SMS app to combine conversations from the same contact in the same chat window

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    Raresch , Mar 26, 2018 :
    Hy there,
    I hope I posted where I should and if I didn't please tell me the correct section where I should do this.

    I have a problem with the messaging app since I left my HTC One S for the Nexus 5X in June 2016 and I did not find an app to replace that, not even on my current 5T that I have from December 2017.

    So, I have a contact in my phonebook saved with multiple numbers - work / mobile / home etc. and he texts SMS from either of the numbers (doesn't really matter because they are included in the carrier plan). But my messaging app is sorting those SMS as different entries by number, and not by contact. So if we start a conversation in a chat window based on the home number, the answer may end up in a different chat windows (he has a dual sim phone so it depends on the settings on which is right know, and because the SMS are "free", he tends to not look at which carrier is using, because, why would you?), but this actually disrupts the logical flow of the conversation.

    I know that a such app exists because I used it on HTC One S in 2012 and I was able to send SMS to which number I wanted to select (home / mobile / work of the same contact from the phonebook) and I had all the conversation in only one place, but after I changed on Nexus 5X and now on OnePlus 5T I can not find this feature in the installed app messenger (Google's or Oneplus's), neither on Google searches or specialized websites. I have tested some of the SMS apps, looked for settings, but all of them seem to show the SMSs based on a number, and not based on the contact entries.

    Can someone suggest an app that could do that? Maybe I didn't search good enough.

    P.S. The MMS option to send grouped messages is not an option because this means I will send the same SMS to multiple numbers, but those numbers are of the same person so there is no need to do that ...

    Thank you very much for Your answer.
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