[SUGGESTIONS] New threads rules

  1. antoniob
    Honeycomb Jul 3, 2014

    antoniob , Jul 3, 2014 :
    I'm very excited about the creation of this new section and I'm convinced that it will become a bigger and bigger section as the time goes by.
    So I'd like to see this section well organized, also if a big amount of threads will rise!
    So, also if @danger2u @ikuwara and @lein199 did it yet, I'd like to propose a standard form for the titles of the future threads:

    FIRST: the typology of the work


    THIRD: android version
    I. E. [4.4.4]

    FOURTH the name of the work

    the stability

    I hope you like this form and it could help the community.

  2. adirishabdugar
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 3, 2014

  3. Josextv
    Froyo Jul 3, 2014