OxygenOS Stuttering/frame skip while scrolling [Oxygen 10 BUG on all 7T/7TPRO/7PRO]


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  1. Tex99
    Froyo Apr 27, 2020

    Tex99 , Apr 27, 2020 :
    DISCLAIMER: Hello everyone, I opened months ago this thread only on the forum of the oneplus 7t (despite the problem concerned the whole series 7 with 90hz display) because I thought that they would solve the problem easily: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...g-oxygen-10-bug-on-all-7t-7tpro-7pro.1148402/
    Almost 6 months have passed and it didn't happen despite the various feedback I sent. So I decided to open this thread on the 7t Pro forum and 7 Pro to collect more testimonials.
    I have personally made tests also on these two devices and other users have given confirmation that the problem is extended to the whole 7 series.
    There are no fixes from users side (remove the screen protector, wipe, magic settings etc. does not work, I tried everything). It's a software bug (I'm pretty sure) and all 7 series devices with 90hz and Os10 have it.
    If you're lucky you don't see it because it also depends on the sensitivity and the habit of sight.
    Only Oneplus can fix it but they didn't.
    Sorry about the long thread, you'll find all the details below.

    There is always a stuttering/frame skip while scrolling on every Oneplus 7T/7TPRO/7PRO with Android 10, on every app and every time you scroll.
    1) This is the complete video and here the stuttering is so visible, moreover you can see how to reproduce it (watch it on pc at full quality 1080p60 and full screen):

    2) If you watch this slowmotion video you can see how the written "Batteria" (when it appears stutter in red) does a sort of jump because of frame skip (I also added a frame count so you can be sure that the video is original):

    3) I did other test on my 7T with "Profile Rendering HWUI" and as you can see from the screenshots, If you do little scrolls there are serious frames drop (see the spikes):
    -Screenshots at the end of the post-

    4) Here you can support the feedback I sent (this is the third): https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...g-oxygen-10-bug-on-all-7t-7tpro-7pro.1197726/

    1- https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...le-scrolling-oxygen-10-bug-on-all-7t.1171252/
    2- https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-7t/help/lag-scroll-7t-series-android-10-t4012171
    3- https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/lag-scroll-android-10-bug-on-7t-series.1146895/
    4- https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...g-oxygen-10-bug-on-all-7t-7tpro-7pro.1148402/
    5- https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...g-oxygen-10-bug-on-all-7t-7tpro-7pro.1219095/

    -90hz (more visible) or 60hz
    -Light theme (also with dark but it's easier too see on light)
    -Animation 0.5 or 1 (it's the same)
    -Open settings and do little scroll with the finger (don't leave the finger on display)
    -Look at the written texts ("Battery" for example): they don't do a fluid transition up or down, they don't flow on the screen, but they "appear-disappear", it seems that they jump some pixels. Infact there is multiple frame skip every time that you scroll.

    Tests I did on both 60hz and 90hz and light theme (easier to see than dark mode):
    1- Oneplus 7T frosted silver OOS 10.0.6/10.0.7/10.0.8: stuttering is PRESENT
    2- Oneplus 7T frosted silver OOS 10.0.1: stuttering is PRESENT
    3- Oneplus 7T glacier blu OOS 10.0.1: stuttering is PRESENT
    4- Oneplus 7T glacier blu OOS 10.0.1: stuttering is PRESENT
    5- Oneplus 7T PRO OOS 10: stuttering is PRESENT
    6- Oneplus 7 PRO OOS 10.0.2: stuttering is PRESENT
    7/8- Oneplus 7 PRO OOS 9 and Oneplus 6T with OOS 9: stuttering is NOT PRESENT

    I'm pretty sure that this bug is due to Oxygen Os on Android 10 (on 7 Pro with Pie is not present) and it is present on all 7T/7TPRO/7PRO.
    Clear system cache, factory reset, block 90hz etc.. are all useless solutions (I tried).
    OnePlus still didn't fix the issue, in these condictions the 90hz are pretty useless.

    "Profile Rendering HWUI" screenshots:
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  2. Fatumboy
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2020

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