Software Support for OP3/3T: Questions & Answers.

  1. DarkExistence Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2017

  2. malidan Marshmallow Aug 12, 2017

    malidan, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Samsung now role out monthly security updates pal and are nothing to do with OP short changing their customers.
    Deal in facts and not fanboy propaganda.

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  3. malidan Marshmallow Aug 12, 2017

    malidan, Aug 12, 2017 :
    It will be buggy and no there will be no support once said and done.
    Ask the OP2 and OPX owners.

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  4. Punk_69 Lollipop Aug 12, 2017

    Punk_69, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Offended person...... Hmmm.....
    and, you're talking about the 3t here......
    I wanted to take it on a general aspect, taking both 3 and 3t into consideration.
    op3 was launched in june, came with marshmallow, op3t came in December, came with marshmallow too, then the nougat update came for op3/3t , both got it at the same time...
    and now both 3 and 3t will be getting the Android O, so two major upgrades are clear,
    NOOB, get your facts right.....
    3 was launched earlier, then 3t came with a different OOS, but both got same OOS later, and in 2016 both received nougat in Beta , and the stable came later.
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  5. iamsushant Froyo Aug 12, 2017

    iamsushant, Aug 12, 2017 :
    I still feel 2 questions are not answered. Here are they:

    1. Why the stock camera app produces blur especially visible in indoor conditions. When the photos are taken with another app like Camera FV-5 or Camera MX, they are pretty focused and sharp.

    2. What's the issue with battery life? Why it's so low? Hardly 4-5 hrs SOT.

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  6. G_Big_Clay_NLla Cupcake Aug 12, 2017

    G_Big_Clay_NLla, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Well i had the OP3 since launch and will upgrade next June so I'm not bummed but the software tweaks should be still there. Reading Mode for Apps, Timer for Night Mode, Font Changer, Dual networks mode for faster transfers, Better Camera Optimization, etc just stuff i would want, please.

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  7. G_Big_Clay_NLla Cupcake Aug 12, 2017

    G_Big_Clay_NLla, Aug 12, 2017 :
    also stereo tweaks for the speaker and earpiece

  8. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 12, 2017

    youbi, Aug 12, 2017 :
    I have to be honest, things in this community are still able to surprise me even after the more than 3 years I've been here. :openmouth: Users keep asking about transparency, but when they get it they completely ruin its purpose and get stuck in small details that have been long announced and that is what everyone should expect, two major releases for the op3/t, and that is what we will be getting (the op2 didn't really had that much luck, did he? ;) :( ). This is standard procedure in the Flagships Android OEM industry ( and sometimes not even that), even google follows it with their pixels, so what's exactly the big news here? :neutral:

    No one said that the op3/t wouldn't get updates past the first Android O release (that supposedly will happen this year still), they just said that the Android P wouldn't come to the phone (and that is something that usually would only happen in late 2018 or even early 2019), so I think that there's a clear difference between this or just saying the support is about to end. ;)

    This is the sort of events that probably will make Oneplus rethink this transparency approach, because it really seems that some users can't really see past the present day, and that when they see a glimpse of the future, they start screaming that the end of the world is here already. It's almost like if one could see the future and saw that he would die in 50 years, but started freaking out today because he is going to die, I guess some people can't really know the truth, and will just rather live in a blessed ignorance...
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  9. fdroko Jelly Bean Aug 12, 2017

    fdroko, Aug 12, 2017 :
    To "fast possible" I mean not to arrive on December 31, 2017 :p

  10. SnapDragon01 Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2017

  11. malidan Marshmallow Aug 12, 2017

    malidan, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Dude there is some serious BS here.
    What does almost the first mean? This debate has been done already and OP was not the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, 4th and threw out a half baked solution to meet the deadline.

    Only 13% of phones the market have N?
    That's a very misleading statement when 3 of OP's release's don't have N, seen as the 3/3T are the same device.
    Most of the devices within your 87% that don't have N, are budget or their Soc' are not officially supported
    Focus you attentions on devices since 2015 with soc's that will officially support N and that 13% figure increases dramatically.

