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  1. Carl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 13, 2015

    Carl , Aug 13, 2015 :

    I know we promised that it would be easier to get invites for the OnePlus 2 this time around. Yet, the struggle to get an invite is more real than ever. The launch has been a rollercoaster ride both for our users and for OnePlus.

    I want to clarify the situation with our invite and product rollout. On Monday, we wrote a note about a 2-3 week delay in North America. I want to let you know that we’re going to slow the rollout of invites in other regions as well in the coming few weeks.

    At OnePlus, we focus on creating the best product, and then letting it spread on its own through word of mouth. Word of mouth is extremely important for OnePlus. This allows us to have a very low marketing overhead, and distribute products direct to consumer in a more efficient manner.

    For a smartphone, early word of mouth cements the perception people have of the product throughout its entire lifecycle. While early reviews have been favorable, we still think we can do much better. There is continuous work being done on OxygenOS to improve the overall product experience.

    In addition, we’ve seen a few cases where the material of the new USB Type-C cable is not holding up to our standards. This is being resolved upstream.

    For these reasons, we will be rolling out invites slowly to closely monitor and act on user feedback.

    If you have the OnePlus 2 and are facing any issues, our support team is on standby to help. Visit them at oneplus.net/support.

    We’d like more than anything to get the OnePlus 2 in your hands as soon as possible. Just bear with us for a tiny bit more.

  2. Majamulli
    KitKat Aug 13, 2015

  3. Evokkimus
    KitKat Aug 13, 2015

  4. mandylee
    Honeycomb Aug 13, 2015

    mandylee , Aug 13, 2015 :
    Thanks ! Hopefully rollout will speed up soon. Again not going as promised by OnePlus but we stay positive ! At least, good to be open about the situation.

  5. zeus.
    Lollipop Aug 13, 2015

  6. imabhilash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 13, 2015

  7. NitroRock
    Honeycomb Aug 13, 2015

  8. BAlberts
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2015

  9. omairi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 13, 2015

    omairi , Aug 13, 2015 :
    hope it wont take too long ;)

  10. AntMunny
    KitKat Aug 13, 2015

  11. mad_4u
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2015

    mad_4u , Aug 13, 2015 :
    This is expected and I assume will keep finding excuse from time to time as the product was not ready for sale at the 1st stage and you were pushing hard to meet the due date.

    Here is the different between new company and a company already established in business and they have future view.

    Since I sow Carl eye I notice he only see few meters ahead and he don't know how to deal with the huge request as it was not expected.
    Apparently they forced every one to register on the reservation list so they have a control on the amount of sales to keep the limited stock they have for long before they start production for the 2nd patch.

    Customer always means to any provider as a source of Money without the customer the company will close next day.

    If everyone refuse to buy the way oneplus forcing people to have invitation they will struggle and sell the company in few month as they forced customers to walk away. ( I am one of them)
    So good luck with your bad reputation on the start .
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  12. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Aug 13, 2015

    rphlfjrd , Aug 13, 2015 :
    Thanks for the info. I just wanna ask since at the other thread, it's stated that North American shipments would take 10-15days including delay time. Would the shipping days be 3-5 or 5-7 days after the delay period or stay the same? (no one answered me there sooo)

  13. furdy2
    Honeycomb Aug 13, 2015

  14. Magnetic Nerd
    Jelly Bean Aug 13, 2015

  15. eskimosoldier
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2015

  16. manisamg
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2015

  17. Rick Manders
    Community Veteran Aug 13, 2015

  18. reeceicles
    Donut Aug 13, 2015

  19. Shiron3ko
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2015

    Shiron3ko , Aug 13, 2015 :
    I'm glad you've let us know, but we would like it if you could be more specific.

    When do you expect the issues to be resolved?

    What kind of quantity will you be shipping and when?

    Have any invites actually been sent out yet?

    What quantity and when will we see the invites?

    Thank you

  20. gaganjyot
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2015