[Surprise Revealed] Tell us your story, we'll shout it to the world!

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    nice one dude

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    MANYA_1999 , Dec 3, 2019 :
    The 3 coincidences
    Following is a true story about myself and my crush.Whatever you are about to read is 100% true.But my apologies that I can't use any names in this story.This is story about 3 coincidences happened with my crush. This story may seem a little long because I am describing it as it happened.This story is a little odd to be honest.

    I am a student Currently doing BSc. On 13 March 2019,my mother asked me to take strawberries for my cousin sister who studies in same college(different college actually but shared campus,same institute).I called my cousin to check when she would be free from lectures. I took the box of strawberries with me and went to college. After my lectures I called her again and she told me come near the fountain.

    Coincidence 1
    When I was going towards the fountain,I don't know why but I suddenly remembered the face of a cute friend of my cousin with whom she posted a photo the day before. My mind thought how nice it would be if that cute girl would also come with my cousin :p.I reached near fountain and could find my cousin.So I picked up my phone and called her again.At the same time she hollered at me from a distance,so I disconnected the phone and looked towards her, she was coming towards me with a friend of hers and when I looked carefully,to my surprise :fearscream: she was the same girl I thought about a minute ago:D.I was shocked a little and my mind was going through a rollercoaster of emotions but I tried to keep a straight face and walked towards them.I was thinking why this girl has came with my cousin, is this just a coincidence or what?Ohh man one look at that girl and she already messed up my mind and I didn't even knew her name yet:p.I was having a very odd feeling I which I never felt before,I had crushes before this but this was something different.It felt like I knew that girl for a very long time,maybe years,but I didn't even knew her name and was actually seeing her first time. I went near my cousin and gave her the box of strawberries,while trying to scan her friend from corner of my eyes(yeah,scanning, that's the only word that would describe what I was doing),so she wouldn't notice.I was speechless and my mind wasn't in best state so I told my cousin that I was in some hurry and said goodbye to her.She said ok and went back with her friend.Then I realized that I didn't even say hello to her friend and felt bad.
    Then I went home but couldn't get that girl out of my mind.I tried to ignore this feeling for one day but couldn't hold it anymore and next day messaged my cousin to ask for that girl's name,and being a good cousin,simply refused and said that I have to give her a treat if I want the name. I said go eat those strawberries but she wanted more things to eat.I said I will find the name myself then and she challenged me for the same.
    Next morning I realized my mistake,I only knew the face of the girl,no name,no photo.I didn't even had at instagram account that time to search for that girl on social media.Only things I knew about her was her face and the course she was studying (same as my cousin,BMS).And she was in commerce college and I was in science college(our colleges share same campus),even my cousin and I could meet rarely.So no chance I could see her anywhere near my college and to top all this,my practical exams were in next week.So no time to stalk my cousin to see if I can find my crush again.Yet I couldn't forget that girl because I thought about a girl and she comes in front of me in 2 minutes,stuff like this doesn't happen everyday.
    Then I asked a good friend of mine from my cousin's college for help and I don't know how she did that and she would never told me how,but in 3 days she gave me a name and asked to verify with my cousin(this friend is like a detective so I had gave her nickname sherlock a long time ago).My cousin said the name was wrong and I lost the challenge.She told me the name of that girl and asked for treat. But I realized the name my cousin told me was actually name of my cousin's best friend,(not my crush).After some interrogation,she said that the name sherlock told me was right.Yes my cousin sister tried to give me wrong name of girl,you read that right.Next day,sherlock managed to find out her instagram account,some photos of her and the city where she lived.(told you,I called her sherlock for a reason.)My detective managed to find a girl just by her description(my descriptive skills being above average:tearsofjoy:).

