So far....With the Oneplus Two (ima make it brief and honest for you guys)

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    d47x , Sep 17, 2015 :
    Alright so it's been around 30+ hours (at the time of when this thread was originally posted) since my Oneplus Two arrived, here's just some impressions and experiences I've had so far with this beast of a device.

    This is just gonna be some brief (bullet point brief) points that i feel is worth mentioning to you guys.

    This thread looks too
    messy at this point, since i was switching too much with kernels, Xposed tweaks and such, with results always seem to look very grim.

    Right now i'm settling with Oxygen 2.1 update, rooted, with stock kernel. I'm using the fly-on mod app to see if things went better, which it really did, and kept greenify. This is probably the setup that's been showing the best and consistent results so far.

    I will post a final review and verdict on a new thread, with revised notes, coming soon as my phone settles in with it's new modifications setup and i see more consistent results to look at.

    • I used to own and use many flagship devices before this (i change phones on average: wayyy more than the sane person would) last one was an LG G4
    • I got this from a scalper, so this is the Chinese model (A2001)
    • I'm running Oxygen OS, latest (2.1)
    • I went back to stock kernel since, the sandy kernel just didn't like my phone at all (battery drain, major overheating and throttling) and so far things been going back to smooth and well

    Build Quality & Aesthetics:
    • The feel in the hand, definitely has the higher ground amongst pretty much all the phones I've used before this. Well balancing weight, thickness, size and material used.
    • When i saw the first leaked shots of the OPT, i honestly thought the design was questionable (nice way of saying, i didn't like it lol), but now that it's here, i can safely say that this is quite the looker.
    • Pleasing to look, good colors, okay brightness. Even though it's only 1080p, it's more than good enough to remind you of that time when you questioned the existence of quad HD displays in a phone last year.
    • In full brightness, the colors ever so slightly washes out, but i really don't care since at least i can see what i'm doing under bright sunlight
    • Comes with a factory installed screen protector, which is nice of them to do, but futile since the tempered glass i ordered came at the same time the phone did, but still nice of them to put it there
    • NFC: Lol wut
    • USB Type-C: Convenient, reversible and all, at least i'll feel safe with all these other USB cables i have lying arou....Oh wait..
    • Fingerprint Scanner: iPhone Fast. Either works first time or not at all until i unlock my device with a pin and lock it again, but most of the time, it works all the time (yes, that makes sense, think about it). It's been fixed with another clean install of Oxygen OS, but it was annoying to see it come to this.
    • Quick Charge 2.0: Yes i know this doesn't have quick charging, but i'm still gonna mention it, cus once you go quick charge, you ain't going back and Oneplus did marketed this as a "Flagship Killer"
    • Capacitive Home button: Responsive 87% now it works near 100% (since fresh install of 2.1 update) of the time, my guess the grounding issue is not something i have to worry about.
    • Dual-Sim: It works, just not at the same time (e.g. calling)
    • Connectivity: Not much issues with wifi, but 4G reception is slightly more scarce in my city with only one band available, regardless which oneplus region variant i buy, download is around 13Mbps and upload is around 8 Mbps using Optus in Perth
    • Notification Slider: Godly, but a bit on the stiff side
    • Vibration Motor: Good for haptic feedback, a worry with every missed call/notification that appears when the phone was in my pocket.
    • Speaker: It's there at least. It can make some fair amount of noise in full volume when you're in a quiet bedroom. The low-end frequencies is always seems to be quite shy in front of people, but you can still hear some of it in play
    • Call quality: I can hear people quite clearly and vice versa. Not much else to say about that
    • First proper, normal day with it: 3 and a half hours of SOT. This was a heavy run with full on music, Youtube, gaming, browsing happening in that charge cycle.
    • Overall even if you don't do anything to try and improve the battery, you can be happy to know that you won't need to bring a charger to school, in my case. Although if you're staying late, it's not a bad idea to at least bring the cable.
    • Fast, very (It is exactly what you would expect with a phone running Qualcomm's latest and greatest, with more RAM than my brother's old Macbook)
    • It gets noticeably, but not annoyingly, warm on the back with the metal bezel amplifying the heat it produces under heavy load
    • When gaming, lag and overheat galore when i switched to custom kernel, went back to stock kernel, things look wayyyyy better than before.
    • Outdoor shots looks good enough to stay in the flagship gang when using in auto, but i do miss the goodness the G4 offers.
    • Indoor shots seems decent, but auto-focus seems a bit slow even with the laser auto-focus at work, and in good lighting.
    • Shots in low light, is something that you're just gonna have to deal with, with grainyness and general flaws always seem to show their presence whether discretely or quite noticeably
    • The delay between shots, is strong with this one (not OMG HAREEH AHP strong, but just noticeable enough)
    • Sometimes i forget that this phone has actual laser auto focus, because the time it takes to focus is quite mediocre, but i've still seen slower ones, to be fair i was coming from the LG G4 and that auto focus is just near instant
    • Had Oxygen OS pre-installed from the shop i got it from, but came with unexpected bloatware (A.K.A malware, typical), so i did a full wipe with TWRP and installed a fresh copy of Oxygen OS 2.0.2 (then shortly afterwards rooted and installed Xposed on it lol)
    • Pretty (mostly) Bug-free so far overall, with only one exception of when i try to click on the URL box in Google Chrome and the suggestion wouldn't show up and so i would just have a highlighted blank text box that wouldn't show the characters i typed in, requiring a close from the recents app tray. Other than that, the fingerprint issue i mentioned earlier. Issue fixed
    • Stock Android look is always good to see, but i do miss the full customizability Cynogenmod offers previously before the whole break-up. At least it ain't Touchwiz
    • Bloatware: Only 2 i can recall, which is pretty much the entire collection of pre-installed third-party software that the phone should came with that's not google. Swiftkey, useful for others, not for me personally. Maxx Audio, After 2.1 update and a few tweaking in the EQ settings, i love it, sounds seems to dance more in my ears
    • Dark Mode: Love it, it's my style. Although in the settings, the default accent color looks a bit unnatural with the dark theme in the back, but that's forgiven as the dark theme is comfortable for my eyes when in the dark.
    Bottom Line:

