1. nexionly Eclair Sep 30, 2015

    nexionly, Sep 30, 2015 :
    DHL lost my package after it arrived in my city at their depot. I suspect I'll be waiting for weeks and weeks for OnePlus to get this sorted. . . ?

  2. mwebsterpgh KitKat Sep 30, 2015

  3. byno Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 30, 2015

  4. samir_swe Cupcake Oct 18, 2015

    samir_swe, Oct 18, 2015 :
    anyone know a way to contact support via conversation? I am not being able to send a ticket, i am always geting an error message?

  5. pierrerm38 Donut Oct 18, 2015

  6. cboursinos Honeycomb Nov 3, 2015

    cboursinos, Nov 3, 2015 :
    Do not send your phone to support.... It is the worst thing you can do. They will not do anything, and they will not answer to any of your questions.... THE WORST SUPPORT EVER

  7. ALLEGROEQUIPE Cupcake Nov 5, 2015

    ALLEGROEQUIPE, Nov 5, 2015 :
    I had a hardware issue recently with my year old OnePlus. Customer support came back to me in a few days, sent me a fix file which failed. They then provided a live internet remote session. The engineer (Rogellio) was great, patient, polite and helpful. Still no joy so they arranged a TNT collection from my home at a booked time. A new phone arrived in 7 days. Can't fault such a helpful, no quibble service. I'm OnePlus for as long as they make phones now. Top marks!!!

  8. cboursinos Honeycomb Nov 5, 2015

    cboursinos, Nov 5, 2015 :
    I have the opposite situation

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  9. beasunshine Gingerbread Nov 5, 2015

  10. beasunshine Gingerbread Nov 5, 2015

    beasunshine, Nov 5, 2015 :
    they will not answer your calls nor your emails - it is a shame. I explained my pressing issues many times and they jkust dont care... I missed a whole week just because of these crazy OP ppl who can not simply answer an e-mail. I am pissed beyond believe....

  11. beasunshine Gingerbread Nov 5, 2015

  12. tomfufu Donut Nov 5, 2015

    tomfufu, Nov 5, 2015 :
    Hello - the dialer on my OPO is not working, i have reset my phone twice to factory defaults, problem persists, I have had this problem since i upgraded to the Cynogen OS. Anyone else having such issues and how they addressed it?

  13. grant.drage Cupcake Nov 12, 2015

    grant.drage, Nov 12, 2015 :
    I will let you know, still waiting...... :(

  14. antosko258 Donut Nov 12, 2015

    antosko258, Nov 12, 2015 :
    customers service is really slow, and I am very unhappy with it, I reccomend OPT to my friend and he recieved a broken one and now I am looking like an idiot waiting for custommers service reply...how is this possible ? it seem untouch until you dont take the cover off

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  15. tomfufu Donut Nov 16, 2015

    tomfufu, Nov 16, 2015 :
    still waiting fir a response.....the center of my screen has dead pixels

  16. soisarm Donut Dec 11, 2015

    soisarm, Dec 11, 2015 :
    My recently bought (3months old) Oneplus one appears to have screen issues (vertical stripes), impossible to open a ticket online (page error = too many redirects), just tried contacting them on twitter. Needs replacement..curious how it will go.

  17. soisarm Donut Dec 12, 2015

    soisarm, Dec 12, 2015 :
    Got in touch with support on Twitter, they helped me making a ticket.
    (had to clean cache and cookies before I could open the webpage)

  18. Irteqa Cupcake Dec 12, 2015

    Irteqa, Dec 12, 2015 :
    hey every body
    i really need help
    so i bout a oneplus one off a guy recently and it was in good condition and it was running very smoothly but after i downloaded all my apps (around 25) the next day it got very slow and i just couldn't do anything on it because it would be to frustrating using the device. i tried to reset the phone and do that clear cache data thing but no solution i find online is working
    does anybody know what to do?

  19. soisarm Donut Dec 16, 2015

    soisarm, Dec 16, 2015 :
    Update : So ticket made on Saturday, 4 days now and nothing happened yet, no question, no response... waiting still :)
    I did get invites to buy oneplus x and oneplus 2, don't see that happening before my faulty phone is fixed...

  20. gkirko Gingerbread Dec 16, 2015

    gkirko, Dec 16, 2015 :
    Guys, OP made a very good hardware and on Software side you on your own. There are no support for software.... occasionally some of us get lacky to get support in form of flashing stock roms and thats it. They have not even read what you posting in a ticket... if op was smarter it already should published factory images with detailed explanations on how to flash it... but they did not and as result their phones that was very highly demanded last year you can buy without any invites today. I suspect a year from now very small fraction of today customers will still be interested in op products...