    Coincidence 2
    About one month after that incident,my practical exams were over and I was studying for semester exam.My crush was still stuck in my mind.I was looking out of windows from my apartment and saw a friend of mine after a long time.I hollered at him and he came near my window(my apartment is on ground floor),we talked for a while,catched up with each other and then his phone rang.He tried to pick up the call but It disconnected before he could.It was an unknown number so he asked me if I use Truecaller.My mother uses Truecaller on her phone so I took her phone and searched for that number.When I dialed up 5 digits of the number on truecaller,my eyes couldn't believe what I was looking at.My crush's name was on the screen.I typed more 3 digits and still same result.I was almost about to burst with laughter but after typing the last 2 digits the result changed(indian numbers are 10 digits).At the same time friend's phone rang again,the same number again.He picked up the call and realized this was a case of wrong number.Then we talked for some more time and then he left.I started thinking why my crush's name came in result with even the surname.(I am an atheist and never thought of something like God's plan or destiny).I wasn't sure if that was actually my crush's number or some another girl with same name(chances of latter being much higher than first one,first possibility being too good to be true).I took a screen recording of that and then sent it my cousin and told her the incident.She laughed at me and said life is making fun of you.After one week I met sherlock,and told her about this incident and she also laughed at me.Then she asked for that screen recording,and told me that the number was actually right.Yes the number was actually my crush's number and My cousin sister didn't told me(a villain of my story of course).

    Coincidence 3
    9 months after the first encounter with my crush,I still haven't asked her out(I am a shy guy) and she was still stuck in my mind.I never had a crush lasting this long ever before. I was going to my evil cousin's home for a weekend so after my lectures ended I called her to check where she was.Her lectures were also finished so were going to her place together.She told me come near the same fountain as in coincidence 1.So I went there and waited for her.She came and we were about to go but she hollered at my crush and she asked if she was coming too(my crush lives at a place which comes in between the college and my cousin's place).My crush said yes and as she was walking towards us my cousin said "ohh look you both are wearing matching clothes today,what a coincidence".I looked at my crush and we were actually wearing very similar clothes(black jeans and red check shirt).I was about to burst in laughter again but controlled it. We went to bus stop while talking and then my crush left.Then my cousin sister started irritating me saying"ohh ho,matching clothes, what's the matter ha" and all shit and was still trying to process what just happened:p.

    I know all this doesn't make much sense at all but all of this is true and I still laugh every time I think about this.I mean what are the chances of all this happening yet this all happened with me.And this crush is lasting much longer than I expected ,9 months and counting.My crush is NOT the most beautiful girl I ever met but I still have a very hard crush on her ,I don't know why. I still haven't asked her out yet,maybe one day I will.
    Till then,goodbye
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    sfomin , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Its almost 2020 and i have been Oneplus product free for 3+ years. Frankly, Oneplus made it easy, very easy. Thats my story.. :cool:

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 4, 2019 :
    what did you get a Masters in?

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    fluffypinkpanda , via OnePlus 3T , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Got out a toxic relation. that's good. College sucks.. you see, in our college we're given no breaks whatsoever. After my 5th semester ended, 6th semester started right the next day.

    Thus, could work at no internships.. and when I look at people from other parts of the world, they're regularly doing internships and stuff every summer. By the time they're graduating they've worked at 2-3 different places.. and it's really disheartening that I could have no such opportunity. attendance and stuff at my college is something like a military school.

    It's a big bummer. But tbh, I haven't been the best person or serious about myself whatsoever. Continuously procrastinating everything related to career growth or anything.. I seemed to have wasted 2.5 years of my college in useless stuff.. but I've realized now that only you can make it work out somehow, for yourself. Even though college is hard.. (in my college, they teach all kind of useless and outdated stuff. It gets irritating to learn such things) it's not an excuse I can give myself. The people who do have breaks and are interning, that's also no excuse that I can't work on myself.

    I'm now regularly working on several different projects, studying and working hard all day long, everyday. Even when I sleep, I long to get rest so I can start working on the projects and start studying the next things.

    2019 was a bummer, but I'm working very hard right now and I know I can get a good job, after my college.. if I keep working hard!

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    aphrahman , Dec 4, 2019 :
    My story (it might have experienced by others too - this story is not responsible - it is mine and writing by me only):

    I was unaware once about the computer and phone / mobile phone. Later came to know about them.

    I was once unaware about the RAM and ROM (storage) etc. Later come to know about them.

    I was using feature mobile phone few years back that was less than 1GB ROM and even lower RAM or God knows it. Later...little advanced model came out in the market.

