Some Bugs to report on 2.1.2

  1. cybermousquetaire Donut Nov 19, 2015

    cybermousquetaire, Nov 19, 2015 :

    I am a happy OPX user coming from the OP1 and I have some bugs to report : (other than the SD issue that has been properly documented)

    Sound with Spotify :
    - When I am listening to some spotify music with my headphones, and I unplug the cable, the music does not shut down and the OPX switches to Speakers... I would expect that this would pause the music like any other phone do...
    - I also noticed that when i close spotify from the notifications, the app does not stop playing music... which is annoying...

    SMS :
    I configured well my SMS and MMS on my french network and it works well with sending and receiving, however for some reason that I don't understand, It seems that the conversation system is not working properly:
    - I create a new sms with a new contact and send this sms (one conversation created)
    - My contact respond to my SMS : and a second conversation is created
    (That's a pain, I tried installing another sms app and the problem is still here)

    Confort from the Launcher : (more a feature request than a bug here so less urgent)
    Coming from Cyanogenmod on the OP1, I would have loved
    - To be able to remove the ugly Google search bar from all my screens (btw useless with Google Now...)
    - Remove the labels under each icon
    - Or have the ability to Select which screen is the main one (like having other screens on the right and left...like I want)
    Afterall, I have installed nova launcher to solve these problems...

    Can you guys have a look at these bugs, and maybe take a look at my feature request ?

    All the best from Paris - France


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  3. cybermousquetaire Donut Nov 19, 2015