[Survey] A survey of your interests

  1. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member May 22, 2018

    Crystal Z. , May 22, 2018 :
    Hi everyone,

    Our product team has raised some questions about your interests. Aiming to better understand how our products meet your daily interests, we would like to invite you to participate in our online survey [HERE]. We are very much looking forward to your honest feedback.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. OnePlus attach importance to the protection of your personal data and privacy. OnePlus will process your personal data based on OnePlus Privacy Policy.
    2. OnePlus will collect your personal information or data from Typeform if you give permission to it to share your information with us.
    3. Typeform will follow GDPR conditions strictly. Check here for Typeform's privacy policy.
    4. This survey will collect your email address, region and your interests of using the phone for the good of analyzing our users' daily interests from region to region.
    5. OnePlus might contact you for further feedback within the period of 30 days from when you submit this form. OnePlus might share the personal information to third parties for the purpose of analyzing users' habits and help build better products.
    6. All the information will be erased from Typeform or downloaded files or third parties within 60 days from when the application is closed.

  2. smartbuddy
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2018

  3. idkwhoiam322
    Nougat May 22, 2018

    idkwhoiam322 , May 22, 2018 :
    Will spread it around telegram :3

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  4. Tobikage
    Nougat May 22, 2018

  5. TiggaPlease
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

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  6. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert May 22, 2018

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  7. sksingla
    Froyo May 22, 2018

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  8. Vinicius_Castro
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

  9. kaihp
    Jelly Bean May 22, 2018

    kaihp , May 22, 2018 :
    We don't need no steeekin privacy! Or wait, we do. We actually need them more than we think.

  10. GuitarHero0179
    Jelly Bean May 22, 2018

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  11. G_Andrea_Pasqui_zbcG
    Cupcake May 22, 2018

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  12. Nezumi_
    KitKat May 22, 2018

    Nezumi_ , May 22, 2018 :
    alright survey done.

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  13. marinobiagio
    KitKat May 22, 2018

  14. Mr. Vandelay
    Jelly Bean May 22, 2018

    Mr. Vandelay , May 22, 2018 :
    Will my honesty be rewarded?

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  15. GopalB.
    Nougat May 22, 2018

    GopalB. , May 22, 2018 :
    On it now... :p

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  16. AnonymousWP
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 22, 2018

    AnonymousWP , May 22, 2018 :
    Inb4 OnePlus can mix this information with the information that's already sent for marketing purposes and selling it to third-parties? :p

    Anyway, thanks for the survey. I won't fill it in, cause I don't think it is important to know that I'm interested in all IT-related things for your OS or anything like that to improve :p. Maybe it'd be good for OnePlus security to reply my email though :(.

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  17. superplus
    English POC Assistant Head Moderator May 22, 2018

    superplus , May 22, 2018 :
    I honestly wouldn't know :confused: how would they know though ;-p

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  18. Navdeep_Malik
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2018

  19. ravijain87
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

    ravijain87 , May 22, 2018 :
    I have completed the survey.

    I hope this provides some good crowd sourced insights that you can use going forwards!

    For me, a couple of areas of interest are:

    1) Local / National / World News: What's going on and where can I get this information easily. I know you don't create bloat apps but maybe working with Google News to help get users good quality information quicker and easier
    2) Home Automation: This is something I have been getting into recently and I presume many other OP users will look at given that it's more "enthusiast-centric". It would be interesting to see how OxygenOS could better integrate with either Google Home or Amazon Alexa to make home automation easier on OP devices.
    3) Fitness: I have a Fitbit but do long for a good quality smartwatch. Until now, I have always held off android smart watches as I didn't think that the platform had matured enough (especially given the limitations around the SOC's and battery life). I'm not suggesting OP develop a smart watch but it would be interesting to see how OP would tackle the "issue" of helping users better understand their health and integrating with mature services that meet that goal?
    4) Photography: This is an area you have had a lot of stick in the past. First indications seem that you have made a step forward with the OP6 which I have on order and this can be further improved with software updates. As long as your taking steps forward in this direction then it's all good. One question I would have is to whether the secondary camera could be used for more than just bokeh effect on Portrait mode? It would be good to make more use of the secondary camera on a day to day basis whether that is additional information to help processing of the main camera data in some way or another?



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  20. Navdeep_Malik
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2018

    Navdeep_Malik , May 22, 2018 :
    A new era of smartphone is coming with different variations of oxygen os trimmed and dedicated to different people groups according to their hobbies. For example on a stock Android released by Google which is customised with tools and all hardware needed for that hobby! For photographers camera would be main focus! For music lovers it will be audio output and accessories bundled with the phone. For office ppl there will be different set of tools and so on! Simply putting a simple utilitarian oxygen os which would be customised heavily(maybe with hardware tweaks as well) according to different major class groups targeting that specific hobby! Or use.
    @Crystal Z. @Carl
    Yes I have this crazy idea!