor of Android. And this is a fourth huge reason I cannot easily switch to another phone. Honestly, I cannot imagine living without double tap to wake, the button adjustments, the awesome gestures support and many other little things that make a huge difference in the smartphone usage experience. For those of you that never had a Oneplus device – it is based on stock android, with added extras, but with the idea of keeping it lightweight and fluid. Frequent updates, good support, a huge community where you easily find help.
    Because I try to keep the review unbiased – what we should get, especially now with the huge 6.3-inch display is one-handed mode. Perhaps not easy to be done, but will certainly attract many people.

    And – number five – the headphone jack. The fact that you can still use your favorite ones without weird cable conversions is lovely. For a video creator like me – it has even greater importance – it also supports external microphones, and if you are going to shoot a video in a room, where the acoustics will be terrible for the embedded microphones, there is a way out. Get a Lav-mic, plug it to the phone and – quality will be much better.

    Just mentioned the fifth. Is that all? No! I just want to say that I love the small things (factor 6 - delight!) that Oneplus did with the 6 – camera UI improvements, signal reception for both sim and Wi-fi, new and better bumper cases (protecting the bottom and top part of the frame)... Battery performance is awesome! I am getting close to my top achievements from the good old KitKat times with OPO – last time I squeezed two days battery life with 3 hours of SOT and 1 hour of calls. With two sim cards and bad signal reception! Sync was on during daytime. Not to mention charging – which is still in its own league. I wish the price was a bit lower, but right now, you won’t find any other Snapdragon 845 based phone for much lower than that. And with everything it packs – it beats the competition in many areas big time.

    Good luck to everybody else.
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