some MP3 shown as not supported

  1. VishnuSr75
    Cupcake Dec 8, 2019

    VishnuSr75 , Dec 8, 2019 :

    I recently joined OnePlus family. I have 7T, i transferred MP3 in my memory card to the phone and but i am not able to open some files. They are shown as not supported. Can someone help here...
    Thanks in advance.

  2. G_Mohammed_Shahid_Nawaz_
    Froyo Dec 8, 2019

  3. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Dec 8, 2019

    Bouncer71 , Dec 8, 2019 :
    maybe you should've bought the music.. ;)

    I guess something went wrong while copying..
    Filesize = 0 Byte...

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  5. VishnuSr75
    Cupcake Dec 22, 2019

  6. micure
    Cupcake Dec 31, 2019

    micure , via OnePlus 6 , Dec 31, 2019 :
    I just lost all my music that has been on the phone for about a year.
    I'm no subscription to streaming service as I prefer to own my stuff.
    music disappeared from GPM (Google play music) and other music players but was still visible in the folders, and clicking on the files within the folders executed GPM to play the individual songs. ?? yeh weird.
    tried everything. im very computer savvy so all the posts like ' yeh try refresh, put the songs in music folder, make sure there's no hidden .nomedia, etc' didn't really cut it.
    all reboots tried and failed to rectify.
    think I still have a problem that needs fixed but a not so quick work around was re-tagging my complete MP3 catalogue with the only tagger app that worked. "MP3 tag editor"
    think the problem may lie deeper within the android kernal not categorising MP3 as correct media.
    even now when I dump additional MP3 tagged tracks into music folder I still have to run the tracks through "mp3 tag editor" to get them to display.
    OnePlus 6. Android 10 for reference.

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