Slower than anticipated invite rollout

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  1. saihtinaung
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2015

  2. gsaran88
    Honeycomb Aug 18, 2015

    gsaran88 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    Based on your quotes and responses one think made me clear. You love this company most.

    Understand one thing, don't think bad, We were asking one plus why they didn't checked the major flaws before launch?

    Issues is normal but that is not major issues to delay the invite. As i said software bugs can be resolved with software fix update and usb type c cable can be bought from one plus itself or from outer market.

    But we want to have one plus invite itself. Because after invite itself it will take one month to receive our mobile.

    Again i want to clarify you invites were not stopped by one plus. They slowed down the invite. If having serious issue then why some one is receiving invite and receiving mobile itself?

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  3. SzoleTM
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2015

  4. cbe219
    Froyo Aug 18, 2015

    cbe219 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe, Selfie and Laser will be up for pre-order from tomorrow

  5. prabhjeet.oberoi
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2015

  6. gautandroid
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2015

    gautandroid , Aug 18, 2015 :

  7. samrat kautilya
    Honeycomb Aug 18, 2015

    samrat kautilya , Aug 18, 2015 :
    What are you (op) doing actually everyone is eagarly waiting so long and you don't even seem to care.....it should not come to a point where patience becomes restlessness or anger or maybe hatred!!!

  8. petecmsmith
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2015

    petecmsmith , Aug 18, 2015 :
    I don't know why the mods don't close this thread as it has served it's purpose as an announcement of a delay. The petty moaning and whining along with the boring begging over 330 pages is pretty pathetic. If you are happy to wait - fine - if not then go buy a moto x or whatever. The World is not that interested in your moaning.

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  9. rurushakya
    Eclair Aug 18, 2015

  10. gsaran88
    Honeycomb Aug 18, 2015

    gsaran88 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    will look into it and will buy if satisfies by requirement

  11. gsaran88
    Honeycomb Aug 18, 2015

    gsaran88 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    Simple because it is created by @Carl

  12. LDiogo
    Honeycomb Aug 18, 2015

    LDiogo , Aug 18, 2015 :
    this is the OPT, that is, the second to be manufactured... is that after the blunders of the OPO the company did not realize what has to improve ??? is that, there was urgency to launch the OPT ?? the OPO is no longer sells, failed to turn a profit ?? is the fever kids take a step higher than the legs......... is there someone to put some order in the company ????????and we all say Thanks for letting us know and Thanks for info and Thanks for this update! and I hope we don`t have a yellow stain attack....I changed all firework with the VR for a serious production of a stable ready to use product
    but, and again, thanks for the info and now we know we have to keep waiting again :p

  13. bobderksen
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2015

    bobderksen , Aug 18, 2015 :
    Yeah right, my pos. is 466k, down from 465k, don't know what I'm doing wrong or who else is getting prioritized but I'm pretty sure I won't get an invite through this list

  14. DVR17
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2015

    DVR17 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    Well this was something awesome......

  15. siddhantbhutkar
    Donut Aug 18, 2015

  16. pratik.zi
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2015

    pratik.zi , Aug 18, 2015 :
    waiting here! please anyone who gets an invite pass me one! desperately needed.

  17. jagmohanlakhanpal
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2015

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  18. gsaran88
    Honeycomb Aug 18, 2015

    gsaran88 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    competitor arrived. This time much strong.
    Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe - for excellent internal memory upto 64 gb for same price of OP2 and 128 GB for 30000.

    Its amazing.

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  19. _jmc
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2015

  20. mato22
    Froyo Aug 18, 2015

    mato22 , Aug 18, 2015 :
    I wouldn`t go with this....I would rather wait to order on official site. Like it says warranty terms may differ also there is question if phone will work in your country (LTE, dual sim), because these are all Chinese versions...