So I went to Best Buy...

  1. CDNSteven
    Gingerbread May 17, 2014

    CDNSteven , May 17, 2014 :
    Funny story: I remember going into the Samsung store once and the sales guy told me my Nexus 5 was weird because the USB orientation was different. He said he has never seen anything like that.

  2. wtfhsf
    KitKat May 17, 2014

    wtfhsf , May 17, 2014 :
    Goes to show they'll hire anyone lol

  3. mlunasd
    Eclair May 17, 2014

    mlunasd , May 17, 2014 :
    I was a AM at T-Mobile a while back and was always on top of the electronic game. Not because it related to work but because i love technology. Even while working there i would rock the Nexus line. Not to take anything away from Samsung, i believe they have a great product and to this day i use their devices on a regular basis. I just personally hate how much bloatware a carrier drops on your phone. Takes up so much space and slows the shit out of your phone with background running apps. I always root and rom my devices....but i question weather i would do the same with the Oneplus one.

  4. Chaosdemon06
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2014

    Chaosdemon06 , May 17, 2014 :
    Ah the best buy reps gotta love um. When you get the one plus one you should see if that guy is still working there and be like ya...better then the note 3 eh? ^^

  5. JoeMaring
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2014

    JoeMaring , May 17, 2014 :
    Very irritating to hear that you had that experience, although I can't say I find it all that surprising. Just wish that Best Buy and other retail stores like it would hire people who actually know what the hell they are talking about :D

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  6. JoeMaring
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2014

  7. pkingsora
    Eclair May 17, 2014

    pkingsora , May 17, 2014 :
    That or appreciate those who do know what they are talking about.

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  8. Rehan007
    Gingerbread May 17, 2014

    Rehan007 , May 17, 2014 :
    You know what, reps of all companies try to wash-off the buzz of their competitors...

  9. FourZer0
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2014

    FourZer0 , May 17, 2014 :
    I have bad experiences with best buy employees. When I bought my laptop, back before I knew much about computers, I picked out two and asked which one was better for gaming. One was intel i5 something, the other was an AMD A8. The AMD was more expensive. He sold me the AMD one, and now I know he only did that to make more money because the Intel one would've been much better.

    When I was buying some extra ram for my laptop, I asked someone if the ram speed has to match what my motherboard's compatible with. He said no, any speed will work. This was true, but it only runs at the mobo's speed, which is much slower than what I bough. If he had told me that, I would've bought slower, cheaper ram. Luckily, now I know what I'm doing and only go to Microcenter.

  10. NanoNZ
    Gingerbread May 17, 2014

    NanoNZ , May 17, 2014 :
    Yeah a lot of people are asking me what phone I want and they all have no clue what the OPO is. Some people need to really look at other brand alternatives for all products. e.g. They only know Beats for "good" headphones/earphones, Samsung or Apple for phones, etc.

  11. Jekahog
    Gingerbread May 17, 2014

    Jekahog , May 17, 2014 :
    Dude just doin his job. But never heard of Engadget? He's crazy stupid... how did he land this job of his anyways? Wow!!!

  12. sbumeder
    Jelly Bean May 17, 2014

    sbumeder , May 17, 2014 :
    Last time I bought electronics from Best Buy was 2011. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. I researched and knew what I wanted when I went in. They tried to push Apple products at that time. I purchased the Samsung much to their dismay. At least they are trying to sell more than just Apple prodects now. Everyone should research before they buy.

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  13. theslimshadyist
    Jelly Bean May 17, 2014

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  14. WarpCodeX
    Gingerbread May 17, 2014

    WarpCodeX , May 17, 2014 :
    Surprised the Samsung guy didn't recommend an iPhone. That wilI be next. I can't stand Best Buy!

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  15. HellWaltZ
    Eclair May 17, 2014

    HellWaltZ , May 17, 2014 :
    LOL Please calling people that work at BB/OD/OM/RS techs is an insult to real techs out here. If you really are a tech you know there is no point in talking tech to anyone that isn't a tech. The sheer idea of having to dumb down every word out of your mouth and get more questions while answering simple questions is beyond stupid.

  16. nic1010
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2014

    nic1010 , May 17, 2014 :
    The WORST is a non educated Sales Rep... i use to work at Future shop, (canadas best buy) and honestly, if you dont know a good amount of everything, you shouldnt be selling products. its just the Business.

  17. Aaroneloy21
    Jelly Bean May 17, 2014

  18. perth1950
    Jelly Bean May 17, 2014

    perth1950 , May 17, 2014 :
    Agreed. Most non-tech will stick to Apple product and they hate Android.

  19. perth1950
    Jelly Bean May 17, 2014

    perth1950 , May 17, 2014 :
    The guy may not even how to Google.

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  20. Serco
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2014

    Serco , May 17, 2014 :
    Why the BestBuy employee react like that? Simple! He will never have the joy to sell a phone as perfect as the OPO :)