SoOP May 2022 - Reflection

  1. hennes
    YaImCo Developer May 1, 2022

    hennes , May 1, 2022 :

    Hello community,

    I have the extraordinary pleasure to host a SoOP contest again, thank you very much for that.

    This month's contest topic is REFLECTION. But before I start with the topic, I would like to thank @otto2 for the last great contest, it was a great theme, which was once again a lot of fun. Here also belongs the thanks to all who participated, thank you!

    Ok, now on to the topic of this month's contest. Yes, I'm a bit mean, I didn't just call it mirroring, I called it reflection, because the word reflection has several meanings, on the one hand, it means that you think about yourself or your own behavior, on the other hand, it means that an image is reflected in some way.

    Well, both can and should be taken to heart in photography, you should think in depth about how you photograph something, and why you do it, so reflect on yourself and your photo itself and think about whether it might be better.

    I didn't choose the title photo for no reason. I also reflected on myself when shoting photos, to clarify I would like to show you my decision that has led to the topic photo.

    Thanks here to @cdnfarmer who first made me aware of this motif when I showed her the area via video telephony. I then took the first picture.


    This has several problems, too many posts and in the wrong place, the background with the house is just not nice.

    Thereupon I changed the position to remove the house in the background, however, the water became a little brighter due to the incidence of light same applied to the ship.


    So again a little back and tried to position the ship centered between the posts, that didn't work if I didn't want to get into the cold water :D:D so I tried to position the one post somehow so that it doesn't interfere and also contributes to the reflection.


    The first try was ok, but the post is way too centered, the most important and the biggest area of the ship get hidden because of the post and will not be reflected.
    So I moved a few centimeters to the left and looked that everything important is visible in the water, waited for a few waves, and then took this photo:


    It is what I wanted a frontal shot, you can see the reflection very well, also the flag is visible, and only unimportant elements are covered by the pillar.

    So, now you know why I called this contest reflection, because it reminded me exactly what I do when I take pictures, I reflect myself and my shots, change positions and angles, pay attention to brightness and also such things as waves and backgrounds, in case of need I also make 100 pictures of one and the same motif until I like it.

    But ok, enough philosophized, maybe it gives the one or the other the same incentive to reflect his images to get the best possible reflection. I wish you now but in any case a lot of fun with this contest, we are all very excited about your self-reflective REFLECTIONS.

  2. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert May 8, 2022

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    Bouncer71 , May 8, 2022 :
    In case some members wonder why their posts aren't visible anymore.
    Or has this notification..
    I unapproved everything that doesn't follow the contest topic or the rules..

    So please..

    Stay on the topic "Reflections" and read the rules...!

    Thank you...!

  3. script
    Moderator Moderator May 1, 2022

    script , May 1, 2022 :
    NEW Contest Rules
    • 4 winners per month will receive the Buds Z2.
    • New: The winners will all be announced at the beginning of the following month.
    • Extra special note from @Crystal Z. and the OnePlus photography team:
      • Those who won 3 to 5 times in one year will be rewarded with a lens for a phone (within USD500).
      • Those who won 6 or more times will be rewarded with a OnePlus phone
    • 3 pictures max. per post, 4 posts max. in the whole month.
      • It's your own choice when you post your 4 posts. One post each week, or all four at once.
      • You can edit your posts only during the actual week!!
    • New: the contest thread shall only contain posts with pictures, to reduce the total post number and the chit chat.
    • All pictures have to be taken within the current and the previous month (i.e. a 2-month window: April and May 2022).
    • All photos have to be taken with a OnePlus device.
    • Pictures that were used in ANY other OnePlus contests are not allowed in the current SoOP contest.
    • State the specific device/ editing software/ hardware (extra lenses)
    • OnePlus reserves the right to request original photo files before fulfilling prizes. Photos that cannot be verified are disqualified.
    • Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Users who post pictures that were copied from the internet, not their own work or were not taken with a OnePlus device will get a code of conduct warning, AND a reply-ban for to the contest for the next 3 months.
    • Terms and Conditions applied.

    How Do We Select Winners?

    The pre-selection team consists of: @Bouncer71, @cdnfarmer, @hennes, @otto2, @script, @TibiTibi, and @woSch. We check all pictures of the contest, discuss, which we think are the best, and collect them in a separate thread. Then this group of experts, plus OnePlus staff members, go in a second-round through that collection and nominate the 4 or 5 best pictures of the current week. Out of this elite, the final weekly winning picture gets selected. It's really a long and careful process.

    Finally, the selected picture has to get checked! Therefore it's needed to contact the person that has posted the picture, ask him or her to send in the original uncompressed file, to get the EXIF data checked. Only after that final check, the winning picture can be announced in the forum. And again, it's Never Settle.

    Additional Reading

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  9. Iamhasannaqvi
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    Iamhasannaqvi , via OnePlus 7 , May 1, 2022 :
    SoOP May 2022 - Reflection

    Here is my first entry for the week 1 of SoOP May.

    These were shot on OnePlus 7 and were edited in Lightroom.


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  11. SRD.
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    SRD. , via OnePlus Community App , May 1, 2022 :
    Themes are getting absolutely amazing these days. Reflection is one of the best theme to express the photography skills.
    I am sure this month we are going to see some amazing creativity.

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  13. BetiK
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    BetiK , May 1, 2022 :
    All pictures taken with OP 9 PRO
    Edited with Lightroom and Snapseed
    Compressed with YalmCo.

    Modern kitchen...
    Netflix in the microwave.


  14. GirishHunagund
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    GirishHunagund , via OnePlus 9R , May 1, 2022 :
    SoOP May 2022 - Reflection
    Here is my first entry for the week 1 of SoOP May. said:
    These were shot on OnePlus 9R and were edited in Lightroom.


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