#StayAtHome - Winning together with Positivity!

  1. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer May 5, 2020

    YRJ , May 5, 2020 :

    Hello Warriors,

    We are living through what happens to be the worst public health crisis we have ever seen and possibly will ever see in our lifetimes. In this period of uncertainty, the ongoing battle against an invisible enemy is constantly fueling our anxieties.

    However, it warms my heart to see how the whole world has come together in such trying times. We are one and that's what gives me hope that we will overcome this, no matter what. Every day, as I watch the news or read the daily, all the focus seems to be on the horrific numbers, the spiking death rate and the ever increasing number of people affected by the virus.

    That's why, today, we are opening a positivity corner in the forums, to highlight the inspiring stories and events from around the world. This is not an attempt to disregard the problems of the world and turn indifferent to them, but to see how people are creating a beacon of hope and spreading the much needed positivity during the crisis.

    The pandemic has had a substantial impact, it has overloaded the healthcare system, pushed several companies to the brink of bankruptcy, has costed countries a fortune and, directly or indirectly, is a stressor for each one of us. But on the bright side it has created opportunities, oh wait, let me explain!

    With most of our calender cleared - thanks to the lockdown - we have all the time in the world, this has created an opportunity for us to invest the time into something we always wanted to do. Whether it is acquiring a new hobby or simply rediscovering an old one, your time is now. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to Reconnect, Reflect and Reconsider!

    Below are highlighted just a few stories that show how people are helping make this world a better place during these trying times.

    • It would be impossible for us to be locked inside our homes had it not been for essential workers keeping us connected. Recently, a video of a delivery man breaking down after picking an order in China's Wuhan has gone viral. A stranger had placed an order for a birthday cake, the delivery man was surprised to see his name on it. A birthday present he will never forget! ლ(◕ω◕ლ)

    • Actor, writer, Director - John Krasinski or, as you all may know him Jim Halpert from the much loved sitcom The Office US, recently started a new YouTube channel dedicated solely for Good News! In these trying times, he posts feel good videos that will definitely bring a smile on your face. Highly recommended it.
    • Everyone of us are doing their bit to help humanity in a time when it needs it the most. Princess Sofia has set an example by reducing her royal duties to support medical staff in Stockholm. She is volunteering as a medical assistant there after completing an intensive online course.
    Source: Dailytimes.ng
    • You might have heard the saying - Age is just a number! Well now, you can see it too. Tom Moore a 100 year old, WW2 veteran raised a whopping £18 Million for the NHS while completing 100 laps of his garden using a walking frame however he hasn't stopped at 100, he continues to walk to raise even more money! As of when this was written, he has raised £32 Million! His strong will power and determination has won him the title of "A one-man fund raising machine" from Prince William.
    Source: expressandstar.com
    • Social distancing is a powerful weapon to fight the virus. Hence, several hospitals have enforced a no visitors policy, for Albert Conner it means that he cannot be with his wife, Kelly, during her chemotherapy treatment, but that did not stop him. He positioned himself near her window, outside the hospital and held up a sign which read -
    Source: ENews/Instagram

    "I can't be with you but I'm here with you, Thank you to all the staff"

    • Rainbows on windows!
    Source: Yahoo style UK/Lauren Clark
    People in the UK have painted rainbows over their windows and written positive messages which is intended to spread hope and appreciate the contribution of frontline warriors and essential workers. We cannot fight the virus without them, they deserve all the appreciation and gratitude.​

    Well these stories are just a tip of the iceberg! There are soooo many more amazing heartwarming stories from around the world. Alcohol brands manufacturing sanitizers and donating them, artists putting up live concerts online for their fans to keep them entertained, chefs and restaurants posting free cooking videos to motivate people to cook delicious food at home and so much more.


    Feel free to add more to it by posting it in this thread.

    I started this thread by addressing you as warriors because I think each one of you - Yes, even you - is a fighter, doing everything possible to help humanity and contain the spread of the virus, even if it just staying at home!

    I now invite you, warriors, to share with us your inspiring stories, funny moments, your quarantine creations - anything that makes you happy and boosts your morale, because I believe sharing positive experiences boosts happiness. The stage is yours!

    We are in this together and I am confident that will win this fight. Please stay at home, stay safe and spread a smile :)

    Never Settle!

