Stereo speakers for OP6 working

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    Dark_Matrix_Guru, Jul 11, 2018 at 11:32 PM :
    If you have not rooted your OnePlus 6 yet I don't know what you're waiting for. so many new and exciting features can be added to your device through the simple process of root. This magisk mod allows sound through your ear speaker to give you the stereo quality sound you have been waiting for.

    obviously this is going to require rooted OnePlus 6 with magisk installed. all that is needed is to download 2 magisk modules. you will also need a file browser with root capabilities. below is the link to the XDA forum where you can download the module. The second link gives directions for installing viper4android.

    this is the first link and this module will give you sound through your ear speaker in apps such as YouTube and Spotify.


    the second link is directions to download and install viper4android module (and modify) which will give you stereo sound through your ear speaker in all apps (or at least the ones I have tested)



    Credits to acervenky for the OP
    reaper000 (repost) for the v4a modification
    Zackptg5, the_scotsman (original post for mod)
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