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  12. Fabritrv Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2017

    Fabritrv, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Even if I don't own an OPX thank you for sharing interesting informations sir

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  13. Fabritrv Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2017

    Fabritrv, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Galaxy s6 got N, LG G5 got N, Nexus 6p got N, and why are you comparing waiting time from OB with stable updates from others companies? Are you sure Samsung gives beta every 5 months? How about Google? I agree that some people are being hella tragic but please get your facts straight before dropping wrong infos all over the place. Then how are you comparing iOS to Touchwiz and OOS? It doesn't make any type of sense. Plus I'm sure many people like the Android version that's running on a Pixel better than Oxygen.

  14. sumb0765 Donut Aug 12, 2017

    sumb0765, Aug 12, 2017 :
    so the 3T will get updates for only 13 or 14 months !
    too disappointment for so such a poor support.

  15. Fabritrv Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2017

    Fabritrv, Aug 12, 2017 :
    What goes on with updates for most of the companies is all part of the big fragmentation in Android, which is great at times, but it's also bad as we can see. Google has it's own fault in this but people seem to forgive. Same goes for privacy, it's like having your data stolen by Google rather than someone else is good. The list also goes on with advertising, bad support for other platforms like Microsoft, but at the end of the day they always get away with it and it looks like somebody else's fault. I'm being over critical at this point but I was giving some thoughts to this and it seems to me like from time to time we should look at how Google is at the same time great and bad, as almost every company to be fair. Still I would love for someone to go out there and give a real alternative to Google services, I can see Microsoft do that with its mobile, IoT and open source new projects but it will be a very very long process I guess. It's hard to even think about challenging Google at the moment tbh.

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  16. Bejoyk Gingerbread Aug 12, 2017

    Bejoyk, Aug 12, 2017 :
    It did... But u should note it android N was already out by tat time and in less than 20days android N came to 3t...when a update is already in market and not released its not customers fault is it...

  17. Bejoyk Gingerbread Aug 12, 2017

    Bejoyk, Aug 12, 2017 :
    It sucks knowing oneplus 3t is looser here getting 6 months less update than oneplus 3...

  18. George1990 Honeycomb Aug 12, 2017

    George1990, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Well for starters oneplus is a global phone, not everyone can talk and read english well so yes, you will be getting indians asking things that have already been asked. You could always make a indian specific community page so they dont clutter the forums with the same questions 24/7.

    Next point, it wasnt made clear how long the updates would last after O, yes he said upgrades would continue, but thats too shady for my liking. For starters if they both stop getting updated at the same time them the 3T would of had a considerable amount of updates less than the 3. If the 3T gets under 2 years of support, dont ever make a T version of a phone again, because it will fail.

    You talk about 2 years or less being normal for an update cycle of a android phone, well hang on. Carl pei in his own words wants to be as big as apple right? Guess how many years of updates they get. Yeah 4 years. Not really justifying the big price increases every year are we? People buy these phones because they are high end phones at mid range prices. If a samsung, apple and oneplus cost the same, what are you buying? Guess what. Its not a oneplus. I would probably rethink the whole challenge apple strategy.

    And finally about rethinking their transparency no one really gives a toss because instead of just making a easy to read, easy to understand bullet point form of each point, e.g 3T/3 will get O. 3/3T will still get updates after O but not get P. Instead of that we got some really stupid interview that a lot of people still couldnt understand clearly. Rethink your own strategy oneplus.

    Or should we settle?

  19. VaibhavBhargava Lollipop Aug 12, 2017

    VaibhavBhargava, Aug 12, 2017 :
    OnePlus 3/3T are treated as same devices as they have nearly same internals, so you should be comparing 3 with the 5 when it comes to number of updates and the their dates

  20. G_tee-jay_Tatlonghari_xN Eclair Aug 12, 2017