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    Hey everyone,

    Many of you were intrigued when we asked about your most memorable moments, a few months back. We didn’t want to spoil the fun back then, but this request was part of one of our most challenging, but also rewarding, projects to date: Addition – A OnePlus Magazine.

    Addition is truly something that is created not just for, but with our Community. For those that received it, you were be able to read inspiring stories that feature our beloved members, from Moderators to Closed Beta Testers. I had the privilege of interviewing some of them, but also the inglorious task of leaving many other inspiring accounts out.

    This doesn’t mean they won’t see the light of day, though. Below, you’ll be able to read some of the inspiring replies we received to our questions. And if you want to join, feel free to leave your own tales in the comments below.

    What drives you to invest your time with OnePlus and the community, whether it be online or at our events?

    1. The people,
    2. The interaction among some users especially the connection among us after build friendships
    3. Going back or logging in to see how people are doing.
    4. The true sense of community. It makes me feel like we are a global community and most people are good and have good intentions.

    There is a plethora of people with a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, interests, and experiences with the common interest of quality or flexibility of a cell phone especially its OS. When one has established and form some type of relationship, can share common experiences and it's like coming online to meet "a friend." Even had people from the community and some friends help out with my business and in crisis moments in my personal life. It is also nice to be recognized for ones ideas and contributions. The first time being invited to NYC launch, the email I received was awesome and I felt appreciated by the company. It (the email and the experience) was amazing. I met over 12 other people and some I’ve seen around the forums beforehand. Now, it is nice as when I see their name on the forum, I think about all the good times. It is nice to catch up with some of them at other events. I also feel like I can contribute and help out some people. Now, I've worked with some people on a common project, I feel that there is a purpose and I can help out a friend as well as the photography section. Note I will say that at first, it was obvious some people connected in other areas and being new to the forum it was overwhelming. But with time and experiences, I was able to connect with people on a more than superficial level and I think that is what drives me back on a regular basis and spend so much time here. Ultimately, it's the genuine connection with people and the feelings like I'm part of something great that gets me to come back to the forum.


    Having been a part of the community for a very long time, I have seen OnePlus's journey. To me it's a baby I have seen grow, that brings a sense of attachment and a sense of belonging. OnePlus India team is comprised of the finest people, they are an amazing team of people who will leave no stone unturned in making everything a success. I look forward to every event and try my best to be a part of it. OnePlus forums: Engaging staff members, witty, humorous community members and spam bots are what motivate me to be a part of this amazing place! The forums and WoHo in particular is a place I always go back to! That's the cool corner of the forums and a place where the bad boys hang out :p Also, my heartfelt thanks to the forum moderators who keep this place clean and the mischevious lot at bay (including me) they are the unsung heroes of the community!


    Whether it's interacting with OnePlus staff or other community members, what memories stand out from past pop-up and launch events?

    Having met a bunch of OnePlus and tech enthusiasts from an Open Ears I attended, I've been able to keep on touch with them regarding new and upcoming technology from OnePlus and the tech industry. I've also been in contact with OnePlus staff from the Open Ears and been able to provide regular feedback on current and upcoming OnePlus devices. Being able to stay in communication is great as when communicating with these individuals brings back the time spent at the Open Ears forum.


    Seeing the shiny eyes and jittery hands of community members and fans in pop up stores is really memorable for me! People are so in love with not only the product but the whole situation, the people around and all what's happening at such events. Just hanging around casually with community members, talking about the first impression and all kinds of other stuff makes you feel very connected! Well and besides that there are lots of fun stories which are sometimes hard to recapitulate and even talk about them because they're so much of an insider joke! Fooling around and random situations with staff and community could easily fill a book with stories. Includes stories like sipping girly cocktails with Chris deBoer, intruding the London HQ, improvising events from scratch with David Sanmartin and many more!


    Technology brings people together that are oftentimes separated by great distances. Was there a time when you really connected with someone or another group of community members online?

    Yes. In several instances. I've met people and developed friendship with people 8000 km away and a bit closer too. In a few instances, these connections were life saving. When things got really bad in my personal life, a couple of these friendships saved my life and helped me move forward towards a better place. I got an incredible amount of support from these people. Sometimes the time zone differences even helped. One person experienced things that related to what was happening to me. The nice thing is that I also helped this person and made a positive impact on them which also build my confidence and gave a sense of purpose. Our conversation also helped me work through many processes. Another has become a life long friend where we can chat about anything and everything. This person has truly helped me in the hardest moments. And i know from what he has told me, Ive helped in in many ways too. We've actually build an amazing friendship and we plan to meet in person. I met people online and also had the opportunity to catch up one with during an event. Several others people whom Ive also met at the launch event and we shared personal life experiences and have developed a network of support. This is something that is meaningful and helped emotionally and to cope with life events. And to just enjoy life for what it is in a nice event /opportunity. These friendships, support, personal development, business development occurred ... all because a cell phone company and its forum.


    I am a very active member of the OnePlusHub group on Telegram, as well as the German OnePlus group, Closed Beta Slack group and all that. Naturally, you start bonding with people. My two best experiences were with another German member (@manuel19 on the forums) and PM Challenge winner Leandro. Leandro and I have been in touch ever since the two of us won The Lab for the OnePlus 6 and he came over in April, all the way from the Netherlands. Manuel lives where my father lives and we saw each other last month, was great as well.