  2. Batman360
    KitKat May 5, 2020

    Batman360 , May 5, 2020 :
    What a beautiful and inspirational thread!! Thanks @YRJ for sharing this. In times like these it's really important that we all stay apart but also stay connected. I don't really have stories to share but yeah I accomplished and learnt many things during this lockdown, first of all I started doing chores of my house, learnt to cook tasty food, played many songs on guitar, started investing in stock markets, exploring and watching amazing shows, spending time with family, playing CoD with squad, video calling with bae every now and then. I realised that even when we all are far away there is a feeling of closeness with everyone, an emotional connection with the loved once. Celebrating anniversaries/birthday on zoom still gives the same amount of joy as being physically present there, hours long conference calls with friends still is as funny as ever. Things changed but also didn't change.
    Stay home people! Stay safe!
    Hoping to get a better world when all this is over 😊
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  4. YRJ
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    YRJ , May 5, 2020 :
    In a way you have indeed accomplished a lot of things! ;)
    I can only echo what you've said. For someone who struggled to make instant noodles, I am making main course dishes and complicated desserts. This period of quarantine has brought me closer to people, thought me a lot of things and showed me that surviving a lockdown isn't impossible afterall.

    Couldn't have said it better. Thanks for sharing, Batman. I'm glad you liked the read :)

    Now that you've reminded me, I need another cup of coffee :p

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    Pchambers89 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , May 5, 2020 :
    I'll second that!

  6. razzor228
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    razzor228 , May 5, 2020 :
    Liar liar pants on fire!

  7. Batman360
    KitKat May 5, 2020

    Batman360 , May 5, 2020 :
    Seen all your delicious meals 😏😍 Kudos for that buddy! Best wishes from my side to you and your family. 😃

    Always here to read some amazing off topic threads like this one.
    P.S. when I was a cupcake, i used to think that OnePlus community is just about reporting issues 🙈 But now i realise it's SOO much more than that (and this thread just proves it)! Once you are here you get addicted.

  8. YRJ
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    YRJ , May 5, 2020 :
    +1 in the list of people who are jealous of my skills :rolleyes: :tearsofjoy:

    Awww! Thank youuu batman. Likewise :hearteyes:
    The feeling is mutual batman 💙

  9. razzor228
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    razzor228 , May 5, 2020 :
    *my mom's cooking skills ;)

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  13. luigimario
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    luigimario , May 5, 2020 :
    Aww @YRJ, such sweet stories. Thanks! Honestly this lockdown has been pretty great for me. This is the time for introverts to shine. I have so much extra time now because I don't commute to work anymore so I have time and energy to do a lot more. Exercise, clean house, cooking, video games, boardgames, movies, talking to friends, and other small projects I had been neglecting. I don't miss going outside and in fact prefer to stay indoors.

    While my life has improved from this situation, I recognize that it has gotten a lot more difficult for most people, for many reasons, and my heart goes out to them.

  14. Helder_DAlmeida , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , May 5, 2020 :
    Thanks @YRJ for this amazing thread! It's very important to continue with hope and strength to overcome this pandemic. All this examples its a reason to continue focus, strong and resilient becouse at the end everything is going to be well! I share with you all this quote from Aikido founder and remember always that "Your spirit is the true shield." #stayathome #staysafe

  15. G_plusone
    Marshmallow May 5, 2020

    G_plusone , May 5, 2020 :
    Nice thread YRJ.
    Good to see positive things during the Lockdown.
    Most of the times I am just seeing Daily Case Increases, Total number of cases.
    Containment zones...
    It's a bit better reading positive stuff now and then :)

  16. Jimbo the Great
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 5, 2020

    Jimbo the Great , May 5, 2020 :
    Best part of being at home...
    More time in the Wormhole.
    Helps me to appreciate that we're all going through this together, coping in different ways, have different concerns and stresses, different situations...
    ...but we are all facing this as people.
    Together, but apart.

    Imagine if this would have happened in the 1980's or early 1990's - telework would be next to impossible, information would be difficult to find, trying to find a sense of community when trapped at home would be difficult, ordering stuff on Amazon or anywhere online would be impossible, and we wouldn't have Netflix and Prime video.

    This is a crazy situation, but we are certainly equipped to get through this with the technology we have today.

    So even though it's bad that it's happening... I am glad that it's happening now... at this particular point in history...

    Some of us may even learn how to slow down a little and appreciate those closest to us a little more after this is over.

    My wife is a Psychologist, and an essential worker with Veterans at the VA Medical Center... she goes to work every day...
    She is my new hero.
    (I mean, she was my hero before... but now she's a Super HERO!)

  17. SJBoss
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    SJBoss , May 5, 2020 :
    I've finally embraced doing absolutely nothing... That's something.

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