Spare battery vs Power bank


I prefer...

  1. Spare battery

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  2. Power bank

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  3. Something else (please share). Or dun really care. Or phone can last days on my usage.

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  1. someonesim
    Honeycomb Apr 2, 2014

    someonesim , Apr 2, 2014 :
    Non-removable = You cant replace it without dismantle your phone.
    Build-in = Connection can be solder/glue/whatever, no/less loose part.
    Most ( unconfirmed ) of explosion incident was due to 3rd party battery or charger.

    As I used to have spare battery, it's not so convenient. Had to power down device to replace, and if you bought just the spare battery, you will need to put emptied spare battery into device just to charge them. Also, most of spare battery capacity not even close to power bank's enormous capacity.
    Hopefully One+ One's 3100mAh is enough for me :rolleyes:

  2. someonesim
    Honeycomb Apr 2, 2014

    someonesim , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I had the same thought on hot swappable battery. Saw these new smartphone battery getting smaller and thinner, I was wondering why dont they put in 2 batteries, when one is emptied simply remove it and charge.

  3. mydragoon
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2014

    mydragoon , Apr 2, 2014 :
    yup, i'm still waiting for hot swap batteries. all we need is about 10 seconds to swap batteries.

    but having used powerbanks, i now dread the thought of opening case, swap battery, etc...

    as for the part i highlighted in red, i think its basically wireless charging. if there are charging pads all over the place (like public phones), then ya, that'll be great. as it is... i know there are some wireless charging kit that comes with the pad + some sticker like thingy which you can attach to your battery or battery cover.

  4. Vitto
    Honeycomb Apr 2, 2014

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  5. mark
    Donut Apr 2, 2014

  6. sainjoub
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2014

    sainjoub , Apr 2, 2014 :
    Personally, I have the Anker Astro 3 and I'm great satisfied with this product.:D

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  7. Hige
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2014

  8. Nagasaky2x
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2014

    Nagasaky2x , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I think samsung launched a phone with hot-swap in Korea (or at least someone did). Had something like 500mAh internal battery and an external battery, so when you change it the phone doesn't turn off.

    For me, I'm using 2 batteries for my phone mainly because it's a 1600mAh for a MT6589, 1080p 5". It gets 2 hour of screen-on time, it can't last through the day (even with the 2 batteries I have problems some days).

  9. infernowheels
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2014

    infernowheels , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I had the same concept posted in an earlier thread. ;)

  10. alextdarling
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2014

    alextdarling , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I had a powerbank and I like to travel light, and I can say that the powerbank is great for extra juice but because of the size its put me off from using it, just my opinion

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  11. mydragoon
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2014

    mydragoon , Apr 2, 2014 :
    there's the credit card sized power banks, but dun think they hold much charge.

  12. alextdarling
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2014

    alextdarling , Apr 2, 2014 :
    Yeh, i had a 10,000 one, But then theres still the frustration of having to carry a spare micro usb everywhere, and charging both devices at night time

  13. OneOver Zero
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2014

    OneOver Zero , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I own neither a 2nd battery nor a powerbank. The energy of one battery always lasts a whole day for me. Nonetheless I always considered a removable battery an absolute necessity because I thought it was the only way to restart a hung phone by taking out the battery. Every phone I had, had to be restarted in this way at some time. If this can be done with a key combo as some kind of hardware wired reset function without involving software, it's fine for me.

  14. Luka
    Froyo Apr 2, 2014

    Luka , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I love power banks i just hate that you need to carry the cable with you. There are a few that make ones with an integrated cable but i mean how hard is it to design it with a cable attached.

  15. Deactivated User
    Apr 2, 2014

  16. GregOrevo
    Gingerbread Apr 2, 2014

    GregOrevo , Apr 2, 2014 :
    Feeling the same, except i never owned a power bank. :rolleyes:

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  17. Fabio
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2014

    Fabio , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I bought this on black friday last year and i'm very happy with it;) not so bulky and it also has a built in cable (I always forgot it)

  18. Nagasaky2x
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2014

    Nagasaky2x , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I know (I read it lot ago), but I am not talking about a concept, I am talking about a real one that I think I read somewhere but I don't remember it. Anyway, it was a Korean phone (think Samsung, or maybe Pantech).

  19. henxu
    Eclair Apr 2, 2014

    henxu , Apr 2, 2014 :
    I'm a recent user of powerbanks and I've got a little 2600mAh one which charges my phone up to 50% only (enough), and cable+powerbank itself are fairly easy to carry.

    Waiting for a bigger powerbank 10400mah to check how it goes, I will appreciate not having to look for a plug...

  20. jabbajac
    Honeycomb Apr 2, 2014

    jabbajac , Apr 2, 2014 :
    Honestly the only reason I'd want a removable battery is when your phone locks up completely and the only way to get around it is to pull the battery. At least then you won't burn through the entire battery waiting for the battery to run out so you can reboot the phone. Until there is a way to do that without pulling the battery I think having a removable battery is a good idea.