    This phone got me slightly disappointed at first, but with a bit of discovery and tweaking
    i can safely say that most of my regrets have been adjourned when i switched over from the G4
    Features are dope (for the price), stock android is always welcome, development/community support is just a big YES (probably the major reason why this phone is so popular that other reviewers simply don't mention).

    My only regret, although this only applies for people who bought it from scalpers, is warranty (or the complete lack of it) and the fact that i'm giving up a few of the minor yet very welcomed flagship features that i was so accustomed to (e.g. quick charge, nfc, wireless charge, quad HD)

    Ignoring the #HYPE and "flagship killer" marketing that only embarrassed the phone itself, The Oneplus Two is a great buy for the price it offers, if you're willing to forgive the inconvenience that comes if something goes wrong and the effort it takes to buy the actual product itself (properly through the dreaded invite system, of course).
    That's preety much it SO FAR, leave a comment if you have any questions or (constructive) feedback. And stay tuned as i'll update this thread as i use this phone more.

    EDIT: I've made a separate thread that addresses people's question with the Tweaks, Malware removal and more. Check it out https://goo.gl/uEsfNX
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    muddy46 , Sep 17, 2015 :
    Nice breakdown. Thanks for posting...
    I would recommend adding a "Bottom Line" for all the tl;dr-er's out there...

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    d47x , Sep 17, 2015 :
    I do this for da peoples here ;)

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    el_draco , Sep 17, 2015 :
    what tweaks exactly?... btw, nice review

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    d47x , Sep 17, 2015 :
    Cheers to this guy (he got 9 hours of SOT :eek:)

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    z-plus , Sep 18, 2015 :
    How do u rate the phone's audio while plugged in with a quality pair of earbuds (none of those generic $20 models that's tossed away after a week's use)? If u got a specific make/brand that u could recommend, that would be highly appreciated...as long as they're under $150 :cool:.

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    d47x , Sep 18, 2015 :
    I use a pair of Shure's se215, good for the money, and the audio driver's do their job of playing my tunes properly, although one complaint i have is that they don't output sound as loud as i would like when on full volume, but still good enough. This is with the maxx audio effects turned off. I'd rate them as, they work as they should when it comes to audio quality.

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    Lutom , Sep 18, 2015 :
    Thanks, very good read!
    Informative and straight to the point - that's how I like it!

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    infinityplus1 , Sep 18, 2015 :
    Malware? I keep hearing that more & more phones bought direct from China are being loaded with malware. Worrying.

    Was it malware or just bloatware?

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    d47x , Sep 18, 2015 :
    yolo my fren, plus i reallllllyyyy don't like lg skin

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    d47x , Sep 18, 2015 :
    Either way, it's software that's not suppose to be on the phone, so i just played it safe with a full wipe with twrp and install a fresh copy of Oxygen OS