Speaker Phone / Poor Mic Quality ?

  1. lukasfredriksson
    Cupcake Aug 25, 2019

    lukasfredriksson , Aug 25, 2019 :
    It sure seems to be software related. The problem is that OnePlus doesn't recognize it as that. They suggested it was hardware in my case and wouldn't listen when I told them all the hints as to why it must likely is a software issue. Bad support in my case. It's sad because they usually are very good at listening to the customers.

  2. F_Purvang_Shah_tcRg
    Cupcake Sep 17, 2019

    F_Purvang_Shah_tcRg , Sep 17, 2019 :
    It's same for me as well, Did you found any solutions

  3. paulhansen
    Cupcake Oct 5, 2019

    paulhansen , Oct 5, 2019 :
    Also having the same issue with my mic on speakerphone. People keep saying I'm sounding like I'm cutting in and cutting out and then I sound far away. must be software related because I'm having no issues with recorder app. my voice records clearly at the same distance I'm using speakerphone when I make calls. I wish I had known this with the first device which I already exchanged because of this issue. if this isn't addressed in a software update, OnePlus USA is asking for a class action consumer lawsuit. I'm still writin my return timeframe, but I'm most likely keeping the device in hopes they fix this with an update soon. Soon like within the next month.

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  4. RelaxOP
    Eclair Oct 8, 2019

    RelaxOP , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 8, 2019 :
    it's been here since the release, can't believe they still didn't fix it, seems like no one is addressing the issue although it's most probably a simple fix, the mic dedicated for speakerphone calls is just not turning on.

  5. D1570724470678
    Cupcake Oct 14, 2019

    D1570724470678 , Oct 14, 2019 :
    Very disappointed to see this in a brand new phone....never had heard of such issues even in much cheaper brands. The strangest part is when we call the helpline in India they ask questions like " have you tried another SIM? " :-D. They just plainly ask me to visit a service center and are not even able to confirm if this is a SW/HW issue. Also they claim that this is not a general issue which I believe is false after reading all the comments here.

  6. vermichou
    Donut Nov 25, 2019

    vermichou , Nov 25, 2019 :
    It's been 6 months, still the same problem. Sent the phone once, didn't do anything. This is a shame for a phone at a premium price tag!!! €700 when released, which is what I paid, and the MOST important feature, calling, is not working right. Might go back to iPhone after being OP for a while now, OnePlus, sorry to say that, but you suck!

  7. Designman
    Cupcake Nov 26, 2019

    Designman , Nov 26, 2019 :
    I am having the same issue on my 3 week old 7 Pro. Very disappointing in a phone that I love otherwise. Come on Oneplus, get your software engineers on this problem!!

  8. A1571842665548
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2019

  9. G_Travis_Arnold_ooBr
    Cupcake Dec 11, 2019

  10. zp01
    Cupcake Jan 3, 2020

  11. migzonian
    Cupcake Jan 15, 2020

    migzonian , Jan 15, 2020 :
    Yup, experiencing the same issues.

    Phone calls: mic works fine
    Speakerphone calls: not picking up voice
    WhatsApp on Speaker: mic works fine

    What's going on OnePlus?? Surely this would've been tested before release?

  12. dinamyk
    Cupcake Jan 17, 2020

    dinamyk , Jan 17, 2020 :
    Same issue on my OnePlus 6.

    Tested on Skype Echo, sounds very bad when speaker phone was used. But sounds ok when disabled speaker phone.

    Haven't noticed this issue before when using Android 9, only after updated to the latest version 10.3

  13. jasemanONE
    Honeycomb Jan 17, 2020

    jasemanONE , Jan 17, 2020 :
    If it's a software issue causing your speakerphone mic issues then I wonder if it might somehow be related to some 3rd party app? I say this because I use the speakerphone all the time and I have no issues. Now maybe I am not using a 3rd party app that is causing the issue??? In my opinion the issue is probably NOT software related but there may be something wrong with the mic itself. I think it's a hardware problem.

  14. williamsclocks
    Donut Mar 13, 2020

    williamsclocks , Mar 13, 2020 :
    OnePlus 7 Pro speakerphone problem FIXED

    The problem existed since arrival of the phone. I placed a call using SIM card, cell tower service, not Skype or another way of possible communication through voice, JUST plain cell phone call. Hit the speakerphone button to free my hands of holding the unit so various other things like typing or washing dishes can be performed. The person on the other end would complain of not hearing the first 2-3 words and constant up and down volume levels of my voice to the point of frustration requesting I take them off speakerphone on my end.

    I do recall a new symbol “VoLTE”, next to the wifi and battery symbols when I first powered on the unit. Not sure of what this symbol meant; I asked my best friend Google which links are posted below.




    Goto “settings”,

    “Wi-Fi & internet”,

    “SIM & network”,

    “SIM 1” or “SIM 2” (whichever applies to you),

    make sure VoLTE is in “OFF” slider position.

    I hope this solution helps everyone! I read all the posts and have yet to find a solution to this until now. I am happy to give back to this community. Please let me know if this solves your problem.

  15. RelaxOP
    Eclair Mar 20, 2020

  16. C1577906638597
    Cupcake Mar 22, 2020

    C1577906638597 , Mar 22, 2020 :
    I too suffer from poor speaker phone quality. Wherever I am, the other side of the call brings it up.