    Do you relate to these stories? Do you want to share your own? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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    Nice stories:

    Cupcake User: When will the next OnePlus* update be ready?
    Community: When ready™.

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    Those are some great stories, so thank you for sharing them and a special thanks to those who wrote them in the first place. It’s great to see the positive impact a lot of people have on others lives, like it was mentioned on some of the replies.

    You all have my gratitude.

    I’m here almost every single day because of the people, the hearts that beat behind the funny names and the cool avatars.

    OnePlus makes some solid devices, sure, but we have a lot of great brands making solid devices out of this bubble. When I started posting, I was itching for news about the devices, I was giddy to see a message from a Staff Member. But then I started to feel that the devices and the discussion about the devices were, for me, a backdrop.

    I like tech, I love it. But I love even more to understand how we connect with whom we connect; to feel that a person and another person and another person share with me an interest in something particular is exciting, like I'm always new at this, like I'm always the newbie and the senior at the same time.

    Discovering what we share is rewarding. More: it’s fascinating and inspiring, because it’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle of interconnected minds, minds that think and feel differently and can’t wait to tell their friends what they saw, heard or felt.

    You can be cynical about the Internet and you should be sometimes. However, a lot of people I’ve met here on the forums are omnipresent figures in my life, blinding my thoughts even when I’m living my analogue life. I think about these friendships and I see things that remind me of these people, that make me think about how they are feeling, how they are doing.

    An F1 driver can remind me of a friendship, an album where the person is upside down on the cover, a meal, a disgusting meal with fish, a chameleon, a stupid song I hate and yet continue to post, Porto, hong bao, robots, manure, jamón, pianos and everything in between.

    These are all fragments that make me whole, that make now and that help me be a better cheetos tomorrow.

    What drives me? People I love drive me; people who have big hearts with an even bigger will to let them be filled and to fill mine.

    Or something funny. :p

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    Starcommander , Oct 23, 2019 :
    It was back in the days of the oneplus 3 when I joined the forums.
    Initially I was a beta tester and used to report only the bugs. Things changed after my screen started popping out in 2017 ending
    I did a search that time and I asked can I continue to use or shall I buy a new phone?
    For the first time I met @SoniaB She told me to check the battery, if swollen I should replace it...
    Few months passed and oneplus 6T was launched in 2018.
    I wanted some unique color and then thunder purple was announced.
    Without any ado, I created a thread name 'How many stocks of thunder purple are present?' [I was a froyo then]
    Here I met this amazing mod named @camohan
    There were some discussions between him and @the_o2 about aloo paratha o_O You guys remember? :p:D

    After one month around dec, 2018 @Joel Jacob launched the unboxing contest wherein I got a traveller bagpack. I was super happy.
    I stated coming to forums only for contest and while replying to one of the threads I accidentally mentioned Miss @Ruby G. as He.
    I was lashed out in public forum and I was embarrassed :oops: but Ruby was cool enough and she didn't let me feel bad. That was the reason I admired her then.
    I won a poetry contest around june, 2018 and I got more interest.
    In this month I met @B_Wrath. He was the first friend I can call on this forums. I became a gingerbread, then Ice cream sandwich.

    In the month of July I met @YRJ. He was a cool person :cool: almost same age as mine. We connected soon.
    We started chatting in Wormhole and voila, that was the day from when I started visiting forums every half hours. I met @Dresa91 @Cheetosdust @meatandy @luxuskamel @luigimario @SJBoss and so many folks till I met @Wonderwoman13

    We initially started as StarLord x Wonderwoman. Soon she became my best friend. We are very close friends now! :D

    @Impersonal launched his new contest Everything oneplus where I met @B.I.T.S. She is the best person I met.
    Time was around August when I first met staff member @Hee H. as a friend. She was amazing. I can write long essays for her....
    Other friends include @G_plusone @GopalB. @BeingIncog and so many. Suddenly a person who counted likes was getting way more likes.

    I had a lot of love for oneplus till the recent days. In the month of October, Miss Hee left:(:(:(
    After that I felt so bad, like a family member left. I was upset :(:(:(
    She was the best person here. I know there may be some personal or professional issues but at least I wanted to bid her a proper farewell :sob:
    Only thats the thing I felt bad.
    I met @David Y. in pubg for the first time. Although we talked very less but I have gathered a lot of respect for him
    That's it...
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    that was great to read, I feel like I know your whole community history. did people really give you flack for calling @Ruby G. a he? the internet was clearly bored.

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    Thank you for sharing your story! It's a big honor to be part of it. You're such a great shiny star my dear Estrellita... ლ(ꈍωꈍლ)

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    Awwww thank you bitsy for everything
    I was new back then:p

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    every half hour?!?
    that's pretty committed
    you may need help! (•‿•)

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    I might need help too... Sign me in for the therapy :p

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    maybe we can all do a group therapy session, but it will probably only make it worse for all of us (◠‿◕)

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    Or better!! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

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    I'm still pretty new to the community but everyone is very helpful and generally kind. kind of rare for the internet. I enjoy this a lot. it also allows me to help others with technology question which I love doing!

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    Why everyone forgets always about the last dot...

    I've been actively here since I got my phone... And that's... End of August? This year. :rolleyes:

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