suggestions and request from a new user

  1. Saurabhgarg555
    Donut May 31, 2018

    Saurabhgarg555 , May 31, 2018 :
    Hello guys,just got my brand new Oneplus 6 couple days ago
    I'm a previously a Samsung flashship user from past 9years
    i moved to Oneplus for these reasons [e]2199[/e]️
    2. battery
    3. customisation
    4. and they listen to the customer
    Okay SPEED is top notch BATTERY is good But not so much customisations...

    suggestions and request
    1. camera app is so simple but still not easy to use.no color effects in app and so on.camera app needs work.
    2. Galaxy app is so confusing
    3. The OnePlus launcher is simply not as customisable as Nova launcher. why the give options as nova launcher. nove launcher is very fast and very customisable. Oneplus should give more options in there launcher like swipe to open app double tap to search apps ect. so that we don't need to use other launchers.
    4. Battery percentage% in battery circle icon.
    5. more customisable options in alert slider option.
    6. not every app is sported in Paraller apps.other phones do spouts all apps (Mi)

    This is all for now
    tell what do u think about my points as a new Oneplus user.
    Thank you