    I changed 4GB storage basic smartphone few years (decade) back (adding additional memory card). I felt after few months like the phone is low capacity so decided to change a better one.

    I bought a 8GB storage phone (reasonable smartphone at that time) and it was satisfied for few months and proud of it when compare around. Then few more shining came out...

    I had to use it for few month and then changed from 8GB to 16GB storage smartphone few years back. Satisfied few months (as usual).

    After few weeks over, 16GB also insufficient. Spent money as usual (due to external microSD doesn't satisfy me nor 'out of internal storage memory' message) so that I could buy a 32GB storage phone thinking a better RAM and battery etc. beside its memory. Story repeated again after few months (by experience and comparing the smartphone with others around).

    Spent money again to buy 64GB storage and on...now...

    Thinking to go for a better smartphone with even higher RAM, ROM, Battery and on etc. to use it a full day without any lag or low battery and on. Never Settle!



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    camohan , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Here is a story (not running for the contest).

    A guy proposed a girl, she said no and the guy lived happily ever after!!

    The end.

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  11. camohan
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    YRJ , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Ha! It's okay. I was just messing with you, great story :)
    Looking forward :)

    Great story, Gopal! But of all the names in the world.... This?

    It was Bhargav, he was responsible for the JS errors xD

    Nice pics! ;)

    Somethings cannot be explained and that's okay! ;)


    Is this based on real life incidents? :rolleyes:

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    GopalB. , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Thanks... [​IMG]

    Don't ask the present me... Ask the past me... He was the one who wrote that... [​IMG]

    Its all his fault... I know... [​IMG]

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    camohan , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Definitely someone's

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    MKT_IRFAN3735 , via OnePlus 5 , Dec 4, 2019 :
    I'm a college student when I finished my high school I need a mobile but I quite know about the Mobile phones one day I saw the OnePlus 3 ads in front page of The Hindu News' paper and I'm shocked 6 GB ram ohh my God and refer through the oneplus company and their products and mainly customer satisfaction , then I told my parents to get me an oneplus device , my father shocked at showing the price of OnePlus 3T , it was 30k my father told hey it is more man for a mobile I can't invest this amount but I convinced my father by telling Father it's not like other companies of if i bought I'll keep it for long year's and it's also good for everything it's like a mini laptop... then I waited patiently atlast my father accepted after 6 month's then the oneplus 5 arrives I'm very eager to buy that Mobile my dad ordered oneplus 5 6gb 64gb variant and I'm very happy and I thank God for giving this now also I'm using the same beast OnePlus 5 NEVER SETTLE thanks for such superb mobile OnePlus 😎😎😎

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    aolirl , Dec 4, 2019 :
    keep up the hard work and you will be rewarded

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    aolirl , Dec 4, 2019 :
    no problem, I knew you were messing 🤔

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  18. The Mastermind , via OnePlus 7 Mirror Red , Dec 4, 2019 :
    "Never settle down" is the same motto as my real life and goals. I've been through so much this year and it's been a dream come true when I own a OnePlus device and use it for maybe a month now. I've heard and seen threads here in the community and people are coming to share their thoughts and experiences using their devices. OnePlus 7 which is my daily driver is now my "dream smartphone" and I saw their launch in June 2019 at which time I still couldn't buy one. I motivated myself to work hard and finally got one, calling it the smartest device in the world right now. Poverty has not stopped me from falling behind in today's technology. Never Stop Dreaming and Never Settle 🤟 ...Malaysian OnePlus fan here🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

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    Anshu3110 , Dec 4, 2019 :
    My first day at this community and I was browsing through it when I saw the Contest by @Wonderwoman13 and @Crystal Z.
    I randomly entered it because who doesn't love food and this community seemed so much fun! Couldn't resist from participating.

    AND I WON THE CONTEST! Can I be any happier at the moment? NO!

    It's a lovely feeling!

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    Kukkaser , Dec 4, 2019 :
    December is my last month to have exams during my university career. I have had some minor problems to concentrate in the reading, since I'm not so motivated on all of the courses. However, with the help of zen mode, I have been able to efficiently concentrate on the reading.
    Now I'm excited to start my master's thesis on January! I'm hoping that I will learn a lot while working on it.

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